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Sex and Age: Appetites and Attitudes (Part II)

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer

[It is suggested you read Part I first. Click here.] Additional information about sex and age, appetites and attitudes is contained in the following sections which apply to your natal chart's eighth and ninth house ruling signs. If you already know which signs rule (are on the cusps) of these houses go directly to that section below.

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[1] EIGHTH-HOUSE ARIES + NINTH-HOUSE TAURUS: Aries influencing your sex drive makes you rather aggressive, even impulsive, in seeking to satisfy your rather sharp sexual appetite. At times you may stand to gain by restraining your desires so they do not get out of hand. Your sexual interest peaks very quickly but may be lacking in staying power. Taurus' influence on your ninth house of attitudes inclines you to be rather "materialistic" in your outlook generally. You may tend to place physical pleasure on very high priority, making pure sensuousness and physical pleasure what you more or less "worship." Your sexual appetite and attitudes generally are not likely to be in too much disagreement because of the dynamic blending of Mars and Venus, the two planets most frequently associated with love -- especially that which is expressed in a physical manner. It is relatively safe to say you are a sexual person with a strong emotional drive, one who is not prone to be bothered with conscience or guilt feelings about your sex life and sex feelings. Unless unexpected circumstances prevent, you should have a very active and fulfilling sex life.

[2] EIGHTH-HOUSE PISCES + NINTH-HOUSE ARIES: The Pisces influence on your desires causes you to be rather romantic, and somewhat idealistic regarding sex appetites which you are able to define and address in a realistic or factual way. However, you often experience much difficulty in trying to determine what you actually want regarding sexual fulfillment. This general nebulousness, typical of your desire motivations, does not normally fare well with the dynamic nature of Aries, ruler of your ninth house of attitudes. In fact, Aries' Mars is often very direct, pointed, even destructive of the dream-like state so often associated with Neptune, ruler of Pisces. It can act as the "pin" which pricks and explodes your "balloon," forcing you sometimes into a state of confused despondency. The Pisces motivation may cause you to place the one you love on a pedestal; then your Aries-type attitudes may start to pick away rather heartlessly pointing out all the flaws in the individual and the relationship. Then you find yourself in the position of having to create some other idealistic dream or concept, knowing full well that in time it too may be flung into the fires of stark reality.

[3] EIGHTH-HOUSE AQUARIUS + NINTH-HOUSE PISCES: Your eighth-house Aquarius can make you rather unpredictable regarding what are your sexual desires or needs. They may change often. With Aquarius being an air sign, it is safe to say that your sex appetite is turned on and off by communications -- the words you hear and speak, read and write, as well as those you expect to hear but don't. The fixed nature of Aquarius however does tend somewhat to stabilize this potential instability and unpredictability. You appreciate anything "new" in your sexual experiences; the unusual and the unorthodox may also tend to turn you on. With emotional Pisces ruling your philosophical and attitudinal self, you may be either or both religiously-oriented or devout in your beliefs. This would likely cause you to be more conservative or reserved in the expression of your physical sexuality. You tend to idealize love and are quite respectful of your love partner. You are not likely prone to any form of love-making that involves promiscuity. If you should slip, you would have to deal with your conscience -- sooner or later.

[4] EIGHTH-HOUSE CAPRICORN + NINTH-HOUSE AQUARIUS: While your sexual appetite may not be that easy to arouse, once truly motivated it is quite potent and enduring. A peculiar quirk of your eighth-house Capricorn causes you to be the type who may require much more or added stimulation as you grow older. You can grow all but unresponsive to what may have stimulated you easily a few months or years ago. Often, much of your sex drive is directed into your career or work, thereby depleting to some degree your abilities and interest in sex. Your eighth-house motivation, which can cause you to seek "bigger and better thrills," may not be especially aided by your Aquarius ninth-house attitudes. If you allow the two to combine in a negative way, you may find yourself, at times, tempted to become involved in some type of sexual activity which might create serious problems for you, especially if you aspire to maintain a good reputation. The reverse could happen and the relative slowness of your sex drive may be interrupted by the unpredictability of your Aquarian attitudes to the point that you become all but nonfunctional sexually.

[5] EIGHTH-HOUSE SAGITTARIUS + NINTH-HOUSE CAPRICORN: With expansive Jupiter's influence connected with your eighth house, your sexual appetite can be quite large and, at times, somewhat all-encompassing; but your technique for fulfilling your sexual needs usually is somewhat detached or aloof. Considerlng this, you may be the type who passes over, overlooks, or postpones opportunities to participate in and enjoy sexual experiences which you perhaps should actually have. However, you do seem to have a certain element of luck when actually seeking to satiate your sexual needs; so you really should have no legitimate complaints. If you do complain before considering all the possibities available, you are being a bit unfair. Your ninth-house (atttitudes, philosophical concepts, and outlook) may cause you to act like you are frantically guarding your reputation. This may incline you to be somewhat prudish at times, and simply "too good" to participate or even speak about such sinful things as sex. In order to be satisfied in both a conceptual and a sexual sense, sooner or later you will have to find a middle-ground.

[6] EIGHTH-HOUSE SCORPIO + NINTH-HOUSE SAGITTARIUS: This is the traditional arrangement of these signs in the natural zodiac. Your sexual appetite should be strong with desire, sex drive and motivation. Being a fixed sign, Scorpio should give you a rather constant lifelong ability to maintain your sexuality. Whatever the nature of your sex appetite in youth, it is likely to remain the same the entire life. It is essential that you have at least a normal amount of sexual outlet if you aspire to maintain good health and peace of mind. Your attitudes, influenced by Sagittarius, may be somewhat philosophical, optimistic, open, and generous. You usually pride yourself on your ability to overlook many things others might take offensively. You are broad-minded and willing to accept others' sexual attitudes and beliefs without much condemnation. You tend to be just as generous with yourself, a practice which could contribute favorably to a sense of well-being. You seem to possess an inner understanding of the need for sex and can keep it in its proper perspective without guilt feelings which are pronounced with some others.

