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Is Astrology valid? You be the judge. Read the brief analysis of the Barack Hussein Obama natal horoscope which was published on this site July 13, 2008 (over 6 years ago). Click HERE

NEW 11/21/14: Have You Ever Met Any of These People?
NEW 04/05/14:How Your Natal Horoscope is Similar to Your Vehicle's VIN
NEW 03/28/14: Vote for your Sun-Sign + Ascendant + Moon Sign. Help make them poll number one!
NEW 02/23/14: Does a Premature Birth Change Your Sun-Sign?
NEW 11/01/12: See an Example Natal Horoscope Chart -- in color. Get your own or anyone's chart -- quick, easy, accurate and Free
NEW 10/29/12: Quick Astrological Love Compatibility Percentage Check -- Free
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NEW 8/9/2912: Learn to Read a Horoscope -- Step-by-Step Tutorial
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Stop Internet Content Theft: Do-It-Yourself Step-by-Step How-To Guide
Get Accurate Natal Data for: Rising Sign|Moon Sign|Sun-Sign|Midheaven plus birthplace Longitude and Latitude -- Worldwide
Should You Get Your Child's Horoscope Read? YES! -- the Younger the Better]
Discover Your Financial/Money Potential
Astrology Gurus and other Astrological Faddists/Phonies
Dear Undecided 'Real-Astrologer Horoscope Reading' Potential Client (Helpful open letter to all horoscope seekers)
Are You Compatible with Your Lover or that 'Other Person'?
Born on the Cusp: Are You a Zodiacal Hybrid?
Unanswered "Astrology-Related"(?) Questions
Astrologer Elbert Wade's Guestbook Tell me what you think about this site -- or ???
Lady With the Lucky Horoscope Squares
Democrat Obama [Leo] and Democrat Biden [Scorpio]
Disappointed by Obama's 'unexpected' actions? Read revealing comments about his Horoscope
Candidate John McCain's Natal Horoscope -- with Astrologically-Based Comments
Astrologer Elbert Wade In Real Life (Photo)
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Unique Bottom-Line Horoscope Reading (Now Available)
Client Questions and Astrologer Elbert Wade's Frank Answers
What You Need to Know About Your Horoscope Reading Choices
Born on the CUSP? End the Sun-Sign Confusion
Water Signs Descriptions: Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces
Air Signs Descriptions: Gemini - Libra - Aquarius
Fire Signs Descriptions: Aries - Leo - Sagittarius
Earth Signs Descriptions: Taurus - Virgo - Capricorn
Part of Fortune: Pot of Gold -- or Not?
Moon's Nodes: North Node and South Node
Compare 7:26 AM Horoscope to Noon Horoscope -- Same Date/Location
Why Is An Accurate Horoscope Birth Time So Important?
Horoscope's Sun, Moon, Earth Eight other Planets -- Astrologically
Learn About Horoscope Aspects
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Your Natal Horoscope Birth Chart Wheel + Aspects List (Emailed to you)
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Astrologer Elbert Wade's: 'It Could Be Verse -- or Worse'
Horoscope Facts, Figures and Symbols
Seek an Answer to Your Astrology/Horoscope Question (Submit an Astrology-related question)
Answers to Your Astrology Questions (Page 1) by Elbert Wade, PMAFA
Answers to Your Astrology Questions (Page 2) by Elbert Wade, PMAFA
World Clock: Time in the 24 World Time Zones
Your Last Earth Life: Who Were You? (Prepare to be amazed, mystified, and ???)
Astrology Past - Astrology Today - Astrology Tomorrow
Find Out Your Age on other Planets
Calculate a Calendar - any Month, any Year
What's Your Chinese Astrology Sign--and Zodiac Sun-Sign?
Calculate Your EXACT Age--to the millisecond! (Lots of fun. But don't tell what you learn!)
Series: Rising Signs and Decans - | Ari | Tau | Gem | Can | Leo | Vir | Lib | Sco | Sag | Cap | Aqu | Pis |
Develop Your Astrological Positive Traits: Aries thru Virgo
Develop Your Astrological Positive Traits: Libra thru Pisces
Extrovert or Introvert? Your Horoscope Tells You at a Glance
Are You A Leader or Follower? Your Horoscope Can Tell You
Sex and Age: Appetites and Attitudes (Snow on the roof? Fire in the fireplace? Yes!)
Sex and Age: Appetites and Attitudes (Part II)
Your Astrological Vital Signs (How they work for -- or against you)
Make the Most of Your Luck Potential (Lucky? Unlucky? No Luck? Why?)
Easy Table: Find Your Own, Anyone's Horoscope Ascendant -- Fast (Popular page)
What Day of the WEEK Were You Born? (Does it matter? Find out.)
Moon's Current Phase (Display) -- and More (Blue Moon, Moondog, Moonring, Lunatics?)
Learn about "Daylight Saving Time" Worldwide Here
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Feedback to Elbert Wade (Part 2)
Astrology Book Special Offer Your Man in the Moon, by Elbert Wade -- Save over $4.00 (Other Astrology books by Elbert Wade: Money Signs -- A Cosmic Guide to Personal Riches, All Signs Rising and Astrology Dial-A-Scope)
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What Turns Others On -- and Off?
Your Horoscope Ascendant: Key to Youthfulness (Look/act years younger?)
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