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by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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Astrology has been around in some form since its practice was first utilized by the Sumerians in or near Babylonia some 6,000 years ago. Astrology spread from there to China, India, Egypt and other environs in that general region of the world, including the scribes among the Hebrews -- many of whom studied Astrology and were astrologers.

Astrology reached Europe by two routes; the astrological impact came from Persia (Babylonia) to Greece, to Rome and thence throughout Europe -- and in time virtually all the civilized world. Astrology and astrologers became and continues to be of more than a general interest to a majority of the world's population.

The word Astrology is a combination of the Greek astron or astra, meaning star or stars and logos, meaning 'the word,' or science, or truth. Thus Astrology attempts to tell the truth about the stars. Astrology relies on the mathematics (a science) of astronomy (actually astronomy is the 'offspring' of Astrology, meaning that Astrology is the father of astronomy). Astrology (and real astrologers) strongly disapprove of astromancy, a very flawed and unreliable system of claimed 'divination' (fortune-telling) by means of the stars.

Throughout its history, Astrology has been plagued and tarnished by legions of charlatans (fortune-tellers, con-artists, so-called psychics, and other counterfeits) who claim they are astrologers and are experienced in the complex science-art Astrology. Astrology today is awash with perhaps more types of fakes, phonies and frauds than ever before because Astrology and astrologers (both legitimate and counterfeit -- clearly the majority) are available to just about everyone who is curious or interested in this ancient science-art called Astrology.

One important reason Astrology has "exploded" in recent years is the advent of the computer and Astrology programs available to anyone who desires to sell these 'canned' Astrology reports/"horoscopes" any computer can spew out in mere seconds. Regarding these computer Astrology reports/"horoscopes," the only thing that is accurate and has any basis for potential usefulness (to serious astrologers only, not to the report/"horoscope" purchaser) is the accurately-calculated horoscope "wheel" (chart) showing the positions and relationships of the heavenly bodies at a specific birth time and place. The text of these "horoscopes" consists of bits and pieces of astrological "truisms" totally lacking any synthesis (putting together) of what all the many words actually mean. In effect, these Astrology reports or so-called horoscopes are not Astrology, nor real horoscopes no matter which "famous" astrologer wrote them.

What about Astrology tomorrow? While not rosy, the prognosis for the survival and growth of Astrology is positive. The degree of positiveness for Astrology depends importantly on how many people learn what Astrology is and what Astrology is not. Astrology is not fortune-telling; Astrology is not several hundred words generated by a computer print-out, which can be purchased just about anywhere from countless individuals some of whom may not even know how the spell Astrology or astrologer.

What then is natal Astrology -- past, today, tomorrow? In its true and intended use it an interactive process between a client and an astrologer where the purpose is to explore the client's true potentials for a more productive life, using a unique and accurate horoscope cast for the time and place of the client's birth. It is in effect a revealing psychological evaluation, not unlike the Rorschach 'Inkblot' and other tests and evaluations used by psychologists and psychiatrists to help and counsel their clients/patients -- except Astrology in use by a qualified competent real astrologer is much faster and considerably less expensive. What then is an real astrologer? A real astrologer is one who has a vast knowledge of the science-art Astrology gained through the long and intensive study of Astrology, and extensive experience actually reading horoscopes, and a background and a natural and/or learned skill in counseling, guidance and problem-solving.

Thanks for reading this Astrology article containing a few comments and musings about Astrology past, Astrology today, and Astrology tomorrow -- as well as comments about real astrologers, real Astrology and real horoscopes.

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