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Real versus Counterfeit Astrologers

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No Fortune-Telling

IF you want to get your fortune told, better consult with someone else. No real astrologer wants to try dealing with anyone who demands answers -- right or wrong -- to all questions, answers the astrologer has no reliable way of knowing. There is a branch of Astrology (horary) which deals with attempting to answer a specific question based on a chart cast for the moment it (the specific question) is "born" in the mind of the querient. Problem: Exactly when was the question "born"? Horary is far from a science but many legitimate astrologers have had good results with using it.

Fortunes Told Here!

Counterfeit astrologers often purport to "see all, know all, tell all." Most will answer all your questions -- even without having an accurate horoscope! (This is called 'fortune-telling.') While the client may be extremely pleased and very impressed at the time, they almost certainly will be very disappointed, in time, with the inaccuracy of most -- if not all -- of the answers. Unfortunately, these disappointed clients assume the (unknown-to-them) fake astrologer was a legitimate and qualified astrologer; hence, they won't consult another astrologer -- ever. Their understandable but inaccurate conclusion is that all astrologers are nothing more than fortune-tellers. (Score 1 for the fortune-tellers; 0 for Astrology.)


A real astrologer will keep all communications, meetings and dealings on a professional level. You may find they are intelligent, use good grammar, and are courteous and polite. Their attire and appearance will not be unlike what you would expect from any other real professional. If you go to their office or home office, expect it to be in good taste and well organized for consulting work. No doubt there will be a desk, comfortable chairs and a computer. (The computer is used to calculate precisely-accurate horoscopes, but not to print out page after page of 'canned' readings -- like far too many who advertise as being astrologers sell on the internet, and elsewhere. Most of these individuals are just ordinary computer owners who purchase Astrology programs others have prepared.) And should the computer be down, these real, experienced astrologers know exactly how to calculate a very accurate horoscope by hand.

"Show Time!"

The 'nest' of too many counterfeit astrologers is a sight to behold! Expect disorganization, litter, candles, incense, new-age music and little if anything that is even remotely business-like. The "astrologer" may be attired in some very striking outfit and/or a flowing robe. (Long fingernails seem to be a 'trademark' of many.) A place will be cleared for you on an old, uncomfortable sofa; then your "guru" likely will settle in a nearby overstuffed chair, legs folded in a lotus position--sandals on and, sooner or later, tossed asunder. Then comes your "reading" -- which almost certainly will include a made-up but clever fairy tale about your "past lives" which they may use to explain/answer any/all of your problems/frustrations/questions. No doubt your "karma" will figure importantly. (You may be told, for example, that in a former life you were a beautiful and much loved princess or famous actress/actor -- or an evil dictator or a mass murderer!)

A Premature 'Conclusion'?

There are many more points that could be made about 'real' versus 'counterfeit' astrologers but you should already have gotten the 'picture' at this point. On this page, the term 'real' is intended to apply to those legitimate (by certification, study and experience) astrologers who have not gone off the 'deep end' in their practices. (Unfortunately, too many have.) In fairness, there is no intent to imply that you cannot find a good astrologer among those who have gained a good reputation without the trappings normally associated with the traditional markings of the true 'professional.' Probably your best guide is word-of-mouth recommendations -- especially from those who have had a favorable experience with an astrologer over an extended period of time. Best of luck in finding a good astrologer!

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