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[ June 20, 2016] You state that the earth has a counter clockwise motion. This is not true. The earth moves clockwise. See any introductory astronomy book.

ANSWER - You are BRILLIANT! I am going to get up very early tomorrow and watch the sun rise in the WESTERN sky. I hope you will as well. Thank you for informing me and my site visitors.

[April 28, 2016] Hello, I was wondering what your opinions are regarding asteroids, particularly Juno. Do you think it is valid in a birth chart, and would you consider all aspects to it, or just the major ones? Thank you.

ANSWER - Quoted from:

Asteroids: Small "planetary" bodies (large rocks) Ceres, Juno, Pallas, Vestra whose orbits usually lie between those of Mars and Jupiter -- except Chiron which orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Important astrologically? Absolutely NOT. Why? Because the TOTAL MASS of all the major asteroids is LESS than that of the MOON -- and the Moon is only some 239 thousand mean (average) miles from Earth (30+ times the distance from Earth's north to south poles). These very tiny oddly- shaped (non-global) hunks of matter are between -- roughly -- 54 million to 791 million miles from Earth. Giving them any astrological importance or consideration is total madness!!!! Some 6,000 asteroids have already been discovered; several hundred more are discovered each year. There are hundreds of thousands more that are too small to be seen from Earth.

Hope this answers your questions at least from my point of view and experience. Astrology is already complex. Why the hell add this nonsense when there is no provable evidence of their (asteroids) influence whatsoever.

[February 8, 2016] When a child is born in a country where parents are living temporary, which country's time to be taken to write the horoscope ( where the child is born or the permanent residence country )

ANSWER - Absolutely the Place of birth -- not the normal/home location. There is no doubt about this at all. Perhaps a silly example: A vehicle manufactured in the US does not change its brand. body style, color if it is shipped to another country. NATAL charts are always calculated based on the date, time and PLACE of birth.

[February 8, 2015] Okay this question will be of interest to many others as well, 'cos I'm sure I'm not the only one with these same issues on one's birth chart! I do not have anything in Pisces, Aries, Gemini and Libra at all on my birth chart. Should I pay any importance to the absence of anything? Cos it's been bothering me for some time. (My sun is in Virgo, moon in cancer n ascendant in scorpio).

ANSWER: I was totally unaware that so MANY people were concerned about this matter since yours is the first such inquiry I have received in some 44 years of giving chart readings.

Do the math: There are only 10 heavenly bodies (8 planets plus Sun and Moon). There are 12 Sun-Signs. It's totally impossible to have one of the only 10 "planets" in each of 12 signs. And it is highly probable two (or more) planets will be in the same sign -- thus reducing the probability that additional (more than two) signs will lack a planetary station.

There are 2 nodes and the part of fortune of course but they aren't planets but just calculated markers.

Please put your own and the apparently millions of others who have such concerned mind(s) at rest. All is well!

I apologize for not even realizing this was such a perplexing issue with so many people.

I know this is a very pressing issue for you ['cos] you sent 2 email inquiries just to make sure you brought the matter to my attention.

[August 1, 2014] Since our calendars are approximately 1/4 of a day off can it be accurate astrologically to say someone born at 2:00 PM Jan. 19th would be a Capricorn? How does leap year figure in? - ld

ANSWER: As far as I know the heavens (stars, constellations, planets) have no awareness of earth's calendars. The planets' movements have been observed, studied, measured and mapped for many centuries. And it was found that the heavenly bodies move on a precise path and at constant and predictable speeds. Astronomers and astrologers have long prepared tables and published them in booklets called an ephemris (single year) and ephemerides (collection of several years). Astrologers in the past and some very few in the present use these to calculate horoscopes. However since the astronomical data can be programmed into computers with cutting-edge accuracy, most astrologers prefer using computer-calculated instead of hand-calculated horoscopes. Astrology calculation programs can, in a split second, calculate an accurate horoscope (the chart 'wheel') which would require several minutes or much longer to prepare by hand -- which requires some math and, of course, the potential for human error.

So please don't worry about being born on the "fringe" (cusp) because an accurately-calculated horoscope will reveal which sign anyone is born to -- without any doubt.

[astrologyk.comMarch 4, 2014] Elbert, I've often felt like my twin brother in some way or another stole my luck or help increase negative energy my way. How does being a twin of the opposite sex affect your chart? Thanks T"

ANSWER: Hello Tammy -- No, in my experience it does not directly affect your natal chart, but, sadly, does affect your total life.

