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Your Astrological Vital Signs

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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Your physician can tell a lot about the state of your physical health by checking your respiration, pulse, and blood pressure -- your body's vital signs. Your astrologer can tell a lot about your zodiacal "health" when s/he knows only your Sun-Sign, ascendant, and Moon-Sign -- your astrological "vital" signs.

Your Sun-Sign is the basic inner self -- the real you. The needs of this sign, sooner or later, must be met in order to realize inner peace and contentment with self. The ascendant (rising sign) is your external "everyday" self -- your personality as it were. The Moon-Sign is the emotional self insofar as it is expressed or "reflected" in the environment. The planets, houses, and aspects, etc., help to further explain and refine this Sun/ascendant/Moon trilogy.

How well these three signs relate to one another has a lot to do with the basic harmony or discord in your life. For example, if all three are the same element (fire or earth; air or water), life may go rather smoothly. If any two, or all three, are of "non-blendable" elements, stress and problems may result between any which are (by sign) in square, or elementally incompatible even though not aspected.

For example, if the Sun-Sign is earth (Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn), the inner (real) self desires practical and measurable results, and deals best with stark reality. Stress, problems and errors may result if the ascendant (the outer self) is water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) because the inner self's primary communication with the environment must filter through an emotional, "non-realistic" ("watery") outer self. When the (practical) inner self (in "computer-like" fashion) receives an impression or command from the outer self (as a "keyboard" or a "sensor"), it tends to act/react on that command or impression as if it were fact/reality. However, the "watery" ascendant may not "see" (as when a glass of water distorts images when one looks through it) the external circumstances as they really are; consequently, a "distorted," inappropriate, or erroneous reaction/action may be the actual result (the "printout").

How do your vital signs interrelate? Harmony is suggested if the signs are sextile (fire-air; earth-water) or trine or conjunct (fire-fire; earth-earth; air-air; water-water). Disharmony is suggested if they are square (fire-water/earth; earth-fire/air; air-earth/water; water-air/fire).

In the sections following, you'll want to read your Sun-Sign influence, ascendant-sign influence, and your Moon-Sign influence. Understanding their interrelationships can help you better to know the state of your astrological "health," and perhaps what type of "medication" (balancing) might be beneficial.

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ARIES INFLUENCE (Fire): Very harmonious with Leo and Sagittarius (also Aries); favorable with Gemini and Aquarius; somewhat satisfactory with Libra. Disharmony can be experienced with Cancer and Capricorn. Being a cardinal sign, Aries desires action to get on with matters without procrastination or lengthy planning. Being fire, there is warmth, energy, and a tendency to let the "flames" burn ever higher and higher. There is no desire to repeat anything; "once-over" is considered to be sufficient in almost all matters.

This influence is very strongly "I-am" in nature. There is no desire and no intention of ever taking a "back seat" or secondary posture for anyone or anything. The attitude is "me-first", everybody and everything else is to follow. Leadership is a most natural inclination--even when there is no one willing to follow!

Caution is suggested for it is too easy to make serious blunders when the tendency is always to "rush in where angels fear to tread." Practicality may be in very short supply. Hopefully, one day it will be learned that a great flurry of activity, while exciting, is of little consequence unless there are some tangible results following such expenditures of energy. Learning to think and plan before acting will prove rewarding. Patience can also be a virtue to cultivate for this influence as well as practicing to gain more control of a too-easily-triggered explosiveness.

TAURUS INFLUENCE (Earth): Very harmonious with Virqo and Capricorn (also Taurus); favorable with Cancer and Pisces; somewhat satisfactory with Scorpio. Disharmony possible with Leo and Aquarius. Being fixed, Taurus desires stability, maintaining the status quo is important; any sudden changes can be upsetting, difficult to accept. Being earth, there is a deep-seated practicality and basic down-to-earth "five-senses" approach to everything. If it can't be seen, heard, smelled, touched, or tasted, it may have little if any meaning, or impact.

