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Astrological Atlas will show: Sun-Sign | Moon Sign | Ascendant/ASC/AS (Rising Sign) | MC (Midheaven/10th-House Sign) ALL with accurate degee(s)/minute(s); also Latitude/Longitude for any birthplace worldwide.

STEP 1: Date of Birth - Click on the FORM 'down-arrows' buttons (below) to select Date + Month + Year of birth.

STEP 2: Time of Birth - Use 'down-arrow' to select correct HOUR number. Then select 'down-arrow' MINUTES. Use recorded birth time. [Do NOT deduct for any type of Daylight Saving Time.]

STEP 3: City of Birth: Type (lower case) birth city/town -- add a space between multiple word cities i.e. Fort Worth. A list of cities -- with that or similar name(s) worldwide -- opens. Depending on city name the list may be short or long. Scroll down to find and select (click on) the correct city. Exercise care when selecting. Typical listings display as: City [County/Parish/other 'sub-division'], State, Country. Example: City of Houston, Texas (there are some 40 different cities named Houston worldwide) is listed as: Houston [Harris], Texas, United States. [Many hospitals also are included on these lists. If correct birth hospital is listed, select and click on it.]

STEP 4: Click Next to see results. IMPORTANT. You have succeeded ONLY if correct birth data (complete date/TIME/city/country) is displayed at top of the results page. If not, try again.

[If you cannot find your city -- very rare -- type another nearby city/town in City of Birth then select it from the new list which will open.]

Be patient. If you should make a mistake (or wish to calculate additional births), start over by clicking on the then displayed New Computation. You can copy and paste the final results which are displayed.

Just follow the copyrighted HOW-TO INSTRUCTIONS above.

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ARIES Rising
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TAURUS Rising and Decans

and Decans

CANCER Rising and Decans

LEO Rising
and Decans

VIRGO Rising
and Decans

LIBRA Rising
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AQUARIUS Rising/Decans

and Decans
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