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STEP 1: Date of Birth - Click on the FORM 'down-arrows' buttons (below) to select Date + Month + Year of birth.
STEP 2: Time of Birth - Use arrows to select recorded birth time. Do NOT deduct for Daylight Saving Time.
STEP 3: City of Birth: Type (lower case) birth city/town -- add a space between multiple word cities i.e. Fort Worth. A list of cities -- with that or similar name(s) worldwide -- opens. Depending on city name the list may be short or long. Scroll down to find and select (click on) the correct city. Exercise care when selecting. Typical listings display as: City [County/Parish/other 'sub-division'], State, Country. Example: City of Houston, Texas (there are some 40 different cities named Houston worldwide) is listed as: Houston [Harris], Texas, United States. [Many hospitals also are included on these lists. If correct birth hospital is listed, select and click on it.]
STEP 4: [IMPORTANT -- but optional] - When chart displays: (1) Click on any single object or part; (2) Pop-up explanation appears above chart; (3) Read (and/or manually highlight text, copy and save); (4) Then click Reduce at bottom of explanation text box -- or click "x" upper right of text box ; (5) Scroll down and click another single object or part (repeat as desired).

(Chart is printable -- or save as a bmp file -- See static (chart only) example)

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