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by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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Throughout astrological history there have always been those (usually males) who gain some level of "fame" by challenging time-tested and proven traditional Astrology methods and techniques. These rebels "cook up," "discover" or "develop" their own "take" on this ancient science-art and often gain a certain level of temporary attention and notoriety through their writings, books, lectures and teachings which are excitedly welcomed and supported by those who also know very little about the science-art Astrology, or those wanting to make radical changes, or find themselves unable to make a go of it following the long-established astrological conventions.

These "guru's" travel locally and far (often worldwide) to explain what's "wrong" with Astrology and offer their personal unproven and untested (except possibly only by their very limited and selfishly biased "research") opinions, theories and concepts for "fixing" it -- even though Astrology, when used properly, is not "broken."

It seems they make their "pitch" mainly to females (it helps if these "gurus" have some degree of sex appeal) eager to hear anything "new" and "different" -- no matter how convoluted or bizarre. These modern-day "gurus" are welcomed, honored and cheered by members of the rebellious astrologically community and other "new-age" malcontents, and assorted fortune-tellers who want to make Astrology easier so they can claim they are real astrologers.

For the most part these "guru's" are "above" actually doing horoscope readings, mainly because of their incompetence in preparing, researching and reading horoscope charts; consequenly, they can't eke out a living in a traditional consultancy. Of course, they would never admit this to anyone. They find it much easier and more rewarding financially to preach their theories to those who are willing to pay for their travel, lodging and expenses, and who will offer them attractive fees for lectures and conducting classes to "teach" their "new and better way" -- and of course eager to put down cash to buy their books, courses and whatever other merchandise they have to sell.

While these "gurus" may actually need to do this in order to make a living, Astrology would be much better served if they instead entered a new profession for which they might have adequate knowledge, and a chance for success. They certainly are not doing Astrology any favors with their totally-selfish and self-serving often skewed and frequently convoluted attempts to make a name (and money!) for themselves.

Yes, it is very possible some of these "gurus" may enjoy a brief time in the limelight; however, no doubt most of them will never gain a positive mention of honor in the historical records of the Astrology greats.

Elbert Wade will not name any names here (which would be very easy to do), but they know who they are and they are known by serious practicing consulting astrologers, real astrologers and serious students of Astrology all too well.

The science-art Astrology will never gain the wide-spread acceptance it deserves so long as these clowns continue to toy with and attempt to change the time-tested "rules" mainly (or only) in search of a means to gain a name for themselves -- and money.

Another copyrighted Astrology article by professional certified consultant astrologer Elbert Wade, PMAFA

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