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Born on the Cusp: Zodiacal Hybrid?

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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Because anyone's birthday occurs on a day or night before the Sun changes from one zodiac sign to the next one does this really mean that person is a zodiacal "hybrid"?

Does this mean those who are born during any of the twelve Sun-Sign change periods annually actually possess the Sun-Sign influences of both the previous Sun-Sign plus the next Sun-Sign? In the case of a cuspal Aries (fire)/Taurus (earth) birth, will the fire scorch the earth or will the earth put out the fire? In the case of the cuspal Taurus (earth)/Gemini (air) birth, will the air create a dust storm or will the earth block the air? In the case of the cuspal Gemini (air)/Cancer (water) birth, will the water absorb the air or will the air create a hurricane? And so on around the zodiac.

Traditionally, many astrologers have held the concept that persons born near dates/times when the Sun is in the process of moving from one sign to the next are born on the 'cusp,' meaning they are a 'mixture' of two Sun-Signs; consequently, they are more complex and somehow 'special.' It is long past time for this astrological misconception (foolishness) to end.

Let's employ a little common-sense logic. (Being a Virgo, Elbert Wade is just a wee bit familiar with both common sense and logic.) Let's look at 'cuspal' births using a 'simple reality' check.

When your computer's clock (and other clocks) reach 11:59:59 PM on any day (e.g. Monday), the next second the display will indicate it is Tuesday. Any calendar will change to the next month at precisely midnight of the last day of the month. Why should the Sun's change of signs be considered any differently. When it exits one sign it is no longer in that sign; it's in the next sign, where it will remain for some 30 Earth calendar days.

Neither a clock nor a calendar brings any part of the former hour or month with them when they change. Why should it be thought that the Sun is any different -- especially when the Sun determines both Earth's clock time and Earth's day of the week on a calendar.?

If, as it is, the Sun is used as a measuring "tool" to let us know which sign it is in at any given time, would it be any different than a tape measure, yardstick or any other measuring tool used to indicate how large something is or the distance one thing is from another?

Further, it is traditional to consider the Sun has an orb of at least 10 degrees (before and after) its precise zodical position (physical center). Fully using the "cuspal concept," it is only fair to think any person born within 10 days prior to the Sun's sign changes would, in fact, be born "on the cusp." It would logically follow that all persons born 10 days before any/all twelve of the Sun's changes from one sign to the next, which would total 120 days of the 365-day year, then why would some one-third of Earth's population not be born "on a cusp"? This is more than ridiculous; however, no more ridiculous than what is common "traditional" born-on-the cusp astrological use now -- and in the past.

Furthermore, if the Sun is granted this cuspal "carry-in/carry-over influence" why not give it also to the Moon and all the planets -- Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto? Then a person whose Moon is in late Aries would have a "cuspal" Aries/Taurus influence. Then the natal Moon, the 'emotional' self, would be a mixture of fire and earth. Then to be "fair" the same consideration would need to be applied also to the planets.

This cuspal "farce," in Elbert Wade's opinion, is completely bizarre as well as totally unnecessary. His belief, based on his more than 37 years (as of 2010) experience as a professional consultant astrologer, is that this should once and for all be dropped from any astrological consideration. In effect: Goodbye to the 'born-on-the-cusp' confusion.

Of course this is only my opinion, garnered from 'hands-on' experience but I am not such a fool to think I alone actually can cause a change in this 'tradition.' However, I personally refuse to give any value to this Sun-Sign carry-in/carry-over "born-on-the-cusp" nonsense.

If you have comments -- pro or con -- please go HERE. Your comments (if any) will be posted below.

Another copyrighted Astrology article by professional certified consultant astrologer Elbert Wade, PMAFA


Criticism: I was born on May 21, 1995 and I just wanted to say that cusps are certainly not "nonsense". -- Sly Lavender -- September 7, 2014
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