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You -- Leader or Follower?
Your Horoscope Can Tell You

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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Have you ever heard anybody comment: "We've too many chiefs and not enough Indians around here"? What does it mean? It suggests there are too many giving orders and too few to execute them -- a situation in which little or no progress can be made, a classical Tower of Babel. In too many respects, our society is not too far from such a state now.

For several generations, colleges and universities have indoctrinated students with the beliefs that just about everyone should be an executive and practically nobody should stoop so low as actually to work, that it is shameful to make one's living in positions where one must follow rather than lead. Educators say that you must be a college graduate, that you should get your Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees so that you thereby place yourself in that magic circle where you will be leaders of men, unquestionable and final authorities, veritable shapers of destiny. The premise is grossly overly optimistic and self-defeating when one considers the cold, hard fact that sooner or later somebody has to work. [I don't know about you or the learned professors but I for one really appreciate having my garbage hauled away, getting my automobile serviced, and receiving prompt and efficient attention at my favorite eating places.]

There is a law in the universe which proves, in effect, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is seen in the operation of positive and negative charges which cause electricity to light homes and power appliances, in the principles of mathematics and in many other things too numerous to list here. But suffice it to say that action's purpose for being is to bring about reaction and that one is powerless to produce results without the other. The same truth applies to the matter of leading and following. Progress results when leaders lead and followers follow; nothing is accomplished if all lead or all follow. Therefore, leaders are effective only if there are those who will follow. Obviously, there is a real need in the world both for leaders and followers. Neither is more important than the other.

Do you want to lead -- or more importantly, can or should you? Do you want or like to follow, or do you have the attitude necessary to do so? These and other related questions can stand some serious examination. Knowing and accepting the truth about yourself in the areas of leading/following-a-leader can serve to give you peace of mind, new direction, and perhaps relieve certain frustrations you might experience regarding such matters.

True leadership requires first the WILL to lead and secondly the ABILITY to lead. Unless the two are in evidence and in the right mixtures, an individual should not and cannot lead convincingly and successfully. To follow requires first the willingness to do so and secondly the need -- and an understanding of this need to follow, and the consequent rewards of doing so.

WILL to LEAD: Your natal chart indicates very clearly what your inner will and desires are regarding whether you should lead or you should follow. Planets in the masculine (positive or action) signs -- Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius -- indicate the degree to which anyone, regardless of gender, prefers to direct matters of importance, or to lead. More than five natal planets in any or all of these masculine signs is a very good indication that the native might prefer to initiate, to start, to command and to control most it not all things related to him. From a willingness standpoint the individual generally is eager at least to "carry his end of the log" -- and often more depending on the number of planets in masculine signs. For example, if there are seven planets in the positive/action signs it means there is a desire to initiate/control just about everything some seventy percent of the time -- and/or seventy percent of any single time. The true inner desire is to act and not necessarily to act "with" or act "after" -- in essence, to lead rather than to follow.

Natal planets in the feminine (negative or receptive) signs -- Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces offer a valid indication of one's desire (inner preference) to follow, to be more passive, to cooperate, work with and support rather than to initiate. Again, regardless of gender, a majority of natal planets in feminine signs indicates an inner desire or willingness to be one who enjoys a less aggressive approach in most if not all areas of experience in life.

How are your natal planets situated/distributed? Do you actually have the inner desire or will to lead? Does your chart indicate you should follow? Which is good; which is not so good? At this point (and realistically not at any point) it is not possible to judge which is "good" or "bad." Before drawing any conclusions, it will be necessary to consider and understand the other important requirement of leadership as indicated in any natal horoscope -- the ability to lead.

ABILITY to LEAD: Regardless of your inner will to lead, your actual ability to lead has to be taken into consideration and evaluated on the basis of the degree it agrees or fails to agree with your will to lead. The actual ability to lead (and to accept responsibity for actions -- or lack of same) is indicated quite obviously in your chart but in a different way than the will or desire to lead.

To determine your overall ability to lead, first divide your natal chart down the middle from the midheaven (10th house cusp) to the nadir (4th house cusp), separating it into equal left-right halves of 180 degrees each. Then count the numbers of planets on the left (independent -- rising) half and on the right (dependent -- setting) half. Planets that are on the left half are percentage indicators of your actual ability to lead, while those on the right are percentage indicators of how willingly/effectively you can follow.

