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Sex and Age: Appetites and Attitudes

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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"THE feeling that the older man or woman's sexual appetite decreases is artificial," says geriatric physician Dr. Victor Kassel of Salt Lake City, Utah. He continues, "Other activities and problems can intrude and make sexual activity less possible, but that has nothing to do with [sexual] appetite."

Regarding sexual appetites and attitudes, a consultant astrologer likely would take into consideration many individual factors before expressing any sort of opinion; but important among them would be these: (1) Sun-Sign [Covered in this Part I]; (2) Sign on the cusp of the natal chart's eighth house; and, (3) Sign ruling the ninth house [Covered in Part II (link at bottom of this page)].

Your Sun-Sign tends to indicate your inner concepts (deeper feelings) relative to your sexual appetite and overall attitudes. The eighth house relates very directly to your more intense desires -- sex, of course, being one of the more important ones. The ninth-house sign tends to reflect religious and philosophical influences and attitudes relative to the expression of your sexuality, many of which are a result of your environment and upbringing and consequently not necessarily in total agreement with your inner feelings and motivations.

To gain astrological insight relative to sex and age, appetites and attitudes, first read the section following for your Sun-Sign at birth.

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ARIES and SEX: You may have reached sexual maturity early and are inclined to a rather active sex life. Being a Mars-ruled, cardinal fire sign, you are capable of quick arousal and just as quick culmination of your sexual expression. All through your life you need to pace yourself so that you will be able to prolong your own as well as your partner's pleasure. Your key to maintaining sexual energy, which could tend to burn out itself earlier in life than it should, is to stay as physically active as you possibly can. Be busy, keep all of your energies flowing and your sexual capabilities should continue right along with your overall stamina. When possible, combine sexual activity with other pleasurable and recreational activities. Travel out of town and love-making in new and unfamiliar surroundings can go a very long way toward maintaining your sexual interests and abilities.

TAURUS and SEX: Being a fixed sign, there is not likely to be much change in your sexuality all your life. Basically, you are quite a sensuous individual and are inclined to want to enjoy fully all the good things of life -- sex being a most important one of them. When it comes to making love, it is important that you not be rushed and that you have plenty of time to appreciate fully each experience you have. Venus, your ruling planet, has long been associated with love and beauty; but if you remember your mythology, you know that Venus was the goddess of physical beauty. Therefore, you should endeavor to maintain your best physical appearance all your life in order to keep your sexuality at its peak. Watch diet and dress in the best style you can afford -- and don't forget the alluring perfumes and colognes.

GEMINI and SEX: If you don't spread yourself too thin trying to be involved in too many things at once, you should be able to maintain your sexual virility all of your life. After all, you are the sign of perpetual youthfulness you know. One very important fact you must realize is that in order to keep your sexual interests at a satisfactory level you must maintain the concept of "variety" consistently. This certainly is not suggesting that promiscuity or bisexuality is the way to keep your sexuality alive, but it does suggest that in love-making you might tire of the same practices and techniques every time; try different times, different surroundings, new techniques, different music, etc. Your mind and thinking habits hold an important key to your sexuality.

CANCER and SEX: Your expression of sexuality, whatever your age, is very much connected with your inner sense of security. When you actually are secure and feel so, it is much easier to be your better sexual self; if insecure and uncertain you just are not very sexual at all. Being very much home-oriented in most matters, you normally are not the type who would find sex just anywhere with just anybody and at any time very appealing. You tend to have a very high regard for your sex partner and are not likely to get much pleasure from intimate dealings with another who does not command a valid degree of your respect. With your propensity to hold onto all things and experiences of an emotional nature, you don't want to spend too much time and energy bemoaning the past but instead should learn to live in and enjoy the present every day.

LEO and SEX: Inwardly, you are very much pleasure-oriented and like to enjoy yourself fully; and since sexual activity is normally pleasant, you have quite an active interest -- which may have begun at a relatively early age. Because you are a fixed sign, your interest and appetite for sex are not likely to change very much with the passing years. If your sex appetite is big in your early years of maturity, it likely will be about the same even into the most advanced years. Generally, your sexual nature is closely attuned to your enjoyment of all other things in your life's experience. All types of entertainment, parties, sports, and recreational activities can serve as a stimulus to your sexual appetite. Keep yourself well entertained and in a good humor in order to preserve and prolong your sex life.

