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Elbert Wade, BA, M.C.T., Psi.Op., Ps.D., PMAFA, while growing up on an east Texas farm/ranch, gained a lot of knowledge and an appreciation for Astrology from his mother who was a "believer" in the "signs." She often advised his father and neighbors of best times to plant, till and harvest, care for animals, etc. (And her advice was almost always right on target!)

[Side Notes and/or Trivia: In his early teens Elbert became interested in hypnosis, studied the techniques and became quite accomplished after complete success with his first attempt. About the same time he took and completed a mail-order ventriloquism course -- which included a dummy he named "Jerry." He and Jerry (which he still has and practices with on rare occasions) gave many well-received performances locally -- and even on an area TV station (KTRE - Lufkin, Texas). He loves flying in small aircraft and has about 25 hours of officially-logged flight instruction, including two solo flights. After the first solo he, unwillingly of course, sacrificed the tail of a perfectly good shirt (a solo-flight tradition). For a time he owned a small very vintage airplane (Emigh Trojan -- all metal, underwing, tricycle landing gear) but reluctantly sold it because it was too "hot" for a learner to handle -- especially on the local short dirt runway. And one other thing: Elbert was twice an uncle before his birth -- by five years (nephew) and then again by 13 days (another nephew).]

After serving in the military at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and Fort Slocum, New York as a Troop Information and Education Specialist (achieving the meritorious rank of sergeant in two years), he was honorably discharged. (Earlier he had qualified for Officers Candidate School but declined the offer.) Then later, after receiving his BA degree (major: English; minor: speech) and secondary teachers certification from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville Texas, he taught for one year in a large public school system -- which was more than enough (! ! !) -- while working part-time at a local radio station. (Altogether, he has some ten years of on-air experience (mainly part-time) at various Texas AM and FM stations.) For three years he taught at a broadcasting school (training disc jockeys), then at a secretarial school.

After moving from east Texas to Dallas (during his first Saturn return), Elbert was pleased to find there actually were professional astrologers practicing in the Metroplex. He had his natal horoscope done by three of them -- two of which encouraged him to become an astrologer. After that welcome news he decided to begin the study of Astrology in earnest, bought and digested many books and started looking for Astrology classes, finally finding one special older and very experienced astrologer, A. Leroi (Al) Simmons, who instructed and mentored him through all the basics and well beyond.

Next, and as an important step in the process of learning, he prepared (by hand -- before the advent of computer chart-calculation programs) and read dozens and dozens of free natal horoscopes and progressed charts for friends as well as total strangers -- with their understanding that he was a novice and still in the process of learning the complex science-art of Astrology. Not only were most of them impressed but many said he should start charging for chart work, which in time Elbert Wade did.

The first paying clients came mainly through referrals from those whose charts he had read for free. That was it -- he was off and running! For a time reading horoscopes when opportunity and time permitted was only a 'side-line' because income from a full-time regular job was necessary to pay the bills. As more and more clients requested his services he made the important but very risky decision to go into the Astrology "business" full time, and to toss caution to the wind and quit his regular job. Which he did. The future was somewhat iffy for a while until he took the big, and correct step. He opened his own Astrology center (Astrologers of Dallas, the first in Dallas) consisting of a consulting office, classroom -- where he taught hundreds of eager-to-learn students the basics (and more) of Astrology, and a small exclusively Astrology bookstore which he operated successfully for over ten years until he sold the Center's assets (furnishings) to another Astrology business (The Constellation in Dallas). After closing Astrologers of Dallas, he continued his lucrative consultation business at his home until, after becoming disenchanted and weary of "big city" life, returned to his east Texas property where he initiated a very successful web-base horoscope service -- which continues.

He has taught at the high school and college levels where the subjects were English -- or Astrology.

Some clients have been with Elbert Wade for 39 years -- and going for more! The large client roster includes those from just about every area of the English-speaking world. See consultant astrologer Elbert Wade's sample client testimonials by clicking here.

Elbert Wade, PMAFA (Professionally certified by the American Federation of Astrologers -- AFA), has authored eight published books -- four on Astrology: Your Man In the Moon -- Love and Sex: The Lunar Connection (Cutler Publications), Money Signs: A Cosmic Guide to Personal Riches (AFA), All Signs Rising (AFA), and Astrology Dial-A-Scope (Arco). (Four others not Astrology related -- one of which has sold over a million copies, and is still selling.) He is also author of 350+ astrological articles published in the United States -- and worldwide, some of which are published (with legal permission) on this web site (elbertwade.com).

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