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How Your Natal Horoscope is Similar to Your Vehicle's VIN
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Does a Premature Birth Change Your Sun-Sign?
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Get Accurate Natal Data for: Rising Sign|Moon Sign|Sun-Sign|Midheaven plus birthplace Longitude and Latitude -- Worldwide
Should You Get Your Child's Horoscope Read? YES! -- the Younger the Better
Astrology Gurus and other Astrological Faddists/Phonies
Dear Undecided 'Real-Astrologer Horoscope Reading' Potential Client (Helpful open letter to all horoscope seekers)
Are You Compatible with Your Lover or that 'Other Person'?
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Disappointed by Obama's 'unexpected' actions? Read revealing comments about his Horoscope
Candidate John McCain's Natal Horoscope -- with Astrologically-Based Comments
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The Birth of Astrology: An Allegory
Astrology--Exciting Love-and-Sex Matings Not in the Stars: They're a Moon Thing
Astrology Marks Changes, Trauma, New Directions (Check these life's 'turning points')
Astrology Article: Watch Out for Those 7-Year Lunar Major-Changes Cycles (Seven-year 'itch')
Astrology? Astrology! It's the Cycles, Stupid! (A take on Astrology's origins)
Astrology Article -- Obama [Leo]-Biden [Scorpio] Democratic Team: Can Astrology Reveal Sun-Sign Clues?
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