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[7] EIGHTH-HOUSE LIBRA + NINTH-HOUSE SCORPIO: With the sign of balance ruling your eighth house of sex appetites, you naturally work to keep this department of your life equalized. Seldom are you inclined to either overdo or underdo. However, during times of stress, you can allow matters to get out of hand and be guilty of too much or too little activity as it relates to satisfying your sexual needs and desires. At times you may experience some frustration due to a difficulty in making up your mind about matters sexual. You can avoid much of this unnecessary frustration by applying the rule of balance and by keeping all such matters in proper perspective. Keeping your sex appetite in proper balance may or may not receive much assistance from your ninth-house Scorpio, a sign which certainly is intense as well as sexual in nature. Your attitude may be more inclined to the physical than the spiritual. If the sexual nature of Scorpio gains the upper hand, there will be an imbalance in favor of gratifying physical needs; if the strongly devout side of Scorpio is more accented, it may deny you any peace of mind if sex is indulged in at all. Seek a proper blending of both sides.

[8] EIGHTH-HOUSE VIRGO + NINTH-HOUSE LIBRA: Virgo has long been long been known as the sign of the Virgin--purity. Because of this, perhaps more than any real reason, the Virgo influence has become stigmatized as prudish. If you tend to go along with this not-too-accurate concept, then with Virgo as ruler of your eighth house of sex appetite, you could be something of a prude regarding most matters which are sexual in nature. In any case, you are highly discriminating and somewhat timid in the expression of sexuality. You may need to learn the valuable role that a normal sex life plays in keeping you in good health, especially in the emotional aud mental areas. Your ninth house of attitudes is strongly inflenced by the airy, idea sign Libra; therefore, you are inclined to manage your sex life in a balanced and common-sense manner, working constantly at maintaining an equal fairness. However, at times, you may find yourself "on the fence" trying to make up your mind about total fairness to both your physical and spiritual natures. When it comes to conscience, yours might be defined with one word -- alternating.

[9] EIGHTH-HOUSE LEO + NINTH-HOUSE VIRGO: You have a generous, good-natured sort of sexual appetite which gains a great deal of pleasure satiating itself. Leo, being a youthful sign, can keep you ever young in your sexual attributes. Being a fixed sign, you should be able to maintain the sex power of your youth fairly consistantly throughout your life. You may be the type who gets more than the normal amount of joy from sexual activity, much more than a lot of others when you are able to participate without the guilt feelings which certainly can be present with rather-exacting Virgo, ruler of your ninth house of conscience. Virgo can be quite the critic if it has a lot of power in your ninth house of religion and philosophy. Your higher mind is finely honed and quite astute at pointing out any flaws or errors it may sense about the way you handle your sex life. The Virgo in you will not let you rest if you get far out of bounds in this or almost any area of your life.

[10] EIGHTH-HOUSE CANCER + NINTH-HOUSE LEO: Sexually, you might be classified as extremely sensitive, protective, and positive. Your sex appetite is generally self-centered and rather family-concerned. Normally, you are not the type who could treat the subject of sex lightly at all; the expression of your sexuality is not without deep-seated and meaningful feeling. You are prone to want to keep sex as much as possible "in the family" and in a traditional family type of respect. You can be very passionate but just as easily turned off; and once turned off, it may not be an easy task to turn you on again. You may find your sexual desires are quite cyclic in nature, and fortunate indeed are you if your partner's cycle should match yours. Leo as ruler of your ninth house gives you a relatively open framework in which to justify expression of your sex appetite. Usually your Leo conscience is quite understanding of whatever you do or fail to do in your love life. Your attitude is youthful, open, and generally directed by the brighter side of things; however, your overall attitude, being ruled by a fixed sign, is not easily changed or modified. This may be fortunate -- if it is fair.

[11] EIGHTH-HOUSE GEMINI + NINTH-HOUSE CANCER: Your sex appetite turns too often into internal conflict because it can be so dualistic in nature. You may desire one sexual goal or purpose and at the same time desire something else which is out of tune with the first. This may not lead to the accomplishment of a lot. However, with Gemiui ruling your eighth house of sex drive, you are instilled with much potential for maintaining your sexual youthfulness most if not all your life. "Traditional" might be a word which aptly describes your overall attitude about sex. This is meant to indicate that you are very family-and security-oriented and protective of the basic concepts of home and parenting. Your beliefs are usually much in line with what you learned from your parents during the early years of your upbringing. These beliefs are not likely to change very much. You might experience more peace of mind if you would at least be willing to hear others out when they indicate a wish to express their views of your opinions relative to sex. It could be that your beliefs are somewhat narrow.

[12] EIGHTH-HOUSE TAURUS + NINTH-HOUSE GEMINI: Except only those natives with Scorpio ruling their eighth-house, you with Taurus holding sway here are perhaps near the top of the list in your appreciation of expressing your sexual appetite; your capacity, need, and motivation are highly honed. Taurus, the natural ruler of the throat, whets the appetite and enhances the appreciation for quality in every sexual experience. Further, the fixed nature of the sign Taurus gives your appetite a lot of staying power. While you may be somewhat slow to arouse initially; your ability to maintain and persist are quite remarkable. With Gemini as ruler of your ninth house of outlook, concepts, and attitude, you may be one who tends to have what might be called' "double standards" about sex and your own sexuality. While you may be liberal in some areas, you can be extremely conservative in others. Greater peace of mind is yours when you find a reasonable and comfortable middle-ground somewhere between the two extremes; and with your Gemini versatility, you certainly can do this.

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