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Develop Your Positive Astrological Traits: Aries thru Virgo

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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Anyone who uses Astrology as an excuse for personal shortcomings is operating from a wrong as well as a negative point of view. Your sign and planetary influences offer you positive traits that you can develop and refine. In reading the sections that follow, consider your total horoscope in judging which ones directly apply to you. If you know only your Sun-Sign (inner you); ascendant (outer you); Moon-sign (emotional you), read those sections first and then selectively read the other sections to see how you may turn potential negatives into actual positives in your life.

ARIES: How do you transform strong pushiness and a definite tendency to be headstrong into more useful and positive channels? Keep in mind the fact that the world always needs, appreciates and rewards leaders. Nothing worthwhile ever gets off the ground without the pushers and innovators. There is nothing wrong with being the one who keeps things moving so long as you are behind constructive causes. However, you must learn to resist your inborn temptation to force your will upon others. Study the psychology of human nature and you'll find that just about everybody dislikes being forced, shoved, or pushed -- but few resist or resent being led. Concentrate on forwarding your better goals and purposes by setting the right example so others will join and follow and do your bidding -- not because you force them but because they want to. Be the true pathfinder, the real leader. Then others will gladly support you.

How do you make more constructive a tendency to be impatient, to lose your temper, and to abandon activities as soon as something goes awry or against the grain? You should be thankful indeed that you have such an energy source and such a natural capacity for concentrating that energy and utilizing it in any way that you desire. You must learn to relax somewhat and remember that most worthwhile things in life take time to accomplish. Take it a bit easier.

Control that temper by learning to laugh at your own follies and the foibles of others. Before you become agitated or angry about anything, ask yourself this question: "Is this so important that it will be remembered a hundred years from now or, for that matter, even one year or day from now?" If it is not, then it's not worth running up your blood pressure.

Overcome your tendency to quit projects when you run into opposition by recalling the fact that this is a competitive world and others place high value and regard on a winner. Realize that "quitters never win; winners never quit."

TAURUS: Believe it or not, your appetites are the key to a positive and more productive life. The secret lies in what you hunger for. Admittedly, it takes no special talent or ability to allow your taste for rich food, strong drink, and physical pleasure to get the best of you, causing you to pursue a path directed toward self-satisfaction, personal pleasure, and gratification. You can become fat and depraved much too easily. But the same force which drives your appetites negatively can be channeled so that the hunger or self-indulgence can go to supplying the needs of others less fortunate than yourself. Your desire for personal pleasure can be positively extended outside yourself to aid in bringing pleasure and comfort into the lives of those around you.

You can capitalize on your stubbornness and bull-headedness by seeing worthwhile projects through to a successful conclusion for your community just as easily as you can for yourself. Your determination can see that playground constructed in your neighborhood, no matter what the original odds. When you reach a decision, nobody is going to change it very easily. Just exercise more care that what you make up your mind to do will benefit others as well.

Profit wisely from that enduring patience. This instills you with one of life's greatest and most valuable assets; it can enable you to be a teacher of others, especially for those who are somewhat slow or have learning difficulties. It matters not whether you are a professional teacher; you can teach others, giving needed guidance which can lead them to a better life and make for a better world. Indeed, your inborn patience can pay big dividends all around.

For greater happiness in life, try to direct more of your attention and interest toward less material things. Enjoy the flowers and grass on your way to the bank. Learn to appreciate the clean air and the blue sky overhead. Never allow money and material wealth to become your gods.

Fight a tendency to become too set in your ways, too tied to routine. Look for new ideas; different ways to look at things; be willing to listen to reason. Try to get out more, exercise regularly, and shake off some lethargy.

GEMINI: You are blessed with the enviable ability to live "two lives" simultaneously -- placed end to end, this means you live twice as long as the average. Who can complain about this? What you have to do in order to realize your great positive potential is to make certain that both your "lives" are constructive, positive, and aboveboard. At the very same time, it is possible for you to be a saint and a devil -- a Dr. Jekyll and a Mr. Hyde. By the same token, you can be a devil and a devil or a saint and a saint. It is up to you. You can, because of your basic duality, do twice as much good or twice as much harm. Work to see that both your "lives" are positive and that there is agreement and constructive interchange between your two "selves."

The Gemini tendency to be scattered or superficially involved in too many activities is caused when you try to serve two masters at the same time. You can allow yourself to be diverted from your major goal because you may listen alternately to two separate drummers.

Gemini should decide early which of his masters is the more positive and determine to allow it to be the one with the most say-so; you should select the more positive one as the overall leader or director of your life.

Your natural versatility gives you talent and ability in many different areas, but remember that, for you, concentration in a limited number oŁ areas is your real key to success. There are many who envy your wide range of abilities and your multi-faceted talents. Exercise control so that you don't allow your greatest potential asset -- versatility -- to become your greatest liability. You can accomplish almost anything you set out to do by staying with it no matter how many other things seem more interesting as you move along the pathway to success.