This influence is very money-conscious and tends to evaluate everything on its "dollars-and cents" merits. As long as there is sufficient financial security and material needs are satisfied, happiness and general contentment are to be expected.

Frequently, the accented tenacity and staying power can grow into stubbornness and bullheadedness. If this happens, nothing is likely to cause a change either of mind or habits. A most important quality to cultivate is learning to give-and take, at least in some areas. Occasionally letting off a little "steam" might be better than long-term storing of anger and frustrations until they explode in a temper display that may catch everyone off-guard. Movement is deliberate, and there's no favorable response to being hurried, pushed or forced.

GEMINI INFLUENCE (Air): Very harmonious with Libra and Aquarius (also Gemini); favorable with Leo and Aries; questionably satisfactory with Sagittarius. Disharmony possible with Virgo and Pisces. Being mutable (versatile), Gemini desires circumstances in life to be varied; the basic belief is that "variety is the spice of life." Adjustment to change comes readily; the ability to cope is favorably accented. Being air, the communicative side of the basic nature is activated; there is a "message" that must be gotten across in one manner or another.

This influence inclines to a hyperactive nature; being occupied most of the time is necessary. There is a broad base of interests, so much so that practically everything may be investigated at one time or another. Care has to be exercised so that the energies are not scattered to the point there may not be enough concentration to accomplish anything worthwhile. A most important quality that should be cultivated is tenacity, or staying power. Anything that is worth starting should be continued at least to the point proving its validity or lack of same. A generally superficial approach to everything might cause problems; especially if this influence is closely associated with intimate emotional relationships.

CANCER INFLUENCE (Water): Very harmonious with Scorpio and Pisces (also Cancer); favorable with Virgo and Taurus; perhaps satisfactory with Capricorn. Disharmony likely with Libra and Aries. Being cardinal (dynamic), Cancer desires action -- in a "passive" way. This is the "iron fist in the velvet glove" influence. There's no real or overt desire to "do combat," but it will come if there are sufficient provocations or threats. Being water, the basic motivation is to experience life mainly through emotions and feelings. There is an ongoing need to have and "collect" experiences; these remain in the consciousness more or less permanently. Being fourth-house associated creates a great need for home and family ties. There's also motivation to parent and to create a safe and secure environment for those who are loved.

The accented sensitivity of this Cancer influence inclines to extremes of emotional highs and lows; seldom is there a "middleground." Hopefully, others will be understanding when the cycle is low because they may find any association can be unpleasant. Learning to get reasonable control of emotions and feelings is of utmost importance if a more fulfilling life is to be experienced.

The tendency to be overly-possessive of both persons and possesions is a characteristic that may present rather serious problems in interpersonal relationships. Learning to "turn loose" and to "share" is a plus.

LEO INFLUENCE (Fire): Very harmonious with Sagittarius and Aries (also Leo); favorable with Libra and Gemini; somewhat satisfactory with Aquarius. Disharmony is possible with Scorpio and Taurus. Being fixed, this Leo influence prefers a stable permanence, routine, and maintaining the general status quo so long as there's any indication of progress and productivity. Any sudden or unexpected changes can be upsetting, and likely will require some time to accept and adjust to. Being fire, there is a great and lasting warmth, much energy, and a desire to make a "shining" impression on the total environment always.

This influence strengthens the "I-am" motivation -- the desire to express what others call ego. There's a strong motivation and need to be highly regarded, respected, looked up to and complimented -- yes, even praised. Because of the need for adulation, there may be a tendency to "showcase" or boast about assets. At least some of this boasting might have a firm basis in fact because the fifth-house association connected with this influence may promise more creativity than is common or routine.

One lesson worth learning might be to work at being more flexible so that changes may more easily be adjusted to. Also, accenting youthfulness is desirable -- if it doesn't become silliness.