I feel so sorry for you. Indeed you are a victim of what some call "Twin Womb Grand Theft." Your twin brother bullied and selfishly stole most if not all the POSITIVE womb genes (especially your luck gene) from you, leaving you all but helpless to achieve very much in your life, including good luck, success, happiness -- the list is endless!

Therefore everyone should have pity for you and definitely not expect you to accomplish much if anything. They should appreciate your God-given right to blame your twin brother for each and every negative/failure in your life.

In addition, your selfish and sneaky brother, when mature, may have added insult to injury by reading and applying the information in such books as these:

Brande, Dorthea -- Wake Up and Live / Carnegie, Dale -- How to Win Friends and Influence People / Maltz, Maxwell -- Psycho-Cybernetics / Think and Grow Rich -- Napoleon Hill / Peale, Norman Vincent -- The Power of Positive Thinking / Bristol, Claude M. -- The Magic of Believing / Getty, J. Paul -- How to Be Rich / Anderson, U. S. -- The Power In Your Mind / Chapman, A. H. -- Put-Off's and Come-On's

I hope he did not also steal you ability to read, understand and apply for yourself the information in these books!

But suggesting you should actually do anything to improve your lot (especially your luck) in life is TOTALLY unfair. After all it is NOT your fault; it IS your twin brother's fault. Hopefully, everyone you know understands this!

[September 29, 2013] Jupiter (also Part of Fortune) in natal 2nd house but Jupiter is this still a fortunate financial placement? " -- Kari

ANSWER: Hello Kari -- There is no "yes/no" answer. However, generally, YES -- especially with the Moon's North Node also there. Retrograde does not mean a planet (in this case Jupiter) is actually going backward or is any less important but that from an earth perspective it appears to be losing longitude -- for a predictable time. In a natal chart retrograde suggests any planet's influences may be delayed for months, or perhaps several years. How many months/years can be determined by the erection of a progressed natal chart which is calculated using 1-day=1-year after the birth. This can determine at what year (your age) it will turn direct. It could possibly be one year -- or never (in a normal lifetime). Depending on your age, the progressed horoscope could also possibly show that Jupiter has already turned direct. NOTE: Planetary status (retrograde, stationary or direct) can also be determined more quickly by the use of an ephemeris for the year (and/or following year) of the birth.

It is also important to take into account the aspects to Jupiter itself (if any) and aspects to the planetary ruler of the sign on the cusp of the 2nd House (if any), Further, attention to aspects to the North Node (if any) could reveal added information.

Understand a 2nd House North Node (positive) means the South Node (negative) is in the 8th House -- the house of desire -- so wealth accumulation must be driven by a realization that setting definite wealth/money goals and deadlines is necessary for the fruits of North Node and Jupiter in the 2nd House of money -- and other tangibles.

On Sat Aug 31 2013 14:54 , (Steph) sent:
email: realname: Steph
select: Compliment

comments: What sign are you? If people should take your interpretation of astrology, at least, tell your own star sign. Do you think that people maybe would judge you? If so, why are you even writing about astrology. Show yourself, cause youre talking about peoples inner feelings and thoughts and we all would like to know what sign you are and how you can be. Scorpiogirl_sweden

From: Elbert Wade PMAFA <> Sent: Sat Aug 31 16:54
To: (Steph)
Subject: Re: Contact Astrologer Elbert Wade, PMAFA

Ever read the old saw where several blind men were asked to describe an elephant after being allowed to examine/touch only one part of the animal?

The one who only touched the tail said an elephant is like a snake. (By the way the lowest form of Scorpio is symbolized as the snake.)

All others said the elephant was like a totally different animal.

"What sign are you? If people should take your interpretation of astrology, at least, tell your own star sign."

Most people use "Sun-Sign."

I have stated my Sun-Sign on at least 5 of some 180 pages (listed below):

One | Two | Three | Four | Five

Are you suggesting I should put at the top of every page: "Hey! heads up, I am a ______ Sun-Sign!"

"Do you think that people maybe would judge you?"

Perhaps only nosey and/or vindictive Scorpios.

"If so, why are you even writing about astrology."

I could ask you why you visited my site and why it is you business to be so critical and send your snarky email marked as a "compliment."

"Show yourself, cause youre (did you mean 'because you're') talking about peoples (pepole's?) inner feelings and thoughts and we all ---

Wow. How can you assume to be speaking for "all"? --

"would like to know what sign you are and how you can be."

