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Easy Certification for Counterfeit Astrologers? Yes!

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Send $50 and You Are "Certified"

It is amazing what can be found on the internet! YES, you too can be duly CERTIFIED by a "society" in ELEVEN (11) intuitive 'fields' including -- but not limited to:

  1. Psychics
  2. Clairvoyants
  3. Astrologers
  4. Numerologists
  5. Metaphysicians
  6. Readers
  7. Intuitives
  8. Healers
  9. And three other unnamed 'fields' [Its' most likely this "Society" did not list these fields because it never knows what sort of a potpourri of 'disciplines' will be claimed by their applicants -- as you will no doubt note later on this page.]

Online Application Is VERY Demanding

You will be required to furnish the following:

  1. A name, address, phone (if available), e-mail and web site (if available)
  2. Nature of your intuitive work
  3. Years you have been 'helping' people with your abilities
  4. State if ability is innate, learned, or both
  5. List formal education (if any) directly or indirectly related to your abilities and/or use of your abilities

Wait While They "Check You Out"

Within three (3) days (if by e-mail -- of course), but only following a "thorough" and full investigation -- you will be notified if you are 'qualified' to be certified. [It's probable the odds strongly favor a 'yes, you qualify.']

If you rush payment of $50, you could be officially certified by Board Approval [The 'Board' probably consists of one person, a cat and a dog] in as few as fourteen (14) days. Imagine that! Certified to go forth with the blessing and approval of this wonderful nobody-ever-heard-of "Society." [Will wonders never cease?]

Example "Society" Listings of Persons and 'Fields' "Certifications"

Talk about hyphenated astrologers!!! Give this hard-to-believe list a look-see:

  1. (A female) Consulting-Hypnotherapy-Past Life Regressions-Astrologer
  2. (A male) Hermetic Astrologer-Hypnotherapy-Clairvoyant-Tarot Reader
  3. (A male) Psychic-Astrologer-Shaman-Hypnotist-Healer
  4. (A female) Tarot Reader-Natal Astrology-Predictive Astrology-Numerologist
  5. (A male) Astrologer-Numerologist-Psychic Reader-Reiki Master
  6. (A female) Astrologer-Tarot Reading-Clairvoyant-Numerologist
  7. (A female) Intuitive-Astrologer-Tarot
  8. (A female) Intuitive-Tarot Reader-Clairvoyant-Astrologer
  9. (A female) Clairvoyant-Clairaudient-Lightworker-Numerologist-Etheric Healer-Astrologer-Tarot Reader-Runes-Native American Readings
  10. (A female) Psychic Readings-Past Life Readings-Numerologist-Astrologer
[WOW!!! Astrologer Elbert Wade, PMAFA, is impressed by all the extremely talented and gifted "certified" individuals above. No doubt you are totally impressed as well!]

Some Lack of Clarity

The "Society" does not explain whether there is an additional $50 fee for second and following "certifications." [Most likely there is.] If that's the case, Female Number 9 (above) had to pay $450 to be "certified" in NINE 'fields.' But look what she got for that $450:

Further Lack of Clarity

[This statement seems not to be in line with an organization which supposedly checks out individuals before they are "certified." Would they actually "certify" anyone that they suspected of not being totally qualified or legitimate? If so, what is their "certification" worth? And how is the public -- or those they "certify" -- benefitted by their "certifications"? A dictionary states that 'certify' means to endorse officially. Endorse means to approve, sanction and accredit. What's going on here?]

FYI: This outfit's pages disappeared from the internet shortly after this page was published.

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