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Develop Your Astrological Positive Traits: Libra thru Pisces

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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Anyone who uses Astrology as an excuse for personal shortcomings is operating from a wrong as well as a negative point of view. Your sign and planetary influences offer you positive traits that you can develop and refine. In reading the sections that follow, consider your total horoscope in judging which ones directly apply to you. If you know only your Sun-Sign (inner you); ascendant (outer you); Moon-sign (emotional you), read those sections first and then selectively read the other sections to see how you may turn potential negatives into actual positives in your life.

LIBRA: The major purpose for establishing governments, judicial systems, law-enforcement agencies, the legal profession, accounting systems and the sciences of mathematics and chemistry is to maintain the basic Libra potential -- balance. Additional professional areas which could be included are medicine, design, decorating, and all others which deal with equalizing and maintaining the status quo. So the Libra motivation is meaningful and important to all of mankind.

For the Libra potential to thrive and grow, you must learn to take direct action and be prepared to accept responsibility for your actions. You must learn to be willing and ready to admit that you are human, that you are subject at times to bad judgment, miscalculations and mistakes the same as everyone else. You must develop the attitude that it is better to attempt to make progress based upon positive decisions and fail than to make no attempt to progress at all.

History proves that most of mankind's progress has been through a process of trial and error. In this process, something worthwhile is attempted and doesn't work, mistakes or miscalculations are noted and corrected, and additional attempts are made-normally resulting in eventual success. Important to note is that sitting on the fence and fearing even to attempt is not the formula for success. Instead, it is trial, a willingness to admit error, make corrections, and additional trials which can lead to success.

The ability to weigh, measure, and balance is a great asset; but it must never be regarded as an end in itself; it's merely a means to an end. This natural Libra power must be forged into action, action without fear of failure. The secret is to act after fair consideration and to be prepared to act again and again if necesaery. You might heed this old saying: "If at first you don't succeed, try and try again."

SCORPIO: What happens when an irrestible force meets an immovable object? In some ways, this describes the driving force of the Scorpio nature. What a powerful force it is -- either to bring about progress or to destroy! Perhaps no other astrological drive is so potent, so powerful, and so capable of producing results. Too often the results produced are far from constructive, however. This drive then seems to hold the key for the most positive utilization of the Scorpio force or potential. Briefly, it is this: The Scorpio-born must be certain that what they put themselfs behind is a practical and constructive matter before unleashing this powerful force. Not to do so is to guarantee disappointment, frustration, and even tragic end results. Scorpio, with your basically emotional nature, you would do well to consult others before making decisions concerning important and meaningful actions you are about to take. Speaking with those who perhaps are more practical than you will prove most valuable. The Scorpio power must be harnessed and guided intelligently in order to produce a very positive result.

While it is true that the Scorpio potential has a close connection with sex drive and motivation, it might be pointed out that history proves that many of those who etched their influence permanently on the slates of time were individuals with highly-sexed natures. How did they make outstanding accomplishments in the arts and sciences if they were so oversexed? Their secret to success was in their ability to channel this drive from the purely physical plane to the level of thought, creativity, and imagination. They sought and achieved their "gratification" through creative works far above and beyond the joys of the bedroom. Hopefully, this will give you who may be wasting too much of your productive energy purely physically a suggestion as to how you might channel this potential force into much more productive avenues. Scorpio, you have the power. You and only you decide how it is to be asserted. Use it wisely.

SAGITTARIUS: Much progress in the affairs of mankind is possible when certain individuals have the foresight and ability to see matters to their ultimate conclusion even before any direct action has begun. This is the more positive application of the Sagittarius potential. How can man create a better world if he cannot envision it before he begins actual work to make it better? Nothing new can exist on the physical plane until it is first created on the mental, nonphysical, or spiritual level of consciousness. This ability to envision is the trademark of Sagittarius.

Natives of this expansive fire sign have to realize, however, that this is a factual and a detail-conscious world; it is not possible to live to your fullest only on the levels of thoughts, dreams, and visions of the future. You must learn to apply your expansive mentality to matters that are here and now. You have to realize that the tallest skyscraper is indeed impressive, but a closer look will reveal that it is actually made up of relatively small pieces that combine to form the whole. Go ahead and have your visions and dreams, utilize your intuition to its fullest; but don't get so carried away that you can't see the trees for the forest.

