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Keys to Your External Self:
CAPRICORN Rising and Decans

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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The rising sign or ascendant (the external self) is second in importance only to the Sun-Sign (the inner self). For most people who know you less than intimately, it may be the determining factor as they see, identify, and know you. It also influences how you view, act, and react to others and the environment. While your Sun-Sign is determined by your birth date (and in some border-line cases the time), the rising sign (ascendant) must be calculated for the exact birth time and place. Theoretically, the rising sign advances one degree (of 360 degrees of a full circle -- a 24-hour day) every four minutes, meaning each 30-degree sign takes about two hours to move upward -- due to counterclockwise axial rotation of planet earth -- across the ascendant point: the eastern horizon. Definition: decan (decanate) -- a ten-degree distance (division or portion) of a sign; each zodiac sign has three decans, which collectively equal thirty degrees. First decan (any sign) is 00.00 to 9.59.59 - second decan is 19.59.59 - third decan is 20.00 to 29.59.59.

[Rule-of-Thumb or "ballpark": If you were born during the first 40 minutes of any rising-sign's beginning hour (see second link below for ascendant table), the first decan 0 to 10 degrees likely will be ascending; if born 41 to 80 minutes (1 hour +20 minutes) after the sign's beginning hour the second decan likely will be ascending; if born 81 minutes (1 hour +21 minutes) to 2 hours after, the third decan likely will be ascending. An accurately calculated horoscope is necessary for determining for sure the decan ascending.]

The rising sign (and its decan) are of great significance in determining your personality, mannerisms, character, mentality, emotions, weeknesses, health and life-pattern, as well as characteristics to cultivate, or correct. If you or someone you know has Aries rising, you'll want to study the "Overview" first and then the decan information.

Hopefully you know your rising sign (ascendant). It not, refer to the easy-to-use ascendant (rising sign) table here.

OR -- If uncertain about (or need to verify) your own (or anyone's) natal horoscope's true Rising Sign (Ascendant) and the Decan -- [First Decan: 00 to 10 degrees / Second Decan: 10 to 20 degrees / Third Decan :20 to 30 degrees], you can find out fast and FREE (plus get sign/degree/minutes for Moon Sign / Sun-Sign / Midheaven (10th House sign), and latitude/longitude of birthplace) HERE. After finding Rising Sign (AS), click its link near bottom of the "Atlas/Astrological Atlas" page to read about your own (or anyone's) Rising Sign and its Decan.

Use also to read your SUN-SIGN (inner self) and MOON SIGN (emotional self)

[Hint Number One: The information following can be applied as well to your Sun-Sign (your inner self). Relate the "Overview" to natal Sun in Capricorn. Also read "First Decan" if you were born in the first 10 days of this sign -- Sun in 0 to 10 degrees; "Second Decan" if born in days 10 to 20 -- Sun in 10 to 20 degrees; "Third Decan" if born in days 20 to 30 -- Sun in 20 to 30 degrees.]

[Hint Number Two: The descriptions following can also be applied to your Moon-Sign (your emotional self). Relate the "Overview" to natal Moon in Capricorn. Also read "First Decan" if your Moon is in the first 10 degrees of this sign; "Second Decan" if your Moon is 10 to 20 degrees of this sign; "Third Decan" if your Moon is in 20 to 30 degrees of this sign.]


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Business-like, success-oriented, practical, serious, stern, and status-aware Saturn, the teacher and Taskmaster, rules the facades and external egos of all with Capricorn rising at the time you made your appearance on earth. In your everyday activities, you are inclined to be reserved, conservative, practical, and very down-to-earth. Your determination to keep trying even after many failures and setbacks is likely one of your most valuable and outstanding traits.

While it's true that you keep on trying, you need to guard against developing or keeping what could become a rather consistent negativism, which can do you absolutely no good and can have a less-than-desirable effect on those around you. Try to learn first to consider the reasons something is good or will work rather than delineating all the reasons why it's bad or will not work. Realize that negative thinking and always expecting the worst could be the major reasons you do experience so many disappointments and failures. Instead, set a course based upon positive thinking.

