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Why a Natal Reading?

The Natal Reading provides in-depth look at your innate potentials -- both positive and negative. Learn to understand better the tools you were given to use, misuse, not use or abuse. This is a very revealing analysis (not unlike a professional psychological evaluation -- just much faster and far less expensive) of the 'real' you, and covers the major aspects of your total-lifetime indicators, including but not limited to: [1] your personality/'outer self' [2] money (finances) and priorities [3] mental potential, education, communication skills [4] family and security [5] offspring of the mind (originality/skills) and body (children), talents, creative potential [6] work, job, health potential [7] marriage and partnership prospects [8] motivations, sexuality and desire motivation [9] higher education, intuition, and travel [10] career choices, recognition and honors [11] social life and friends, plans [12] limitations, weaknesses, and hidden talents.

FREE WILL is an actuality, but there are limits; for example, banana trees never produce coconuts. Knowing your type of "tree" can help you grow better 'bananas,' and not be unduly frustrated that you can never seem to grow coconuts.

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