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June 1, 2016) I don't have a question. I just wanted to thank you for this site. How incredibly witty you are. I howled at some of the questions and your responses. You are not only learned you are a blessing for those of us who always are apprecitive of a superior mind. Thanks again.
Aquarius sun
Libra rising
Sag moon

(October 28, 2014) I like your step-by-step tutorial. You help dissect an extremely complicated subject -- thanks. - Wendy (Re: Learn to Read a Natal Horoscope -- Step-by-Step Tutorial

(April 27, 2013) Thanks for the great astrological knowledge and interpretations. - Matthew

(April 20, 2013) Somewhat above. The free information you provide is a blessing to those of us who are not in a position to pay professional service. But nobody lives for free, so many many thanks!!! - Hugh G.

(December 28. 2012) Well above. Love the way you explain!!!! The site has very interesting things and is very complete. Thnx for sharing. I'll be happy to see whats new from time to time :) - Andrea

(December 23, 2012) Well-Above. Very Good in depth observation of different astrology signs. Sharing of such a nice observation is giving feeling of caring. Keep it up. Thanks. - Vipul T.

(August 27, 2012) Well above. I absolutely love this website... it kept me engorged in its texts for hours on end. Please continue to expand! I want more! Thanks - karina

(January 4, 2012) I don't do compliments, at least not according to the meaning of the word. It has been a very long time since I last laughed that much (refering to specific - very well served - answers). Thank you, - Lena

(January 16, 2012) Well above. Thank you, thank you for the extraordinary, superlative astrological information. It is a wonderful resource. I also have your book which I love and have near me when analyzing charts. You are a first rate astrologer, no doubt about it. - Kathleen

(June 3, 2011) Well Above. I think this is great. Very easy to understand for someone that doesn't know much about astrology. Thanks ELBERTWADE.COM you're the best! - Zulema

(May 17, 2011) Well Above. Awesome! So in depth, covers a lot more than almost every other astrology website and uses layman's terms yet very technical! All it needs is a search button and it would be perfect! Thank you for giving us such a great "book" of info.! ;0) - Nay

(May 15, 2011) Well Above. Lots of practical information is given without going over your head. Thank you. - Fran

(February 20, 2011) Well Above. Excellent description for Capricorn Sun / Virgo Rising. I can tell that you are gifted, or just really really experienced in what you do, or both. I was also pleased to note that I am a late bloomer in career success, being 29, this is encouraging. - Ryan

(January 27, 2010) Well Above. Great and extensive description of both sun sign and ascendant particularities. Strikes me as a serious and genuine astrologer. - Davida

(January 9, 2010) Well Above. Thank you! I have learned so much from your site. I have recommended it to two of my friends and they agree with me that you are amazing. - Maggie

(October 28, 2009) Well Above, I am happy to send in a compliment: GREAT site. Mr. Wade is clearly an expert, and tells it like it is. :-) - atrix

(October 27, 2009) Well Above. I just want to say THANK YOU for such a richly informative site! I just discovered it now, whilst researching rising signs. I know I will be back to enjoy hours and hours or reading and learning. - VOR

(September 22, 2009) Well Above. I love your detailed assessments of the Decans for each sign. Just wonderful, and amazingly accurate and insightful. Thank you so much for putting these descriptions online, as I love to read them! - Christopher (USA)

(August 25, 2008) Well Above. Very informative, easy to understand, not tons of ads making hard to read. Would like to see born on this day articles. Would like to see better links to articles. Thank you for posting this info. - Laurie H. (Canada)

(July 31, 2008) You have a great website, by the way. It is far, far more informative than just about any other website I have seen concerning astrology. - Nadia

(June 21, 2008) Great website and funny too, but you knew I would write this. :) The future looks grim, but you know that too. :) Thanks for staying on top of the phonies. - Kimberly E.

(June 03, 2008) I just went to your web site about how to become a counterfeit astrologer ... and I wanted to congratulate you ... your site is clever and brilliant ... I couldn't stop laughing. And it's also educational in that it makes a very good point! Bravo! - Elena

(May 29, 2008) Well Above Thank you for sharing your knowledge with others. It is a nice gesture on your part. You must be very generous, and you enjoy helping others. Be happy. - Venus (Canada)

(April 24, 2008) Hey, I am a law student from India who dabbles in comparative astrology (as you might be aware in India a Vedic system is followed), I am very impressed by your approach to astrology and although I cannot afford a reading just yet, I will be sure to look you up in a few year's time. Once again, great job. - Arjun S.

(April 17, 2008) Well Above. I love your site!!! I have been studying astrology for awhile now and this is by far one of the best!! Thanks and keep educating us! - Laurie S.

(January 25, 2008) Well Above. I think your site is one of the best I have ever seen in terms of what it offers. ... Again, your site is unlike anything else. Thank you. - John David

(January 17, 2008) Well Above. Very informative site! I'll be back. Thanks for sharing! - Shiela

(December 2, 2007) Well Above. This website had tons of information that I really enjoyed. Thank you. - Lacey G.

(November 13, 2007) Well Above. You keep it real, no beating around the bush from you. I like that. Although that probably has to do with my Mars in Aries. - James

Well Above. Breezy, frank, humorous; discussion articles were clearly written, easy enough to comprehend. I have read many of the astro web sites "en toto" and found the articles here [on elbertwade,com] thorough, with a traditional feel, and providing some new insights for me. I liked the "notes" section best [NOTEBOOK: Real-Life Cases], funny stories with delineation nuggets, and a window into what consultations are like - had not seen this anywhere before - original! (I have Sag moon, Virgo Sun/conj Jup, Cancer Asc - maybe that's why I liked the tone here...). Will consider getting a reading from the eminent Elbert Wade. - Monty O.