By allowing ten points for each planet, you will be able to see very quickly your overall percentage of workable leadership potential versus your cooperative (following) ability or potential. If you have a substantial majority of natal planets on the left, you have a natural ability (and responsibility) to direct most matters in your life whether you actually want to or not. If most planets are on the right, you are much more likely to succeed by following the leadership of those with a more natural ability to lead. In fact, it likely will be necessary that you do so even if it is basically against your inner will.

Very simply, this left-right planetary pattern can be explained with an analogy to an "election." For example, if six of your natal planets are on the left side of the horoscope, you "automatically" (with due effort) can have about sixty percent of the "votes" in most any "election" of whatever you wish to do or accomplish. You are, whether you always want to be or not, a doer, a self-starter, one who must initiate and then can take the lion's share of credit for what you do right and also must assume most of the responsibility for what you do wrong. Simply put, you make your own bed but then must sleep in it, lumps and all. You cannot, in all honesty and fairness, "pass the buck" to blame others and circumstances outside your control for whatever happens or fails to happen. It is highly probable that often you will have to accept responsibility in excess of what you feel is fair and just -- especially is this the case if you lack a heavy concentration of planets in masculine signs. Conclusion: Having a majority of planets on the birth-chart's left half is a two-edged sword; while it does give power for a self-directed and self-controlled life, it also shoulders you with a responsibility for all actions -- both of a constructive and destructive nature. You can win the "election" but you then are expected to live up to all your campaign promises.

If most planets are situated on the right half of the wheel, many of your successes and accomplishments, as well as the lack of same, are to a greater degree more influenced by others and circumstances and events outside your direct control than you might like to accept. This in no way implies you are helpless and must give in to failure and unhappiness from any lack of power to do things to improve your lot in life. But it does mean that you will have to do some "politicking" in order to get all the "votes" you will need to win your "elections." You must learn to exercise intelligence and practicality in order to get what you want in the most expeditious manner. You are advised to learn early in life the art of winning friends and influencing people, for it is mainly through others and their support and approval that you will realize your greater accomplishments. Being well read and currently posted in all areas of importance to you and your purposes is an absolute necessity. Planning well ahead can pay large dividends.

In summary, it might be said that individuals with a majority of natal planets on their horoscope's left side have a corresponding ability to lead and direct their lives; they are capable and may be required to show more independence; they do not necessarily have to he married, for instance, or in many ways depend on anybody else. From an ability standpoint, they can stand well alone; they are something of an island unto themselves. Of course, the degree of this independence is closely connected to the strength of the left-side concentration.

Those with natal planets concentrated heavily on the right half are normally more dependent on others and circumstances, are more reliant, and are more in need of support and approval to accomplish at their best; they probably should marry or in some way closely associate themselves with another and/or others. Such associations tend to give a feeling (and an actual realization) of strength and purpose.

Many horoscope readers completely omit these planetary concentrations/placements from consideration when delineating (reading) natal horoscopes -- a serious oversite since these factors are inseparably related to everything else the birth-chart offers. They are, in fact, of primary significance as they determine how best to utilize many other energies and potentials present in the horoscope. Much worry, frustration, and confusion can be cleared when the native better understands why he functions or doesn't seem to function from a lead-follow standpoint the way he thinks he should, or has been told by others that he should. Consider some examples which will aid in showing how will-to-lead and ability-to-lead can work together constructively -- or destructively.

Suppose that you or someone else has six or more planets in masculine signs indicating and instilling a very powerful inner desire, will, and drive to lead, to be in charge, to make things happen. Such a concentration would indicate possible impatience and an unwillingness to wait for, delay, or postpone anything. The inner determination is to act, to get on with matters at hand. If also there is a good majority of planets on the left side of the circle, here is the "trademark" of the born leader, one having both the necessary WILL and the natural ABILITY to lead. Further, this native should not experience much frustration since he basically will be able to accomplish just about anything he wants.

