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Products versus Services

A horoscope is a very personal matter because it applies specifically to you. To be of the greatest benefit, it must be integrated and synthesized -- meaning it must be presented as a combination of parts and many elements melded into a whole. To this date no computer programs are capable of doing this -- whether they are freeware or may cost some several hundreds of dollars. Further, no future programs will be able to do this unless they might discover some way to connect a human brain to the matrix.

Here is what one guy on the internet says about having your own on-line "horoscope" business:

Certified Astrologer Elbert Wade
"You don't have to 'believe in' Astrology.
You don't need astrological knowledge.
Heck, you don't even have to like Astrology."
Astrologer Elbert Wade

Qualified astrologers provide a service (whether in person or by audio and/or video) which is far more valuable than those too-numerous computer owners which Elbert Wade calls "keyboard astrologers" who misleadingly advertise themselves as being astrologers. What they are selling is a product (created by others -- with no input from them); a product purchased for the sole (and legal) purpose of making money for themselves simply by typing in names and birth data, packaging and mailing computer-generated and printed pages--or emailing so the customer furnishes the paper, ink and print-out time; or putting them on semi-secure "secret" pages on the internet; the customer has the expense of printing. Purchasers get "canned" information of much less value and merit than the services offered by legitimate real astrologers.

Consider this. Suppose you wanted to buy a new automobile and went to the showroom of a dealer who handed you pages describing the part numbers and part descriptions of the model you wanted, but could not show the actual automobile to you. Would you be very inclined to buy? (This illustrates what you will get from a "keyboard astrologer" -- only individual parts but no completely put-together "unit.") And too many of these so-called astrologers charge as much (sometimes more) for these too-numerous disjointed pages of often-contradictory and difficult-to-understand words as you would pay for a much more satisfying service from a real astrologer, a service which 'puts it all together,' a service from which you can actually benefit immediately -- as well as in all the years to come.

Many Keyboard Astrologers Offer Other Products

Check out their web sites. There are many computer-generated programs now available for them to sell, including (in addition to a vast assortment of astrological offerings): numerology, tarot, lotto, runes, I Ching, oracle, psychic readings....and on and on.

And because not all these individuals may be totally "up-front," some may claim they are not only astrologers but also numerologists, psychics, tarot readers, phrenologists, runes readers, and whatever else strikes their fancy. You must exercise extreme caution in dealing with these "much-too-talented" individuals or you are going to be absolutely disappointed with what you get for your money. You could easily spend much more with them than several software programs (probably the same ones they use!) would cost.

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