Generally, you are quite ambitious; this is the result of your almost never being satisfied with the business/career/social position you occupy at any given time; you always want to move up to the next higher level. You are willing to work long and hard to achieve almost any "promotion."

With Capricorn rising; the height is typically just averaqe to somewhat below. The neck of many may be long. The hair is often coarse and nearly always black or very dark. Further, the body may be a bit heavier from the waist down; seldom is the upper torso proportionally as large. The head may be somewhat long. The nose may be long and often is slightly hooked.

The skin may be somewhat taut; it may be somewhat sallow and inclined to be dry. The eyebrows may be thick but well shaped. The teeth may be either very durable or of very poor in quality; seldom is there an in-between. The voice and manner of speaking varies but often tends to have something of a "whine." The speech pattern is relatively slow and very matter-of-fact. Typically, there is not any accented concern for the current fashions in wearing apparel, but quality is demanded.

The basic character is very pronounced in its strength and its most realistic approach to life and everyday matters. Yours is a rather unique "single-mindedness." The urge for security is very strong. Capricorn rising is studious, serious, reflective, introspective, and cautious. A sense of humor may be almost totally lacking, or it will be a very dry wit. There may be a pronounced love for music as listening offers some "escape" from pressing realities. The mental reflexes may be somewhat slow, but the memory is excellent.

Even though you may appear to be a very cold person, this is not necessarily the case. Capricorn rising is actually capable of very deep fidelity to all who are respected and actually loved. Your sex drive may be quite strong also. However, this drive can function somewhat unpredictably, mainly because the vital energies may be focused on other areas -- business/career--of your life. There is little sentimentality or actual romanticism in your amorous approach.

You may possess a strong attachment and dedication to family members. Unfortunately, you likely may neglect much family closeness because you spend so much time and energy in pursuit of career/business matters. Most of your inherent weaknesses could probably be summarized with these words and terms: obstinacy, intolerance, bigotry, some pessimism and a lack of a real willingness to accept or even to try new and often better ways and means of accomplishing faster success with solving the problems you are sure encounter in life. An additional negative or weakness can be an urge to "keep up with the Joneses."

It should be remembered that a very important key term for this Capricorn influence is: "I use." You should guard against using others with no attempt to disguise the fact that you are doing so. The years seem to toughen you after what may have been a less-than-robust youth healthwise. Many, however, live to an advanced age. Your digestive system may not be as efficient as you would like; attention to diet may be necessary. Since the Capricorn influence is associated with the knees, the bone structure of the body, the teeth, and the skin, you are wise to care especially for these body parts.

A trail of struggle against adversity of one type or another may mark the path to what is often a very successful climax. Capricorn ascending often gives its best near retirement time. The 60th year is almost always a fortunate turning point in the life. Words which describe charateristics to cultivate are prudence, service, thoughfulness, and organization. Words indicating characteristics for correction are nervousness, jealousy, selfishness, discontent, suspicion, gloominess, depression, melancholy, and impatience.

FIRST DECAN of CAPRICORN Rising (00.00 - 10.00 degrees)

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This Capricorn/SATURN decan of Capricorn rising is, of course, the most typical. Very much of what was covered above applies fully, but there is more. Capricorn is a cardinal (dynamic) sign, and this first decan also is cardinal; so you possess a double portion of energy which can be ussd to press forward in whatever you set out to accomplish.

Actually, you may have much more drive than those with the other Capricorn decans rising. Saturn wilI not give you any rest if you let down very long from trying as best you can to move up a notch or so on the success ladder. You may be inclined to take just about everything much too seriously. Learn to smile freely and generally enjoy more of the wonderful things life has to offer -- if you will but look for them.