Consider another example in which there are very few (if any) planets in masculine signs but a strong majority (6 to 10) on the left half of the nativity. In this case, the inner motivation to lead, to initiate, to take charge is perhaps all but nonexistent; but the native finds that he actually has to take the lead much more than he desires; he feels and finds himself shouldered with numerous responsibilities and obligations -- far more than he may regard as fair or just. (It may be a fact rather than just his inner feeling.) Unless he understands this, he may develop an incorrect opinion there is some sort of plot or scheme against him (paranoia?), a gigantic conspiracy which constantly forces him to put forth more effort and energy than he feels others have to do just to survive the difficulties of everyday living. He may wastefully expend too much of his vital energies in attempting vengefully to strike back at his misfortune and spend much of his valuable time cursing his fate -- unless he understands and works with this imbalance realistically. He should learn that he will have to go after what he wants; it is not too likely that it will seek him out.

Another hypothetical example in which a chart indicates a sizable majority (6 to 10) of planets in masculine signs with few if any on the left side of the circle. Here, in a figurative sense, there is a large charge of "dynamite" (WILL) combined with a difficult-to-find or a too-short "fuse" (ABILITY). Often this is the individual who always expects great things of himself but seldom lives up to his own expectations. (Could this be a cause for the classic inferiority complex?) While he wants to accomplish wondrous feats, he finds the frustrating but rather constant need to get the approval, backing, and blessing of others before he can act; often he must go through much more "red tape" then he desires; he may discover that his plans do not work as intended. What tremendous problems he encounters if he attempts, as he is naturally inclined, to win by "bucking city hall." Often he feels that he is butting his head against a brick wall, and if he tries to force his will upon others he is. The sooner he learns patience and tact and that he succeeds easiest as he learns to manipulate others (and circumstances) tactfully, the greater contentment with himself and his accomplishments.

Then, it is a fair conclusion that those with a majority of planets in masculine signs and a majority on the left side of the horoscope are the born LEADERS because they have both the desire (WILL) and the courage, power (ABILITY) to lead; and those with a majority of planets in feminine signs and a majority on the right side of the circle are the more natural FOLLOWERS?

Individuals having marked differences between indicated WILL and ABILITY can experience much frustration and feelings of discontent unless they understand, come to terms with, and work out these imbalances intelligently and practically. A balance between will and ability would seem desirable, and it can be achieved in one or a combination of two ways -- either by adding "weight" to the lighter side and/or decreasing "weight" on the heavier side -- or both. Consider the suggestions following which most (or might) apply to your needs and purposes.

1) Heavy (6 to 10) Masculine with Light (fewer than 5) Left (also Light Feminine with Heavy Left): Possibly the greatest and most important lesson you have to learn -- sooner or later -- is patience. Worthwhile projects may take time whether you approve or not. Generally speaking, you are "wound" rather tightly but may have some difficulty in finding ready opportunities to unwind all that energy. Seldom will you get your way through overt pressure or pushiness. You must leam how to encourage (manipulate or "sell") others to assist you in the accomplishment of your more important goals. Avoid the frustration of trying to force things to happen all by yourself. Instead, you do all the necessary planning and plant the "seeds" of the progress you desire. Then sit back and enjoy yourself as you watch others till, water and bring in your "crop."

2) Light (fewer than 5) Masculine with Heavy (6 to 10) Left (also Heavy Feminine with Light Right): Guard against being judged by others as one who is lacking in motivation -- a nice way of saying that you should avoid being generally known as a lazy individual. You can too easily become an habitual complainer who resents the fact that he has to knuckle down and shoulder a great deal of responsibility which he doesn't want. The earlier in life you learn that you must take the initiative and get on with matters of importance the better for you. Basically or ideally, you are the type who would like the mountain brought to "Mohammed"; but sadly, you find that if "Mohammed" wants to see the mountain he has to go to it. You are encouraged to go ahead and go after what you want with no feeling that you are putting forth more effort than is really necessary.

For additional insight into the leadership issue, consider the roles of the individual planets as they (notwithstanding natal concentrations and placements) relate to the WILL to LEAD and the ABILITY to LEAD as well as the willingness and ABILITY to FOLLOW. While their individual placements (below) might slightly modify what has been outlined above, it is unlikely in any case to change that much -- if anything at all.