VIRGO INFLUENCE (Earth): Very harmonious with Capricorn and Taurus (also Virgo); favorable with Scorpio and Cancer; perhaps satisfactory with Pisces. Disharmony likely with Sagittarius and Gemini. Being mutable, Virgo has a good amount of versatility which allows for relatively easy and fast adaptation to whatever changes are necessary. The ability to cope is accented. This influence is able to "go with the flow." Being earth, there is a deep desire and profound need to deal with life practically and realistically. There's a down-to-earth nature which responds best (and perhaps only) to that which can be seen, heard, smelled, touched, or tasted.

This influence inclines its possessor to be very orderly; there is a place for everything and everything must be in its place. There's a strong motivation to seek and emulate "perfection" in all facets of life. Self-discipline normally is a way of life. Hard work is probably more enjoyed than anything else; there's almost constant involvement in some work-related activity. An idle mind and/or idle hands usually lead only to frustration.

A tendency to be overly-critical of self and others should not be allowed to get out of hand. Others generally resent having all their flaws and shortcomings pointed out repeatedly. Learning to relax more completely, and trying to enjoy something other than work is also to be desired.

LIBRA INFLUENCE (Air): Very harmonious with Aquarius and Gemini (also Libra); favorable with Sagittarius and Leo; questionably satisfactory with Aries. Disharmony can be experienced with Capricorn and Cancer. Being cardinal, Libra desires action and activity (especially mental); getting on with matters or actually acting on ideas and communications is exciting and challenging. Being air, the principal relationship with others and the environment is mental. There may not be any particular emphasis on the purely practical, or emotional aspects. The speaking and writing skills may be highly honed. The whole life is likely to involve relating to others in one way or another.

There is a pronounced motivation to want to enforce principles of equality and fairness. The belief is that everyone is equally as important and deserves the same treatment--rewards and punishments as well -- as anyone else. "Share and share alike" is the inherent belief. This motivation can stimulate an interest in law, the legal process, and justice.

Care must be exercised so that "sharing" and "dividing" don't become one-sided to the clear detriment of others. In the process of "enforcing" fairness and equality, a dictatorial attitude must be avoided or ego clashes with others is a distinct possibility. Such clashes will upset the harmony which is so very necessary for this influence.

SCORPIO INFLUENCE (Water): Very harmonious with Pisces and Cancer (also Scorpio); favorable with Capricorn and Virgo; perhaps satisfactory with Taurus. Disharmony possible with Aquarius and Leo. Being fixed, Scorpio much prefers stability, permanence, routine, and maintaining the status quo so long as there's progress and long-term productivity. Any quick or unplanned-for changes and reversals can be upsetting, and will necessitate some time to accept and adjust to. With this influence, old habits and practices tend to be as comfortable as an old shoe. Being water, the major motivation and desire is to experience the whole life mainly (or totally) through emotions and feelings. There is an intense desire and need to succeed with whatever is begun. The basic philosophy is that anything can be accomplished if persistence is fully utilized.

This influence (with its Pluto and eighth-house connection) tends to heighten the libido and the passions. Greater successes are probable if the interest in accomplishing a particular thing or realizing an important goal becomes a "passion."

A lesson that may need to be learned is that it's possible to be detemined to succeed with some endeavors that may not be worthy of the effort. There can be a tendency to be stubborn or bullheaded, a characteristic which can be very frustrating to associates.

SAGITTARIUS INFLUENCE (Fire): Very harmonious with Aries and Leo (also Sagittarius); favorable with Aquarius and Libra; mildly satisfactory with Gemini. Disharmony possible with Pisces and Virgo. Being mutable, Sagittarius desires circumstances in the life-experience to be varied. There's an accented level of versatility which allows for easy and rapid adaptation to whatever changes are necessary. The ability to cope is accented; "going with the flow" is more or less a way of life. Being fire, there is warmth, a rather pronounced energy level, and a tendency to want to move through life rather rapidly. There's no desire to repeat or to mull over matters, or to go into painful detail about anything.