Can be what?

Elbert Wade, PMAFA
Certified Professional Consultant Astrologer

[April 11, 2013] QUESTION: Is there any significance with couples who BOTH have the natal aspect Moon square Venus? Is this "bad?" -- Teressa

ANSWER: Hello Teressa -- When natal Moon (feelings/emotion) squares Venus ('"love") what is suggested is that love (in a classical sense) may be difficult -- or impossible for either of you to give, receive or appreciate. The union must instead be based on more tangible factors -- mutual goals that can be measured in fact, not "dreams." Mutually tangible "bottom-line" goals must be considered and defined honestly by both parties before a binding union is made.

[Note: This can also be applied to any single individual who has natal Moon square Venus].

[February 14, 2013] QUESTION: I have worked out my birth time to within a 30 min window, using the little knowledge from family, and much from your rising/decan section. Is this accurate enough to get a reading? - Vanessa

ANSWER: Hello Vanessa -- Congrats for your work. However a 30-minute window is risky since the ascendant progresses 1 degree every 4 minutes, meaning it will change some 7 or 8 degrees. This could change the ascendant sign and possibly the sign on the cusps of the other 11 houses; could shift planets to other houses -- might possible move the Moon to another sign, etc. I would not like to take your money and deliver a reading for a horoscope which might not actually be yours. Sorry.

[January 11, 2013] QUESTION: Hello. My kids immigrated to Toronto/Ontario/Canada. Should I convert their birthcharts to Toronto as birth place and should I convert also the hour of birth? He was born in Athens 22 April 1963 at 11:15AM. - No Name Given

ANSWER: Absolutely NOT. Birth data is always the PLACE of birth plus, of course, the date and time they were born at that place. A new geographic location would only matter when preparing a progressed or transits chart. Simple non-astrological example: The model and year of an automobile does not change if the owner moves to another location -- no matter how far.

[Qctober 19, 2012] QUESTION: What is the best thing to say to start a horoscope reading? How do I "break the ice"? - learning astrologer

ANSWER: "This is a natal [or other] horoscope reading for __________, born [month/date/year] at _____ [AM/PM] in [city/state and/or country] -- which is at Longitude _____ degrees _____, minutes, _____ seconds [East or West], and Latitude _____ degrees, _____ minutes, _____ seconds [North or South]. Today's date is: [Month/Date/Year]. Beginning time is [Hour/Minute]. The (or your) astrologer is __________."

You've stated the facts and overcome inertia -- go! Try it -- you'll like it.

[September 27, 2012] QUESTION: If my mother went to the hospital on September 30th and gave birth to me on October 1st, would I be in between Virgo-Libra or Libra-Scorpio cusp? - Vanessa

ANSWER: Your question is somewhat confusing. If your were born on October 1 you clearly are a Libra since Libra goes from about September 23 to October 22. No "cusps" are involved. You are not "in-between" any two signs.

[September 18, 2012] QUESTION: In fairness, if you are going to be rational than astrology is nothing but foolishness as well. There is no way for the sun to influence someone's life. So why just go after the "cusp theory"? Why not go after astrology as a whole? Why select just one absurdity? - Michael

ANSWER: I don't know you so I must evaluate your biased communication from the evidence that was submitted. "... "if you are going to be rational *** than *** astrology ..." You are either illiterate or a person lacking in communications skills -- or perhaps just sloppy and careless. If you do not like astrology why visit my site or any other astrology sites? Further, why waste your time and mine sending such emails. You are not going to influence me to change my mind and I would be a fool indeed to attempt changing yours. Please stay away from my site every chance you have. Best wishes -- Elbert Wade, PMAFA

[September 14, 2012] QUESTION: I was wondering if you are able to calculate someone's ascendant if you know their approximate time of death? Thank you for your time. - Marie

ANSWER: No, I do not specialize in birth-time rectification. It is too time-consuming as well as tedious. There are many "flakes" in this area since it is unlikely there is a way to prove them right or wrong. Fees are high. If a serious astrologer takes on this task you no doubt will have to furnish a lot more date/time-sensitive information than "approximate time of death." A perhaps-silly question for which I do not expect an answer: Why would you want to know the rising sign of someone not alive?