SUN -- Masculine and/or Left: Basically your motivation is toward a more active and self-directed existence or way of life. You do prefer to be the master of your destiny.

SUN -- Feminine and/or Right: Your deeper desires are more inclined to a reactive, passive, or cooperative pattern or role in your overall concept of things.

MOON -- Masculine and/or Left: Preference-wise, you desire to play a more positively active role in all areas connected or concerned with experiences on emotional levels. You very readily and actively reflect what you feel.

MOON -- Feminine and/or Right: Emotionally, you lean more toward a responsive posture. You prefer to allow others to make a move before you let it be known what or how you really feel.

MERCURY -- Masculine and/or Left: You like to be the one who speaks first and who is the bearer or giver of information. You tend to say exactly what you think regardless. You often and actively participate in study and learning activities.

MERCURY -- Feminine and/or Right: You generally prefer to listen and observe in order to learn and gain the knowledge and experience that you need. You feel much safer when working in informational areas that have been tried and proven.

VENUS -- Masculine and/or Left: Love and tenderness are yours to express mainly as you wish. If you love someone, you usualIy are able to say so and to show it rather easily. In love-making, you may be able to play the active or aggressive role regardless of your own sex.

VENUS -- Feminine and/or Right: You prefer to be loved before you are inclined to show your own love or tenderness for another. Your desire is more to appreciate the beauty around you and the creative efforts of others than to create or contribute your talents and abilities unless required.

MARS -- Masculine and/or Left: Your inner will is quite pointedly one of dynamic, aggressive action whether you are always able to show it or not. You want to get to the point, to get things done when motivated to act. You are strong-willed and not too inclined to take anything from anyone.

MARS -- Feminine and/or Right: Your physical and sexual will is inclined to be quite strongly reactive in nature. You can hold your temper and recoil tendencies to a degree, but look out if you are pushed to the breaking point.

JUPITER -- Masculine and/or Left: Your will to be outgoing and influential on a grand scale is strongly evident. You are expansive in your thinking and your desire for utilizing your intuitive powers in every way possible. Your sense of humor is active and initiative.

JUPITER -- Feminine and/or Right: You would much prefer to be entertained than to entertain. Your so-called luck seems rather slow in materializing and may depend upon others for its fruition. Generally speaking, your sense of humor may not be expressed easily.

SATURN -- Masculine and/or Left: Your desire and purpose is to pursue a program for accomplishment in life. You are a master at taking advantage of every opportunity which heads in your direction; you may invent/create some of them. You work at building security and professionalism.

SATURN -- Feminine and/or Right: Wisdom has taught or will teach you get ahead faster when you associate with those in positions of power/importance; you build yourself up through friendly help/support of others; not learning this can cause you unnecessary worry and concern.

URANUS -- Masculine and/or Left: You profit through an ability to express/market your originality and one-of-a-kind-ness. Others are favorably impressed with your newness and refreshing ability to accomplish objectives in different ways than the norm. Your will to forward reforms may be remarkable.

URANUS -- Feminine and/or Right: You tend to go along with what's accepted by the majority, timidly holding back any impulse to be different or outstanding. Guard against a tendency to accept and live by outmoded beliefs/practices because they have always been around.

NEPTUNE -- Masculine and/or Left: Leadership is yours when it comes to using your creative abilities and imagination in a positive, constructive manner. You actively seek a regularity and a natural routine in your life; you are effective at staying in step with your environment.

NEPTUNE -- Feminine and/or Right: Guard against being influenced too much by the will of others when not in your best interests. Make certain you don't imitate the habits, beliefs, and mannerisms of those who are less-than-desirable individuals. Strive to express your imagination creatively without urging from others.

PLUTO -- Masculine and/or Left: You are a determined person who is out to accomplish whatever you desire or go all out in trying. Tenacity in its most pronounced form is your birthright. Others learn that you say what you mean and mean what you say. Belief in your purposes is unshakable.

PLUTO -- Feminine and/or Right: Your will and/or your ability to initiate and to persist may be in need of boosting if you are to realize more of your goals. Guard against allowing yourself to become associated with shady individuals or embroiled in questionable or illegal activities.

Another copyrighted Astrology article by professional certified consultant astrologer Elbert Wade, PMAFA

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