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Dear Undecided 'Real-Astrologer Horoscope Reading' Potential Client,

Are you conflicted about ordering an in-depth natal horoscope reading? Or possibly whether or not to order anything because you have doubts about Astrology in general and certain rip-off "astrologers" in particular? Or maybe you are thinking about buying a computer print-out "report" -- or researching and "reading" your own or someone else's natal chart?

Most of us need some "outside" unbiased help when it comes to productive self-analysis because it is very difficult to see and understand our real selves -- without our built-in defensive personal bias standing in the way. Serious self-analysis is perhaps somewhat comparable to doing your own appendectomy without qualified medical assistance. :)

Regarding understanding and benefiting from your natal horoscope, it's true you can buy and read many Astrology books and visit numerous free-to-read websites (including ElbertWade.Com), get several totally-free chart calculations, purchase assorted "individualized" or "personalized" computer-printout horoscopes and even try "reading" your own chart but it's likely all these activities will, in time, leave you with more questions than answers. Why? Because a successful natal chart reading should wind up as a "whole" and not so many confusing bits and pieces.

Elbert Wade is not a new-age "guru" nor a phony astrologer-psychic nor an astrologer-hyphen-whatever. Neither does he sell all-but-useless computer readings. He is instead a devoted and hard-working psychological astrologer who utilizes an accurate natal horoscope in lieu of 'inkblots' or other drawn-out systems/methods/techniques.

A unique-to-each-individual natal horoscope reading is an in-depth evaluation of that person's inborn potentials to be uncovered, explained and understood by that person; in fact a worthwhile natal chart reading is a very private "exploration" involving only two people -- astrologer and client (you). This is the primary reason for strongly recommending a live consultation as opposed to a "cold" astrologer-to-recorder reading. Why? Because with a live reading you are encouraged to agree/disagree, ask questions or request additional details right then and there. After all, the reading (delineation) should enlighten and benefit you since you are paying a price for the service.

Unlike too many others, Elbert Wade's reading of natal horoscopes is in no way fortune-telling. He has a duty to detail frankly and honestly what potentials are indicated in a natal chart -- both positive and negative -- but without claiming any so-called "psychic" ability. And, yes, an inborn intuition (Mercury trine Uranus) and over 38 years of hand-on experience actually reading many thousands of natal and other horoscopes does figure importantly in the outcome of each in-depth reading.

Further, writing four published Astrology books: (1) All Signs Rising, (2) Astrology Dial-A-Scope, (3) Money Signs, (4) Your Man in the Moon - Love and Sex: The Lunar Connection -- and four non-Astrology published books and over 350 Astrology articles published worldwide -- plus this website (poor on design but rich with content) and on-line since 1998 -- might add at least a tenny bit to the claim of being qualified as a consultant astrologer.

Some "ancient" but true history: In the early 1970's, against the counsel of some advisors who feared -- at that time -- it might be 'illegal' and get me into real trouble, I started the FIRST open-to-the-public Astrology business in the Dallas/Fort Worth area -- Astrologers of Dallas (Oaklawn area) -- where I consulted daily with clients face-to-face, taught beginner, intermediate and advanced Astrology classes for hundreds of eager-to-learn students, and sold Astrology-related books and supplies for 10 years. There were no legal problems or any fanatics wielding pitchforks. :)

You might like to visit and read some (or all) of the following pages before making any decision -- pro or con.

PMAFA Certified Astrologer Elbert Wade's Brief Bio (From humble beginnings to what?)
Client Questions and Astrologer Elbert Wade's Frank Answers (No 'kid gloves' worn here)
Consultant Astrologer Elbert Wade's Sample Client Testimonials (All are real; nothing faked or made up)
What You Need to Know About Your Horoscope Reading Choices (Edify yourself)
How Your Personal Information Is Protected (Elbert Wade is "freakish' about protecting your privacy)
Deluxe Horoscope Services by Certified Astrologer Elbert Wade (Where the best stuff is explained in detail)
Elbert Wade Deluxe Horoscope and/or Trends Secure Order (Start page is not secure)
Horoscope Order-to-Completion Step-by-Step Timetable (Learn how you might speed up your appointment)
Natal Reading? Trends/Update Reading? Or Both? (Decisions, decisions)
Astrologer Elbert Wade In Real Life ("Mug shot" -- view at your own risk! :-))
Current Time (Live) at Elbert Wade's Location (For setting appontments -- especially useful for worldwide clients)
Why Is An Accurate Horoscope Birth Time So Important? (Inaccurate birth time = bad reading; you waste money)

It is hoped the information above will help with making your important horoscope-reading decision(s)/choice(s).

Until we "meet" one-on-one -- best wishes for success and happiness,
Elbert Wade, PMAFA Professional Consultant Astrologer

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