[ August 7, 2012] QUESTION: Ok, so I've noticed that the Time Zones in astrology are different from the Universal standard Time Zones. For Example, the UTC/GMT Time Zone for Jacksonville, Fl, USA is -5 (EST) and -4 (EDT). HOWEVER, the time zone according to astrology would say that it is 5 (EST) and 4 (EDT). How are the time zones in astrology determined? My Ascendant sign is different based on the Time Zone. Please help! - Heiress

ANSWER: First, Astrology time zones are NOT different from what you call "Universal standard Time Zones." I will try to answer your somewhat confusing question. All times world-wide are related to UTC as measured at Greenwich, England. UTC/UT/GMT does not observe Daylight-Saving Time since man cannot speed up earth's rotation by one hour in the summer season them slow it down one hour in winter. There are 24 time zones on Earth -- all based on UTC.

When calculating your horoscope you should use the time on your birth certificate (or other record). Most horoscope-calculation programs will automatically adjust for DST (subtract one hour -- or two if double daylight was/is in effect). Serious astrologers will also verify if it was in effect on date/time of any birth. Since you did not include your birth data I cannot say more.

[June 14, 2012] QUESTION: If a baby is due the begining of April but due to complications the doctor has to take the baby the begining of January and the baby survives and is raised in an incubator do you go by the due date or the date it was removed from the mother? - Paul B

ANSWER: Definitely go with the date and time the baby leaves the womb -- under whatever circumstance. Astrologically, time of birth is defined as the moment a living being makes the transition from a liquid to a gaseous environment -- i.e. inhales air (oxygen) for the first time. (From a medical standpoint the same also applies.) (For more information, go HERE.)

[ April 29, 2012] QUESTION: Hello, I hope this is not a silly question. I am curious if you've ever encountered or used planetary hours in astrology? I've never seen them used in the astrological sense and it seems to me that they might be applicable in some way. I don't know if I can post links here, but Google search of 'planetary hour calculator' yields great results. Sorry, for my English, I'm [from another nation]. All the best - Ana

ANSWER: Thanks for visiting my site -- and the email. Since I specialize in psychological astrology I do not use "planetary hours" in my practice. Neither do I support or recommend the practice of fortune-telling or magick. I have no wish to make my clients dependent on me for their everyday choices and actions. If planetary hours are so valid and meaningful why not have planetary minutes, planetary seconds and planetary milliseconds -- no doubt now possible with the advent of computers? No reason to apologize for your English. It is excellent! - Highest regards, Elbert Wade

[April 23, 2012] QUESTION: I was supposed to have been born under the Virgo sign, but instead was born under Libra. I have found that my traits are more compaitible to Virgo. What gives? - epicwriter13

ANSWER: First, what "all-knowing authority" (mother. father, doctor, your aunt Mary) decreed you were supposed to be born in the sign Virgo? Time of conception often is difficult to know exactly. Further, do you have Virgo rising? Is your Moon in Virgo? How many planets are in Virgo? How many planets are in the sixth house? All the astrological factors must be considered.

[February 28, 2012] QUESTION: If you were born early which horoscope would you be? ... the one you were born on or the one predicted? ... or would you have characteristics of both? - Katilyn

ANSWER: It does not matter at all what the "predicted" time of birth may have been. Therefore, the only accurate natal chart is the one related to the ACTUAL date/time/place you were born. You would NOT have the charactistics of both.

In addition, it would very difficult to determine the exact date and time of conception, which is the only way anyone might determine (guess) the "projected" date of birth. Ask any real astrologer. They most likely will tell you the same thing.

[July 18, 2011] QUESTION: Are there 2 sides to a Capricorn personality? My brother (b/d 12-21) is quiet, extremely patient and understanding, and cool-headed. My father (b/d 1-14) thinks the world revolves around him, is stubborn, selfish, and the most impatient person I know. What gives? - Donna

ANSWER: There are as many personality "sides" to Capricorn as the number of persons borm under Capricorn -- or any other sign.

What many do not understand is that the Sun-Sign is only one part if the birth horoscope. While the Sun-Sign is important it is an unfortunate mistake to think it can even come close to accurately describing some 1/12th of the total population.

Some internet sites do imply that there are two "types" of Capricorn but this is a misleading, overly-simplified and totally-inaccurate stance. There are as many different "types" of Capricorn as the number of persons born when the Sun in the sign Capricorn.

If charts for both your brother and father were calculated and read in detail it might "shock" you to find why their personlaties are so different -- even though both are born Capricorn.