This influence basically is aloofness, not wanting to be bound or tied by anyone or anything unless there is the remote chance that there's a desire to be. Since "small" matters tend to boredom, all that's readily seen or appreciated is the overview, or the "big picture." Intuition may be highly honed and quite useful at times. The sense of humor is traditionally good; overall optimism is typically present.

A tendency to be too frank, even blunt in expressing what is thought can present problems in interpersonal relationships. Learning to pay some attention at least to some important details can be not only an asset, but a necessity.

CAPRICORN INFLUENCE (Earth): Very harmonious with Taurus and Virgo (also Capricorn); favorable with Pisces and Scorpio; perhaps satisfactory with Cancer. Disharmony with Aries and Libra is likely. Being cardinal, Capricorn desires action and activity; responds well to a challenge (especially career or business); wants to get on with matters much faster than may be possible to do. Being earth, there is a deeply entrenched "five-senses" approach to just about everything, including love, romance, and marriage. If something can't be seen, heard, smelled, touched, or tasted, it may not have much if any meaning, or impact.

This influence is very career/business/status-oriented. Very much energy is used to further progress in these areas, often at the sacrifice of time and attention to the family and the marriage partner. The real marriage partner is most likely to be the native's career/business. Struggle and setbacks may be so commnonplace that they are more or less considered par for the course. Progress may be more favorable beginning about the thirtieth year.

It's most important natives of this influence learn how to deal with negativism and a tendency toward deep depression, which may be difficult to shake. Learning to show more warmth, love, and compassion for loved ones might be appreciated by them. Also, learning not to take everything so seriously could help.

AQUARIUS INFLUENCE (Air): Very harmonious with Gemini and Libra (also Aquarius); favorable with Aries and Sagittarius; somewhat satisfactory with Leo. Disharmony with Taurus and Scorpio is probable. Being fixed, Aquarius much prefers permanence, stability, routine, and maintaining the status quo so long as there's even a chance for progress and long-term productivity. Any surprise or unplanned-for quick changes or turn-abouts can be upsetting, and will take an extended period of time to accept and adjust to. Being air, the principal relationship with others and the environment generally is mental. It's improbable there will be any particular emphasis on the purely material or practical, or the feeling and emotional aspects. The speaking and writing skills may be highly honed. The career might be connected with "reform" in some manner.

This influence adds uniqueness and originality; it might ostensibly be "one-of-a-kind." While there is an inner long-term consistency, surface actions may be spontaneous, sporatic, and unpredictable. Socializing is most important; friends play a major role.

In everyday relationships, some things might go smoother if there were a bit more conforming to the acceptable or typical "mold." Controlling a tendency to be unyielding or stubborn could improve interpersonal relationships markedly.

PISCES INFLUENCE (Water): Very harmonious with Cancer and Scorpio (also Pisces); favorable with Taurus and Capricorn; can be satisfactory with Virgo. Some disharmony with Gemini and Sagittarius. Being mutable, Pisces has a natural ability to adapt to the many changes that are a natural part of life. While the potential to cope is accented, it may not be properly utilized much of the time. Being water, the basic thrust and primary desire is to experience life mainly through emotions and feelings. The preference may be to dream, to fantasize, to imagine, and to live mostly in a world which is not necessarily the real world.

The artistic talents and abilities could be strong and might be utilized quite positively in the life's work. However, the artistic temperament is also present to the degree that it might interfere with actual expression of talent; excuses for non-production may be ever-forthcoming: work can't be done because the "mood" isn't just right, etc. This influence adds "softness," sympathy, and empathy. Decision-making may not come too easily as the tendency is to try to avoid having to take sides or make choices about anything. This reluctance to decide often is called "wishy-washiness."

More progress is likely if it can be learned to deal more with realities. The tendency to be too passive often allows others to take unfair advantage.

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