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Two Certified Hyphenated Astrologers Flame Back!

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How Dare Elbert Wade, PMAFA!

Elbert Wade, a professional astrologer for over four decades has become a bit upset with those who proclaim on the internet that they are fully proficient in just about every discipline that could be associated with "futurists." So he posted a few web pages critical of those who, in his opinion, may be too boastful regarding their talents, abilities, training in these (and other) areas. If you want to get some idea of what these pages contain, you may wish to check out the links in the menu below after (or before) you read these e-mails. (These letters are on file.) The quoted letters following, in some instances, have been "redacted," and some explanations and editorial clarifications/comments have been included in [ blue].

DATE: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 04, 1998 1:58 AM
Elbert Wade,
"I have read through your information and I was appalled. Do you think honestly that your position about "so called fakes) [sic] has any more authority than the [REDACTED (Society)]. Who died and let you God? [sic] You are making unfounded statements (trashing the society and its members) on a website that you know absolutely nothing about. How dare you do that? [sic] As far as the AFA [American Federation of Astrologers] is concerned they did the same thing for me that you claim is wrong for the [REDACTED (Society)] to do. They [AFA] offered my membership in their organization with full privileges as long as I paid their dues. I wasn't asked to prove anything, so, as near as I can tell there are no differences at all!!!!

[The American Federation of Astrologers is a large organization of astrologers and laypersons. Anyone can join but cannot claim a professional certification status, PMAFA, until they successfully complete a very difficult day-long examination. Too bad this letter-writer did not take the test. The only question: Why?]

"By trade I am a professional psychic. I have been practicing my craft for over 25 years. I do offer a [sic] Astrology and numerology charts as a support or back-up to my readings. [A question: Why would a legitimate and gifted psychic need any sort of "backup"?] These texts [programs] are written by some of your most famous "accredited" astrologists. [Those who write the textbooks (and programs) that guide astrologers are called astrologians, not astrologists.] It took me over five years to test the programs out and to find software programs I felt suitable for my clients.

[If you are indeed a gifted psychic, why would your clients benefit from (or even expect) you would need a suitable Astrology software program? Come on! Elbert Wade has studied your website and it appears that just about everything you sell -- and the menu is large and varied -- all types of Astrology readings, numerology readings, etc. -- are computer-generated and printed from someone else's work. Are your psychic readings also computer-generated?]

"Therefore, I am insulted by your tactics and your assumptions. There may [May?] be people in our [Yours more likely than mine.] fields who abuse, but I don't think that that is specific to metaphysics. There are bad people in every field who may abuse their power [?????] or positions.

"Your attack of [REDACTED (A virtually-unknown certification Society)] is unfounded. I think you owe her and everyone you attacked an apology. I think Ms [REDACTED] has a real case against you for your actions. The website in your link is degrading, insulting and absurd. I don't know if Ms [REDACTED] shares my opinion, but I am sending her a copy of the letter I am sending you.

"I am re-wording my list of services to more accurately describe the services I offer. [THANK YOU!!!] That was and will be the only concession I will make to your outrageous attack." (Signed)

Elbert Wade~
"I am the lady you have made reference to several times as having more than 8 disciplines......Elbert, I do not claim to be a certified astrologer..I am a certified psychic who also practices the artful science of Astrology, and, I have done so for over 17 years. And yes, I also read the Tarot, with the energy of animals, crystals & stones, yes, I am a numerologist--of many years. I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. Yes, I am a "Lightworker" is obvious you don't know what this means! [Elbert Wade confesses that he doesn't know too much about some of these New-Age "do-good" fads. Forgive him for being sadly ignorant!] In fact, you have taken it upon yourself to list various 'divination tools' as disciplines. As a professional psychic of many, many years..I happen to enjoy enhancing my skills even further..the more divinitory tools I work with, the more I am able to teach my clients..this way they are provided a basis to work with on the path to self-discovery..I do not want my clients latching onto me for a life-time of guidance..It is inner-freedom I seek for them. I feel very sadly [Sic for you..being so insecure with your own abilities that you feel the need to judge and condemn others -- [On your own web site you 'condemn' "900 psychics," saying these companies "rip off callers"; and you 'condemn' "parlor psychics" indicating their signs say -- in your words: "I am open for business and I want your money." You also 'condemn' "Rag Mags" full of ads for psychics. Question: How are these folks you caution others to be wary of really any different than some of those who sell their wares on the worldwide internet?] -- simply because they choose to travel a path of greater spiritual awareness versus being locked in stagnant waters. A closed mind gathers no new knowledge Elbert. [And, a closed wallet -- resulting from a better informed potential client -- wastes no money.] Yes, I do feel sad for you..if only you would loosen up a bit, become receptive to the worlds growing around you, then, your life would become so filled with fresh opportunity, you would no longer have the time [Really, it doesn't take that much time.] to sit around seeking the 'so-called' faults of others & wasting the precious time you have on earth, designing web pages that attempt to 'tear down' could have so much fun, growing and building upon positive things.

"Elbert, there is no 'rule' which states it is unlawful nor immoral for a psychic to practice astrology or that an astrologer cannot be a psychic -- [Correct Elbert Wade, PMAFA, if he is wrong, but he has the opinion that a real psychic has a very special talent/gift from God.] -- as well..the only rule pertaining to any of this is the one 'you' devised!! Your website also misleads the public with another one of your 'rules' the the effect 'an accurate chart cannot be obtained without the exact date/time and place of birth' [And Elbert Wade is correct!] ..once again, you are sadly mistaken's a bit of education for you to chew on: There are people walking this earth who have no clue what day or what year they were born, much less the exact time (I'm sure you must realize not everyone has a birth certificate on record)..Elbert, this is where 'Rectification' comes into play! Elbert, you truly need to consider furthering your astrological education.

[Until this point, Elbert Wade, PMAFA, actually thought you might be well-educated astrologically. Elbert Wade understands rectification, but would not take money from anyone to do a chart without their knowing anything at all about their birth data. If you say you can actually determine the year, date and time of a person's birth accurately astrologically, he has serious doubts about your astrological knowledge. Any serious astrologer would simply say they are sorry but they cannot offer a valid service with so many unknowns, and would refuse to take money with such a total lack of data!]

"Before you begin another escapade of name calling..why not take some time..get to know the people you are calling 'charlatans'..I think you would be most surprised to discover ..they are some very nice people [Elbert Wade is sure this is the case with some.] ..people with a great deal of talent that you could learn something from and teach them something in return..We learn from each other Elbert..the world is a circle of light & love to be shared, unfortunately too many create a circle of hate and despair." (Signed)

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