Are all apples, fingerprints, automobiles or grains of sand exaclty the same? Do all two-year-olds look alike, like the same toys and behave in the same manner? If not, why not? After all they all are two years old!

Why do you dislike your father so much?

[January 28, 2011] QUESTION: Honestly: I really feel in my bones, I'm not a Capricorn Ascendent....funny: When I don't use my birth place of [City], Utah, all of the websites give me a Pisces rising....when I use my birth place, I get Capricorn. Everything I read about Pisces rising is me. Everything....It's scary how accurate it is, down to medical conditions. The Capricorn ascendent....a "few" things apply to me, but this really isn't me. So, what gives then? - Celeste

ANSWER: Most likely possibilities:
1) Incorrect birth time. Pisces would be rising at about 5:44 AM ("ballpark" estimate).
2) In your horoscope Saturn is 'combust' the Sun (within 5 degrees -- yours is very close at about 3 degrees) in the 3rd House of your "mind" and how you think. It is believed by some that any planet (except Mars) combust the Sun has its "power/influence" weakened. So this might have more or less "disabled" your Saturn-related awareness of yourself.
3) Neptune (ruler of Pisces) is highly elevated (and still rising) in the 10th House, the natural house/home of Capricorn/Saturn.
4) Moon in the 9th House (higher/spiritual mind) -- how you feel about yourself ideally -- is in opposition to Saturn (Capricorns's ruler) in the 3rd House of your (lower/worldly mind).

[January 12, 2011] QUESTION: How good or accurate are published horoscope forecasts for all Sun-Signs found on websites and in newspapers, magazines and other places? - Mildred

ANSWER: First, published daily, weekly, monthly, whole-year "horoscopes" should not be considered as having any valid connection with real Astrology. At best they are possible entertainment, just as are comic strips.
     Most writers who prepare and sell these daily/weekly/monthly/yearly "forecasts" generally have just a rudimentary knowledge of Astrology; their talents lie more with their writing skills and the ability to "tantalize" readers and keeping them coming back.
     It is true that some perhaps "well-known" mainly-commercial astrologers may write these "horoscopes" but it's much more likely they contract and are paid to allow the addition of their names to these entertainments prepared by paid-by-the-word non-astrologer writers to give some sort of "validity" to these so-called horoscopes.
     When reading these "horoscopes" it is important to realize that the "reading" for one sign "applies" to approximately 1/12th of the total population. Should anyone expect that 1/12th of earth's population -- restricted to one Sun-Sign -- will "meet an exciting lover today" or "find something which was lost" while 11/12th (the other eleven Sun-Signs) of the population will not but instead "have problems with their spouse" or "should use caution while driving"? And so on.
     To write a daily "horoscope" the major consideration is related to aspects (angular relationships) mainly of the then current Moon to the twelve individual Sun-Signs. For example, if the Moon is in trine (really favorable) or sextile (moderately favorable) aspect to a particular Sun-Sign, then they write a positive "reading" -- using mainly the writer's imagination/"creativity" based on the traditional Sun-Sign "keywords."
     If the Moon's aspect/relationship to an individual Sun-Sign is negative (opposition) (square) then they write a mildly negative or cautionary "reading" -- but not too negative because the writer does not want to scare the reader away. If this happens that reader may not be back tomorrow.
     This applies broadly to weekly horoscopes as well but may involve a switch from positive to negative or vice-versa during the seven days.
     For monthly and annual "forecasts" the major shift is to the Sun's annual relationships (aspects) to the twelve individual signs. These "readings" require more creativity and may tax the writer's imagination a bit more.
     One other IMPORTANT factor. These "horoscopes" must be written so "broadly" and "fuzzily" that generic horoscope "fans" can often relate to what the writer says simply by a willingness to find some way, however convoluted, to imagine the "forecast" is accurate and written especially for them.

(Footnote: In the distant past Elbert Wade confesses he has been guilty of writing such "forecasts" -- solely because of financial necessity.)

[December 18, 2010] QUESTION: In synastry, how would you read the Mars and Venus aspects in the charts of homosexuals? I am really stuck on this. What do you think? - UK

ANSWER: It has been my experience/observation that the heavenly bodies (in this case Venus and Mars) do not discriminate relative to sexual orientation either for love, sex or compatibility. While Mars is regarded as active and Venus receptive why would it make any difference whether it is a male-female, male-male or a female-female situation? In any intimate relationship without doubt one partner always is more aggressive (Mars) while the other is more passive (Venus). In my opinion any/all relationships should be evaluated the same as the more-typical male-female situation. Only the explanatory dialog needs modification to apply to a "non-typical" intimate pairing. In essence, disregard any concern about the birth sex of either partner. While this may be an overly-broad simplification it leans toward a valid consideration. The astrologer needs to take care he/she does not allow a personal bias/belief/conviction to influence any conclusion.