Moreover, realize the positiveness of your potential through your ability to spread your natural good humor. The world can well use your talent to make it smile, to make it notice and laugh at its own foibles.

CAPRICORN: The positive Capricorn potential could be realized more fully and much sooner if those under its strong influence could learn to relax and look on the brighter side of things instead of keeping the self under such restrictive and demanding bonds to getting ahead, to climbing higher on the ladder of success.

Possibly more than any other, the Capricorn influence tends to instill in the native such a pressure to get ahead that he seldom feels very happy or content with whatever progress is made because of a feeling that he could or should have done better -- and sooner.

This drive to climb then becomes the source of the two major negatives inherent in Capricorn -- worry or depression and the indiscriminate practice of using others for selfish gains. The worry or depression results when disappointment over lack of progress overtakes or when you actually experience real setbacks. Despondency, gloominess, and a feeling of total discontent can too easily develop. You can then become very much like the drowning person who "grabs at straws." The inner feeling that failure is imminent may cause you to feel that you must use whatever and whomever is near at hand in order to keep from going under in the choppy sea of utter frustration and failure. Like the drowning man, you may make no particular attempt to cover up what you are doing, and that is taking advantage of any resort.

Those with this strong Capricorn influence should take some comfort in the realization that it is a good indicator of eventual achievement and success well above the average, but normally not without certain setbacks, delays, and difficulties. Know also that most of this success potential is usually realized only after middle life, or near the mid-thirties. Capricorn, look on the lighter side more often. Remember that a better day is coming -- always.

AQUARIUS: You would do well to learn to capitalize on your originality. You should resist taking the easy way out, allowing your uniqueness to become regarded by others as weirdness or crankiness. Admittedly, this is the easier road to follow but not the most productive. The world needs originality, freshness, and a new way to look at things; but at the same time, it doesn't like this newness always to come as a totally unexpected surprise. What you may too often fail to take into consideration is mankind's need for a feeling of security and an appreciation for the comfort of tradition. It is not possible for you to go about receiving total acceptance by constantly turning everything bottomside up. Mankind is generally slow in accepting change, even when it is sorely needed.

Therefore, in order to utilize this Aquarian potential most effectively you should develop the ability to plan well ahead. While it is generally true that you have quite clearly in mind your major goals and objectives, others may not be able to see or understand them at all when they study your alternating attitudes and actions. Deliberately plan your moves in advance; but, and this is most important, plan with others' wishes and needs in mind. Realize that what may seem natural to you in regard to change may make little if any sense to others less versatile and adaptable than you.

You share this world with others; you should always consider their thoughts, hopes, and wishes if you are to accomplish your own purposes. Developing a little patience and learning to look at matters from the other person's point of view will assure a place of acceptance for your unique and refreshing potential. Go ahead and spread your brotherly love, but first be sure that others are emotionally and psychologically prepared to accept and appreciate it.

PISCES: It may be rather easy for you who are strongly imbued with the Plscean potentials to feel somewhat out of step with the times since the Age of Pisces is either over or nearly so. This fact is evidenced by, among other things, the small number of books of poetry now published and the fact that poets have been more or less shelved -- along with their books. It now seems to be more a world of science, invention and the unexpected--more attuned to Aquarius.

It is basically true that Pisces is poetic and highly sensitive. Because of the acute nature of the senses and feelings, you are so aware of the feelings of others that you often fail to take positive action in your life for fear that you might offend someone or hurt another's feelings. Consequently, you are sometimes said to be wishy-washy or indecisive.

For you to take advantage of your true potentials, you have to bring into active use the natural duality of your sign. In other words, you need to learn to lead "two lives." You can have that private inner life in which you enjoy your sensitivity, your idealistic concepts of love and beauty, your tendency to place those you love or care for on a pedestal where they can do no wrong -- as well as your most fantastic dreams. This is your Neptunian birthright. But you must not let this total idealism extend too far into your workaday world of practical reality.

Encourage the realization, however painful it may be at first, that this is a world of cold facts and figures (unforgiving reality) to a very large degree -- and it is the world in which you have to function and survive. Learn to separate fact from illusion. Develop a bit more skepticism toward things and people who seem too good to be true; they well may prove that they are indeed other than they appear. Use your imagination as much as you wish in private, but learn also to use it in a more practical way as well in order to avoid disappointment, and to make the most of your very creative and valuable potentials.

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