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by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer unemployed humorist
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(Suggestion: More fun if you read most of them aloud.)

Adam Zapple Alz Heimers Ann Jina Ann Tellope Ann Tisipation Ann Thrax Arthur Ritis Ann Chovie Ann Teeks Dee Zaster Dusty Rhodes Eileen Dover Ella Mentry Ella Vator Sally Mander Hal A Tosis Isabel Ringing Jack Pott Jean Poole Jim Nastic Mal Adjusted Mel O'Drama Joe King Justin Kase Justin Tyme Lea Tard Lee King Lois Bidder Mike Rowave Miss Terri Novel Oliver Sudden Percy Veer Perry Winkle Penny Sillen Ray D. Ator Ron Devue Robin Banks Russell Sprout Rick O'Shea Seymore Flesh Warren Peace Wilma Cargo Harry Beavers Fredie Skunkcap Al Bino Amber Green Ann Teak Armand Hammer Art Major Barb Dwyer Beau Archer Ben Dover Bob Katz Candy Kane Harry Pitts Chris Cross Crystal Snow Dan D. Lyons Dilbert Pickles Ford Parker Gill Fish Hazel Nutt Heide Clare I. D. Clare I. P. Dailey Jack Hammer Jay Walker Joy Rider Kay Daver Luke Warm Marsha Mellow Melody Music Misty Waters Myles Long Paige Turner Pat McCann Penny Lane Penny Wise Pete Moss Rick Shaw, Royal Payne Rusty Carr Tim Burr Ty Koon Betty Mae Fall Terry Firma Wynne Chill Ann T. Cipation Rex Carrs Bessie May Mucho Jack Frost Ima Starr Heide Ho Norman Clature Al Kae Holic Ima Informed Mal Practice Ben E. Factor Cilly Putty April Showers Missy Ann Thrope Anna Mosity Monte Zuma Hy Enna Lilly White Ann T. Biotic Lolota Huginkiss Mary Christmas Ineda Bath Bill Board Candi Dish Cole Kutz Jim Shoos Kitty Litter Leo Tard May Flowers Lou Tennant Rose Bush Robbin D. Kradle Sara Bellum Scott Free Stanley Steemer Tad Pole Terry Aukki Tommy Gunn, Wendy Bottoms Carrie Oakey Si Rosis Rusty Bottoms Slim Pickins Annie Over Rollo Blade Ima Natizzy Ima Nutt Polly Ester Pop Concert John Baptist G. Whiz Lula B. Bopp Dwain Pipes Rose Hipps Wade N. Water Ravishing Ruby Holly Wood Dusty Balls Amber Glass Dr. Butcher Forrest Ranger Igotta Gobad Jack Kass Rose Budd Street Walker Robin Steel Sara Ann Dippitee Shirley Goodness Rusty Potts Handel Barr Will Doo Will Ponderit Amber Rosa Lister Een Ann Chalatta Snow White Stormie Skye Latrina Huggins Dorita Chips Olive Green Sandy Beech Lavender Brown Mary J. Wanna Bea Naughty Glen Rose Allison Wunderland Elle Fant Red Outhouse Dora Belle Rusty Gunn Georgia Moon Otto Graff Otto Oball Brock Lee Etta Burger Ruby Diamond May Bee Cherry Pitts Justin Kase Clay Potts Sal Manella Stu Pidd Ginger Bread Patti Kake Shalla Wells Holly Peno Skip Tumaloo Mason Dixon Bo Tye May Drinkwater Billy Club Scarlet Letta Pepsy Kohler Brock Lee Brystol Myers Leon Noel John N. Crapper Rob Robot Fats Hogkiller Blue Blazes Oscar Beargrass Ima Mincemeat Minny Haha Les R. Moore Al A. Gator Jim Nasium Bing T. Bong Rocky Hill Kay Oss Mae Hem Paul Petters Misty Sippy Belle Zeebob David N. Goliath Billy Shakespeare Benton Tree Ivy League Bonnie Fied Berry Vine Ruta Begga Red Salmon Willa Branch Rooster Crowe N.O. Show Ly Berry Willy B. Convicted Winston Peeper Mary Mixer Hoy Palloy Taj Mahall Addie Osse Ona Spree Ona Tare Ona Motopia Patty Cakes Patty Muffin Reg Muffin Polly Picknchoose Polly Anna Coe Operation Irene Iota Pop Tart Bo Dacious Bob Tale Wendy Gusts Irene Goodnight Allie Opp Rufus Rogers Roger Dodger Ann Chalata Leo Tards Al A. Monny Art Sales Alli Kats Molly Coddle Mo Mentum Polly Technic Molly Kule Anni Mosity Major Consternation Al Kee Holic Sam Snurdly Flo Rivers Bobbi Penns Blue Indigo Stella Copper Lum Bago Missy Demeanor Miss Ann Thrope Sue Nammi Regga Mortice Ann Artika Bud Lyte


You can save a lot of money on increasingly high college costs necessay before the completion of a total socialist indoctrination can be finalized, and waiting 'forever' for your offspring to command the recognition he or she deserves -- as well as making yourself very proud to be the parent.

Use your fertile imagination and creativity in choosing your new offspring's name. Consider one of the following first-name examples. Officially and legally name him or her (or legally change his/her first name):

[Important Note: First check for legality in your location.]

(Example 1: Professor Jane Smith; Example 2: Doctor William Jones) --- President, General, Major, Mayor, Judge, Sheriff, Dean, Reverend, Bishop, Cardinal, Pope, Ambassador, Chairman/Chairwoman, Manager, Chief, Boss, Nurse, Director, Attorney, Lawyer, Solicitor, Senator, Represenative, Minister, Commissioner, Congressman/Congresswoman, Governor, Trustee, Colonel, Sargeant, Coach, Corporal, Captian, Master, Leader, Guru, Count/Countess, Duke/Duchess, Sir, Lord/Lady, Prince/Princess, Supervisor, Director, Madam, Deputy, Baron/Baroness, Einstien, Genius, King/Queen, Principal, Foreman, Friar, Father/Sister, Aunt/Uncle, Lieutenant, Goddess, Centurian, Emperor, Champion, Superintendant, Surgeon, Commander, Apostle, Prefect, Padre, Georgous, Handsome, Sexy, Counsellor, Ruler, Star, Prophet/Prophetess, Preacher, Author, Admistrator, Deacon, Famous, Respected, Honorable, Judge, Warden, Overseer, Chaplain, Stud, Angel, Worshipful, Brigidaire, Commander, etc.

Dare to be creative -- and smart.

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