[December 6, 2010] QUESTION: Should I retire in Antigua Guatemala and buy a property there? - Ugo

ANSWER: Based on the horoscope constructed with the complete birth data you did NOT submit with your TOTALLY PERSONAL question which requires FORTUNE- TELLING, you should NOT go to Guatemala!

Instead you should buy a seat on the next rocket to the Moon, being certain to take with you signs declaring you are owner of all property on the Moon. Be certain you stay on the Moon. Do NOT take the rocket back to Earth because if you do some evil Moon people will remove your signs!

Then, in time -- possible a few hundred years -- you will become very rich selling Moon lots at inflated prices to the many others who will come to live with you on the Moon -- where you will be KING.

[October 30, 2010] QUESTION: Please could you tell me what it means when the moon is Void Of Course? - I only have a vague understanding (Gemimi me!). - Karen -- UK

ANSWER: It's not that complicated really. 'Void' means containing nothing, useless, null. 'Course' means direction of progress. Therefore when the Moon (also any planet) is void-or-course (either direct or retrograde -- planets only) then it (they) will not form any new aspect(s) before entering the next sign -- therefore being temporarily void (lacking) any (added) influence(s). (i.e: If Moon is at any degree whatsoever of say the sign Taurus it will not form another aspect until it moves into Gemini -- where it could possibly also remain void-of-course (in Gemini) through that entire sign as well -- and so on.)

[September 10, 2010] QUESTION: What influence, if any, is generated by a 'large' 1st house containing more than one sign -- i.e. 26 Capricorn to 03 Aries. No planets, just intercepted signs. - Joan

ANSWER: Simply put it adds additional emphasis to the "personality/everyday you" (1st-House) while adding the same degree of emphasis to "partnerships/close associations" (7th-House). Why? Because it means planets by progression and transit will occupy these houses for longer periods than they would in a "typical" house. Therefore it would be likely the progressed and transiting heavenly bodies would make more than the normal number of aspects (both positive and negative) to natal planets/points which would likely affect you more personally as well and your associations/dealings with others. Further, it means you were born closer to Earth's poles than the population at large. :)

[August 26, 2010] QUESTION: When a person's birthchart has some very strong oppositions in it, does that mean their life will be very difficult? - Tony

ANSWER: Like everything else relating to an individual natal horoscope it depends on a number of other factors also present in the chart. Taken alone "very strong oppositions" would likely suggest that person's "life will be very difficult." But "very difficult" as compared to what? For example, a person born with missing limbs no doubt will have a more difficult/challenging life than one born with normal limbs. Ever heard the old saying: "I complained about having no shoes until I saw a person with no feet." "Difficult" aspects can present challenges but should never serve as an excuse for not trying to make the most of life. That is a primary reason why an in-depth understanding of the "tools" one is born with is so important to realizing a fuller and more productive life -- which is a primary reason for getting one's horoscope read as early in life as practical by a competent professional astrologer.

QUESTION: They say that your Venus and Mars determine your love and sexuality but can you look at other aspects to determine this too? - tashia

ANSWER: Yes you can -- the whole natal chart (horoscope). Not intended as a curt reply but a statement of fact.

QUESTION: Is there a quick way to know that a horoscope is calculated right? - Student

ANSWER: YES. I used to use this in the days before computers when I calculated all charts by hand -- and even now because if you mistakenly input AM for PM, or vice versa, the horoscope will literally be turned upside down! Visually check the Sun's position. Sun [] should appear in the horoscope close to the place it occupied in the sky at the place of the birth. If DAY, 6 AM to Noon - Top Half and Left Side -- Noon to 6 PM - Top Half and Right Side. If NIGHT, 6 PM to Midnight - Bottom Half and Right Side -- Midnight to 6 AM - Bottom Half and Left Side. Could vary position somewhat with births near sunrise, noon, sunset and midnight -- and considering the fact that the Sun has never been on DT, DST, Summer Time or whatever. (Also allow leeway for births close to Earth's north and south poles.)