Well Above. Couldn't ask for anything better :) -- Brooke S.

Well Above. thank you for taking the time to make it easier to put the puzzle together. sometimes it seems all too much but your web makes it easy to jump back into with a different outlook for I am one to learn on my own and not just entry birthday and be done. - patricia

(Tuesday, March 20, 2007) Compliment: I read your article on marcus and think its so funny!!well done that git has no right to copy your site and i personally have very much enjoyed reading your various articles.I applaud you for all your fantastic work and wish you all the best for the future. P:S : SUE HIS ASS !!!! xxxx - penny m

Well Above. I think your site is exceptionally generous in content and in the quality of astrological information. You are head and shoulders above 95% of other new age webs. Thank you so much! - Kathleen L

Well Above. I believe in this site very much! This site has got to be one of the BEST astrology sites ever!!! This site doesnt keep me wondering over time, it gives me my answers when I need them. Thanks so much, I love this site. You're welcome. - Chaunte

Well above. I thought your site was absolutly exeptional! I love the fact that you have put informaton about all of the signs as this helps me to understand my loved ones better. Fantastic work. Thank you. - P. M.

Well above. Extremely useful information for study of astrology. Information is useful as well very easy to understand. Other useful tools are very much appreciated. Thank you and well done - your site is great! - B. E. P.

Well above. I've visited many astrology sites. But without a shadow of doubt, yours is the best. Very accurate readings to a large extent. Please keep up your good work. I am very impressed. Thank You. - A. H.

Well above. I find your website very interesting. Your tell it like it is; style is very refreshing. Having read a number of astrology websites, I find yours the least confusing. Great Job!!! - D.W.

You have a very impressive website. The information you share is an indication of the depth of your knowlege. You make Astrology easy to understand. Do you have any articles on descendants? I have not been able to find very much written on it. Thanks for being there! M.C. -- NY

Well above average - You have the most impressive website I have come across. I'm really impressed. All the information looks dead on and accurate. I can read it with confidence and know what you're talking about. - Sincerely, Lisa from Illinois

Well above average - Hi there - As a long time student and practitioner of astrology I have tried very hard to point out to a gullible public that the vast majority of what is peddled as astrology is complete rubbish. Nice to see I am not alone. Keep up the good work. - J.Y.

Well above average - I was most impressed with the easy-to-understand explanations. The information given is plentiful, and in my view, accurate. It is helpful to both experts and novice's. - Thank You, Dee Dee

Well above average - I'm always interested in my birthchart. I am a Virgo rising but my Sun sign is Aries even though I don't show it I have an ego. Thanks for the info. - O.H.

Somewhat above average - This would be much better if u can make it further simpler , for example who knows about nattal chart or birth chart it is difficult to read or understand even if it seems ipmressive and informative - A.K.

Well above average - I am a self-taught astrologer and know this site is the best! - Ann

Well above average - You should have an option exceeding well above average, i.e., your site clearly represents a daunting amount of rather comprehensive effort. - C.M.F., Sr.

Average - I found the "luck factor" page to be just more generic, ho-hum, blah-blah fare. It certainly didn't impress me enough to make me even momentarily consider buying anything. needs a few aspects, explainations re retrograde, direct, etc. in my opinion. - Marilee

Well above average - Content is the key to a good website. This site is loaded with very entertaining and informative content. The only thing I would recommend is a little more design for usability and appearance. - Mort

Well below average - I am getting horoscopes for March; it is now Sep. - donna [ does not contain monthly horoscopes, donna.]

Well above average - I had a similar situation happen to me that happened to the woman who was tricked out of $9000 by a psychic. So similar are our stories that I was wondering where she was from...if perhaps we ran into the same phony or if this is just a typical story that so called "psychics" use? - Thanks, Cindy

Well above average - I really enjoyed the article about sex and the rising sign! I was telling a friend and looked up hers and she has Aquarius on the 8th and 9th house but other than that it was very interesting! Would like to see mention of conditions in which these descriptions may not environment effects would be nifty. - Thanks again! Michelle

Well below average - I was thinking, and then I stopped. Then I had a glass of wine, then I started again (thinking, that is). Now I am inclined to think (that's oxymoron for I'm sure) this is all a load of ****. - Cheers, Ugh

Well above average - Spot on me to a tee especially my interest in music and majorly my dress sense. Astonishing. I'm interested in astrology but as a hobby for now -- only learning bits and pieces. I didn't know that the ascendant can be divided into groups also--i.e. decan. (If you can could, explain the term 'decan' for me, out of curiosity.) Thanks again for the information I received. It's always nice to know why one thinks the way they do. Actually I have been struggling with my career; and at the age of 26 (27 on December 7) I'm still not satisfied/fulfulled, but according to your explanation it should take off between 25-30. I'm justy annoyed for the last 10 years. I'm searching for a career that I'll stay at and that'll satisfy. The last year has been a nightmare due to my career. I've been so depressed and disoriented because of it. Anyway thanks again for your info. Keep up the good work. I'm sure it will help others--and happy Christmas. Oh, by the way, just for your own knowledge, I have my Sun in Sagittarius and my Moon in Gemini. Birth date: December 7, 19xx, Lxxxx England, birth time: 11:59 pm. - lee

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