Furthermore, make sure that your natural talent and desire to communicate serves you well; transmit and transfer information which is accurate, factual, and needed. Don't be deceptive or dishonest about anything.

CANCER: How can possessiveness, moodiness, changefulness, and sensitivity best be utilized in a positive and constructive way? While possessiveness can smother and result in extreme selfishness, it can just as easily be used as a very positive asset when you realize that man's strongest motivation is survival. Imagine a world in which the concept of family and motherhood did not exist. Man could not long survive. In actual practice, possessiveness is caring taken to the extreme. It is only human nature to desire to care for those near and dear; so Cancer individuals should cultivate this naturaI tendency but at the same time recognize what it is and not carry it too far. You may be inclined to excessive possessiveness due to a lack of the feelinig of true emotional security. To help you to feel more secure, remember that someone with your sensitive and loving nature is not going to lose for very long the love and attention of those who really matter. Rest assured that you have, regardless of your sex, a built-in homing transmitter which can bring back those who might stray temporarily. Give others their freedom, let them breathe, and rest assured that emotionally they are never far away.

While it is true that you are subject to moodiness, bring into play two of your other inner characteristics -- changefulness and sensitivity -- in order to control and capitalize on your moods. A mood is either positive or negative and by its very nature is subject to change or to being changed. When you begin to sense a negative mood overtaking you, activate your sensitivity and tune in to a more cheerful and positive thought or situation; then bring your talent to change into play and reverse the negative condition into a positive one. Remember that your moods originate within, not from without. But because you normally are so receptive and sensitive to everything around you, you should make a special effort to be in cheerful, bright, and colorful surroundings as much as possible; select friends and associates from among the more positive types insofar as possible.

LEO: The Sun rulership of Leo offers a tremendous opportunity for the Leo native to change what may be a negative desire to show off, upstage others, and to demand center-stage into a much more positive showing. The trick is to learn to face reality. If you want to be the center of attention, fine; but when you do occupy this position, be certain that you have something worthwhile to offer for the benefit of your "audience." If you don't have anything constructive to offer, don't demand the spotlight.

Imagine, if you will, the outstanding potential put forth by one who has a natural ability to dramatize and to sell others on his ideas, one who can command the attention and capture the imagination of his listeners. Remember that this is the talent of the Leo-born. So seek worthwhile projects and plans to dramatize and forward. The world always needs good salespersons. Use your ability to sell for the general betterment of all mankind. Keep in mind that no person earns a higher recompense than a good salesperson.

Some Leos can utilize their showmanship by studying for and seeking employment positions where they have the opportunity actually to be on stage. The broad areas of entertainment and public speaking offer a ready forum for expression of the Leo motivation.

Another consideration of additional ways for the Leo-born to show off is often overlooked. If the individual ego is not directed to self-expression through creative leadership, sales, or entertainment, there are many other ways to be the center of attention which are less personal but can be just as satisfying. Show off your handiwork, what you do best or what you're proudest of. It could be your cooking, gardening, flowers, sewing, mechanical ability, your automobile, your home, children, mate, pets or any number of other things. How can you offend if what you show is really worthy of being shown? You will gladden and delight others. What could be more positive?

VIRGO: Before you Virgo-born individuals worry too much about your natural concern for attention to detail, a desire for order, organization, and overall perfection, you should consider that it is the Virgo influence in the world which schedules and catalogs just about everything. Without this Virgo quality, planes, trains, busses, and all other regulated and scheduled events would just more or less happen of their own accord, if at all. You would go to the airport and have to wait until the pilot decided to leave; even then he might not fly where you wanted to go.

Therefore, Virgo, you should be very thankful for this inborn talent to handle details and discriminate between what is in order and what is not. But care has to be exercised to see that this desire for order and perfection does not lead to frustration and the resultant carping or criticism when the perfect state is not found.

Use your talent proudly and productively, but realize that it is not possible for anything or any human being (including yourself) to be totally without flaw. Relax and enjoy the great and valuable service you perform and the real need in the world (even with its many imperfections) which you fulfill.

You, perhaps more than any other sign of the zodiac, are likely to use your powerful potential to your own detriment rather than to the real detriment of others. First, you may be inclined to be very demanding of yourself and then put yourself down when you err, even to the degree that you may develop an inferiority complex. This practice is of no value to you -- or to anyone else for that matter.

Secondly, you may alienate yourself from many who would be your friends because you desire so much to help them, but too often you may use the wrong approach. You may think that they will appreciate your pointing out all their flaws and weaknesses and suggesting how they may overcome them; but most don't. Generally, people don't like to be examined constantly. You are advised to concentrate your desire for perfection on objects and situations moreso than on people.

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