Appearance-wise, it's probable Saturn will give you a wiry body; seldom is excess weight a problem at any time in your life. Your skin color might be somewhat darker than other members of your own family. It's probable that you will mature rather early and may appear somewhat older than you actually are the first half of your life; but once you get into your thirties you may seem to appear more youthful -- or at least not seem to age very much more.

Your skin may tend to be excessively dry in some areas and quite oily in others, especially the nose and scalp. You should take exceptionally good care of your skin or it could become a cause for concern. Insofar as possible, you should strive to protect your knees from injury, as they are unusually vulnerable. Always wear protective gear where indicated at work, sports, recreation and other activities.

Relaxed walking may be a very satisfactory exercise for you, especially as you get older. If you ever expect to be even partially contented and satisfied with your progress you've got to be somewhat more realistic about what actual levels of suceess you wish to achieve.

SECOND DECAN of CAPRICORN Rising (10.00 - 20.00 degrees)

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The important sub-influence of this Taurus/VENUS decan can induce numerous and rather interesting differences for those who have this in effect in your birth-chart. Taurus tends to heighten the interests where money and purely material gain are concerned. While you still possess the Capricorn desire for success and position, is not nearly so important as having lots of money and plenty of the material things that make life more pleasant, comfortable, and interesting.

The fixed nature of Taurus and this middle decan of Capricorn, combined with tbe cardinal energy of Capricorn, give you the determination, staying power, and energy to realize much if not all your dreams of being wealthy -- sooner or later. If possible, you should be self-employed or at least be employed so that you can earn more than just a salary; your ambititon might be frustrated markely if your income potential is actually restricted in any way.

Venus can add curves and fleshiness to the frame. You may have a somewhat large, well-developed upper torso and a short, thick neck. The hands may be thick, the fingers rather short and stubby. The skin can be of an excellent texture and very healthly in appearance. You may have what's called a "baby face."

You may have a bit too much of an appetite for sweets and other too-rich foods. Watch your waistline or you may be sorry. You love to be pampered, taken care of, and spoiled. You like to be entertained and made to feel good. Indeed, you may need to guard against indulging yourself excessively.

You have a heightened sense of your own self-worth and generally have your priorities (whether really valid or not) fairly well in mind. Your speaking voice may be musical, soft, and relatively deep. You may have a good ear for pitch which can enable you to excel with singing and other forms of musical expression. You generally are easygoing and not too difficult to get along with.

THIRD DECAN of CAPRICORN Rising (20.00 - 30.00 degrees)

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The sub-influences of this Virgo/MERCURY decan of Capricorn rising can induce some quite exciting and very interesting external characteristics for those with this third ten degrees ascending in the nativity. Virgo -- natural ruler of the sixth house of health, work and service -- helps you to discipline yourself well and takes the fear out of work so you can apply full energy to accomplish just about anything you set out to do.

If you aren't careful, you could become so involved and obsessed with work that you miss out on a number of other activities that might be much more pleasant and, in the long run, actually more rewarding. Career/business-wize, you're probably well advised to choose from service-oriented occupations. Mercury may add some very valuable communicative skills and often inclines you with this decan ascending to be better read, more mentally inclined, and better educated than those with the other two decans of Capricorn rising.

The mutable nature of this third decan enables you to be somewhat more versatile whenever the need arises. While the cardinal energy of Capricorn aids you in going after what you want, the mutability of Virgo enables you to try different approaches and techniques if one or another doesn't seem to be working.

Your central nervous system is highly honed; you need to learn how to relax more often. You are very fussy about neatness, order, cleanliness, and your total personal appearance. You try always to dress in good taste and tend to shy away from any attire which is ostentatious.

It's not likely that you're either very tall or very heavy. Generally, you are careful of diet; additionally, you burn off calories because you stay so active and busy. You generally have good skin and pleasant facial features, but you may not be outstandingly good-looking. You may gesture a lot as you speak; and your eyes, body langusge, and facial expressions may be accented as well.

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