QUESTION: When there is an outside aspect to a multiple conjunction, should you interpret that aspect only for the planet(s) within the orb or does it affect all the planets in that conjunction regardless of orb? (e.g. If someone has the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune conjunct, but only the Sun is within orb to trine their Moon.) - Genevieve

ANSWER: Consider only the one natal planet (heavenly body) that the moving planet (by progression -- especially -- or transit) is actually aspecting. What if a slow-moving planet such a Pluto was the 'actor'? If three conjunct planets were considered in whole the aspect could last possibly a lifetime or more -- making it all but impossible to assign any real value/meaning.

QUESTION: Could you explain what it means when the Sun is unaspected? - pandorade

ANSWER: It means none of the 8 planets or the Moon has a recognized angular relationship (aspect) with it (the Sun). To find more about aspects, go to: Learn About Horoscope Aspects

QUESTION: What affect ['effect'?] does the moon phase (for example if the moon is in Aries) have on you if it is in your sun sign [???] (for example, if you are a Libra). Should you just not do anything during the time the moon is in your opposite sign? - iramey2850

ANSWER: You are absolutely right. For example, if your house catches on fire when the Moon is in your opposite sign just stay inside. Getting out likely would trigger a disaster much greater than you burning to a crisp. Of course you probably know how unforgiving is the evil Moon which totally controls everything in your life. Also, try to avoid breathing when the Moon is in your opposite sign. [Suggestion: Get a life! You know NOTHING about Astrology.]

QUESTION: [Detailed question regarding 'different' personalities between twin sisters ending in: "How does astrology account for this?"] - alien3

ANSWER: Yours is not an easy question to answer for me or any astrologer. You are right about the sameness of both charts with only three minutes of time difference. Usually there is a lapse of at least 17 minutes between multiple births but since this was a C-section that accounts for the unusually short time interval.

Things to consider regarding the seemingly different "personalities" could have to do with certain external "environmental" factors such as: (1) Which was the "favorite" with each (or both) parents? (2) Were there other siblings who "favored" one twin? (3) Were there other family members or mutual friends who tended to support your sister moreso than you?

Next is "perception" -- you versus her. It's indeed difficult to see ourselves as others do. Sometimes one must even deal with perhaps the possibility of some form of "envy" or even downright "jealousy." (1) Did you ever wish you could have her "personality"? Quote: "She is very outgoing and has a lot of friends and loves being the center of attention and is hyperactive." Quote: "I hate being the center of attention and I'm much less energetic ..." Is this "envy" or "jealously"? Quote: "... I get my feelings hurt easier." (2) Is it possible you have deliberately -- out of a perceived need to be distinctly "different" than your twin -- determined to "supress" your real personality for something which you are not? (3) There is one other possibility which would require DNA tests for both of you. This test is to check for "hetroparental super fecundation" -- possiibility of different fathers.

There is no "concrete" astrological "answer" to your question. Speculatively it would seem the "difference" in your case possibly is more or less psychological -- or perhaps a matter of perception.

QUESTION: My friend [most likely Shirley] has her [most likely my] Venus at 0 degrees of Cancer. This is going to be hit by Saturn, Pluto and then Uranus. Her [most likely my] husband has Virgo and Libra in his 7th house and his Mercury at 2 degrees of Cancer. This rules his 7th house. Their [most likely our] marriage is not the gre....[Exceeded word limit on form] - Shirley

ANSWER -- [PENDING]: I will try to answer your question BUT only after you answer mine as follows:

The left front tire of my Lincoln Town Car has 28.5 psi; left rear has 30.0 psi; right front has 27.3 psi; right rear has 31.0 while the spare has 40.7 psi. If I drive head-on into a moderate rain with a northwest wind blowing at 10.2 mph what will the miles-per-gallon be on a trip of 190.6 miles at an average speed of 61.7 mph? Note: I am using high-octane gasoline. [Headlights will be on as long as the rain continues.]

I'm sorry you can't actually see the car, road or number of passengers in the car but you should be able to give me a correct answer easily. Thank you! - Elbert

QUESTION: Do full "edgy/mean" moons under a particular sign cause people to act differently? Example: My astrological sign is Taurus, and I have noticed that whenever a full moon is under the signs of Leo, Sagitarius or Aries (especially Aries) I get extremely edgy/mean. - Matthew

ANSWER: To attempt some sort of "answer" to your question let's begin with a quote from my site's current 'Moon-Phase' page located here.

