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Extrovert/Introvert? Your Horoscope Tells You

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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If you have your natal chart and will simply count the heavenly bodies (planets/Sun/Moon) in the top half (objective area) and then in the bottom half (subjective area) of the circle (wheel) you will have your answer.

If the majority (6 to 10) is in the top half (above/objective), likely you are more an extrovert; if the majority (6 to 10) is in the bottom half (below/subjective), likely you are more an introvert. But there is more to consider: How much extroverted and how much introverted -- and what does it all mean? Further, what is positive and negative about either, and how do you best understand and work with this information?

According to a dictionary: EXTROVERT -- a person more interested in the world about him than in his own mental life [outer-directed, public, open, gregarious, "hand-shaker," communicator, "worldly," an "open book"] OBJECTIVE -- of, or relating to an object or end; treating or dealing with facts without distortion by personal feelings or prejudices.

INTROVERT -- a person more interested in his own mental life than in the world about him [inner-directed, private, "self-centered," secretive, guarded, protective, a "closed book"] SUBJECTIVE -- of, relating to, or arising within one's self or mind in contrast to what is outside

The majority of people are a mixture of both extroversion and introversion, having some planets both above and below. (When counting your horoscope's planets, allow 10 points for each heavenly body above and 10 points for each below. Note: Though actually "above," planets in the 12th house should be considered as being "below" -- unless very favorably aspected, offering a positive "outlet" for their energies.)

Examples: You may be 10 percent introvert (1 below) and 90 percent extrovert (9 above); or, 90 percent introvert (9 below) and 10 percent extrovert (1 above); some will be 100 percent extrovert (10 above) or 100 percent introvert (10 below).

You might ask what does it matter, or which is best? It is all relative depending on several factors -- your job, relationships, your goals and "mission," but very important in how you function best in every other aspect of your life as well. (Knowing this can also be beneficial when dealing with others -- your mate, offspring, boss, friends and relatives.) The explanations/illustrations following should be both revealing and helpful.

Allow an account of my personal experiences with thousands of horoscope clients to serve as one example of how planets above/below can manifest:

"As a long-time professional consultant astrologer (42+ years) I have learned that clients with a majority of planets above (objective) are much easier to read for than those with a majority below (subjective). Why? Because these individuals are open (more trusting), receptive and normally more cooperative and forthcoming. They seldom try to hide or cover up anything. They openly agree when the reading "hits the nail on the head" -- whether flattering or unflattering, and give constructive feedback if something said might not apply in the way it was stated.

"However, when I read for clients with a decidedly heavy percentage of planets below (subjective), typically the exact reverse is true. Many seem to "fear" (no doubt from an unfounded lack of trust) something will be uncovered that's not flattering. They often are reluctant to say anything -- whether to agree or disagree. They may remain silent even when asked directly for confirmation or denial, or any other questions or feedback of any kind. Sometimes I feel that a reading is not up to standard when I finish -- and only later learn it must have been worthwhile when many of these "silent" individuals refer new clients to me and/or order additional personal astrological services."

Ideally, having planets both above and below would seem to be desirable for most people to get along best with their lives. There definitely can be potential problems with having 100 percent either above (objective) or below (subjective).


Having all 10 heavenly bodies above:


Having all 10 heavenly bodies below:

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