VIRGO and SEX: Your interest and participation in sexual activities, because of your mutable nature, may be something of an "on again, off again" matter. Further, regarding your sexual appetite, it could be said that you may be very nearly as sex-oriented as Scorpio; but you differ from this rather frank sign in that you normally don't own up to your sexual motivations as does friend Scorpio. In short, you may either do or at least think about doing just as many sexual things but may successful keep most of your thoughts and actions hidden. There is a very close mental connection with the expression of your sexual self. Never allow your almost-total dedication to work to drain you of too much vital energy or take so much of your time that you don't have enough drive remaining for your sexual needs.

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LIBRA and SEX: If you are able to maintain a proper balance in your sex life, you should be able to enjoy and appreciate a very long and gratifying one indeed. Being a cardinal sign, you have a lot of stamina and a natural ability to keep your energies at a highly productive level. Regarding the expression of your sexuality, you often find yoursef faced with the necessity and difficulty of deciding whether or not to actually do something relative to sexual expression -- to have sex or not to have it with a particular person or not, etc. This can be especially frustrating since yours is the seventh-house (partnerships) sign and you may have more than the average number of offers and opportunities to unite with others. Normally, your inherent sense of fairness and balance will see you through these questioning times and situations quite satisfactorily.

SCORPIO and SEX: Yours is the eighth-house sign, the house traditionally associated with desire, sex drive, and sexual motivation. Notwithstanding other influences in individual horoscopes, you are perhaps the most sexual of all signs of the zodiac. Since you are a fixed sign, the probability is that your rather accented sexual nature will be a lifelong reality. Unless your individual birth-chart indicates some "hang-ups" connected with the expression of your sexual nature, it is quite possible that you may have one of the most satisfying and fulfilled sex lives possible. You understand that you are a sexual person and normally go about unashamedly being your true self, much to your own satisfaction and normally to the joy as well of those who are fortunate enough to be in close association with you.

SAGITTARIUS and SEX: It is not at all uncommon for you of this ninth-house "long-distance" sign to connect your love matters with someone who lives in another part of the city, out of town, in another state -- even in a foreign country. Because of this distance factor, your sex life and sexual experiences may not be as regular or constant as for most other signs. There may be extended periods when there is absolutely no activity followed by intensely active and concentrated experiences which may border on overindulgence. This sort of practice, which may not seem to bother your not-too-concerned-with-details sign, may not, from a biological standpoint, be best for properly maintaining the physical capability for natural and normal sexual response over the years. More regulaiity in sexual expression might well be sought after.

CAPRICORN and SEX: Classically considered, Capricorn, through its Saturn rulership, is the sign of time, age, and endurance. From a sexual standpoint, this would tend to suggest that natives of this tenth-house sign may endure sexually well into the most advanced years. It is not at all uncommon to find older Capricorn natives who are fully responsive in a sexual way to the very end of their life. Normally, however, this is not a sign with a very pronounced sexual appetite, even in youth. The cardinal nature of Capricom tends to favor the more or less conservative route in all sexual participation, possibly because it (Capricorn) is not as easily or quickly stimulated sexually as are many other signs. With Capricorn, the general attitude seems to be "everything in moderation." However, it is important to note that once stimulated, the cardinal nature enables the native to maintain stamina for quite a time after a complete arousal.

AQUARIUS and SEX: While there actually is broad-mindedness traditionally associated with this eleventh-house sign, many of its natives would not necessarily be described sexually as highly motivated. Their interest in sex and related subjects may be more mental and philosophical than physical. Aquarians generally are understandlng of others concerning their sexual needs and opinions, and are not too quick to criticize or condemn for their beliefs and habits, but may not be so generous with themselves. Being a fixed sign, whatever is the Aquarius sexual nature and motivation in youth, it is not likely to change very much even in the advanced years. Like Gemini, Aquarius is very appreciative of variety in sex techniques, and of addressing the matter of love-making in something other than a traditionally or orthodox manner -- at least at times.

PISCES and SEX: Pisces, being a mutable sign, may have something of an "on again, off again" philosophy relative to physical love-making. Being a water sign, any sexual activity is likely to be highly charged with emotion; and there is little pleasure with physical sex unless there is also a rather deep emotional union as well. When it comes to sex, Pisces natives tend to idealize both the sex partner and the situation; unfortunately, the illusion is not always truth. As the twelfth-house sign, you find it very difficult to perform or function at all sexually unless there is plenty of time and lots of privacy. With you sex and love is a very beautiful and private matter. Factually, you get quite a kick out of any secrecy associated with love-making; it seems to be a lot more fun if done more or less on the sly.

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