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HUMOR and/or SATIRE, etc.

Have You Ever Met Any of These People?
Astrologer Elbert Wade's: 'It Could Be Verse -- or Worse' (Poet? No! Astrologer? Yes.)
View Elbert Wade's Picture Page (Artist's extremely flattering conceptual rendering)
Astrology? Brave New All-Psychic World? (Are you ready?)
Astrology -- All Secrets Revealed: Become A Counterfeit Astrologer In 10 Days -- or Less
Not Astrology -- The Truth About Counterfeit Psychics: FAQ's and Typical Answers
Astrology Article: Counterfeit Astrologer Web Site Tips (Learn what you need to know.)
Not Astrology -- Bulletin: Psychics May Outnumber Non-Psychics Worldwide
Astrology? A Certification for Counterfeit Astrologers? Yes! It's As Easy As Pie!
Astrology Article: A-1 Absolutely The World's Greatest Astrologer (?)
Astrology Article: What's Wrong With Members of All Twelve Signs -- But Not You!
Mr. Bat: A One-of-a-Kind (?) Psychic Reader
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