Question: Does the word LUNATIC have anything to do with the Moon?

Answer: Yes. Luna is the Moon. Whether fact, fantasy or superstition, many believe the Moon's phases (especially the Full Moon) may tend to trigger certain perhaps bizarre behavior......

Using the traditional astrological concept of major negative aspects (the square and opposition), if you, a Taurus, are actually "edgy/mean" under certain Full Moons then your "edgy/mean" periods would more likely be present during Full Moons in Scorpio (opposition), Leo (square) and Aquarius (square) -- not Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. Maybe the "culprit" is your natal Moon's sign. :)

Is it all swamp gas? Consider this: The Moon's interactive relationship with Earth does cause tides; therefore, since the human body is mainly water why wouldn't the Moon's position, distance changes (Perigee to Apogee) and phases have some influence over humans and all living creatures as well.

[April 1, 2010] QUESTION: Does a premature birth affect your sign? I was "born" a Sagittarius, but share little or no characteristics with this sign; I am a Capricorn in nearly every thought and deed. I was supposed to born around Christmas, but came a month early. - Preston

ANSWER: [Your question lacks one detail -- actual date of birth. Is it several days or actually "a month early"?] That being said, yes a "pre-mature" birth certainly "affects" (determines) one's Sun-Sign. You are whatever sign the Sun occupied at the date/time you first inhaled oxygen. "I was supposed to born around Christmas..." The important question here is by whose calculation -- your mother's, your father's, your doctor's, your "wise" Aunt Mary's or someone else? The date of conception is not written in stone nor seldom can it be known precisely. [The fact that you say the birth "came a month early" could certainly support the possibility that someone did miscalculate.]

As to sharing "little or no characteristics" with Sagittarius (your Sun-Sign), other important "modifing/altering" factors would have to be taken into account. To name just a few: Is your ascending sign Capricorn? Is the Moon in Capricorn or conjunt Saturn? Is Saturn in the first house or highly elevated (near the top of your horoscope)? How many planets are in the sign Capricorn -- and how are they aspected? The answer to your question can only be given following a complete analysis of you entire natal horoscope. (Also the progressed horoscope might figure importantly as it relates to your present thoughts and 'feelings' about yourself.)

[February 14, 2010] QUESTION: Myself and my twin brother were born late on October 12th (Me: 11.52PM James:11.58PM) I am aware that each day of a sign produces a different personality so should I be looking to an October 12 or 13th personality, or a mixture of both? - Prof

ANSWER: "I am aware that each day of a sign produces a different personality" -- possibly true but the births were both on October 12, not one on October 12; the other on October 13. Hope this resolves this issue.

The earth rotates 1 degree every 4 minutes which affects the rising sign/ascendant not the Sun-Sign unless the birth occurs when the Sun is changing signs. This would not apply to any October 12th birth(s). However if your and your brother's personalities are markedly different it is possible that the rising sign changed in the 6 minutes between the births on October 12th. The only way to determine this is to get the two birth charts calculated accurately.

[September 3, 2009] QUESTION: What are your thoughts on Magi Astrology? I've recently been introduced to it and well, I left a little more confused then I was enlightened. - M

ANSWER: Since Magi (Heliocentric) Astrology has no Sun, Moon, houses, ascendants, midheavens or retrograde planets I have absolutely no interest in it. It's even less interesting to me than Vedic Astrology.

Apparently since you are perhaps a 'dabbler' in Astrology you might find 'Magi' interesting but you will never become proficient in anything astrological until you decide on one "discipline" and stick with it. A life of "confusion" regarding such matters as this seldom leads to either real accomplishment or personal satisfaction.

[August 31, 2009] QUESTION: My husband was born in South Africa on 7-14-72. I would assume he is a Cancer, but a friend told me since he was born in the Southern Hemisphere, you must add 6 months on which would make him a Capricorn. Is this true? - Tina

ANSWER: No. He was born under the sign Cancer. Northern or Southern hemisphere does NOT reverse Sun-Signs. Your friend is absolutely wrong.

[August 17, 2009] QUESTION: Why answers of astrologers to our query are rarely coinciding? If astrology is a science then the answers should match. I am born on 2nd oct 19XX at 6:40pm in Aligarh India. Am i passing through hardest phase of my life? Some say yes, others no. - singh

ANSWER: First, Astrology is NOT a science -- no matter who says it is. It's a science-art. The science is only the calculated horoscope; the art is the information/advice gleaned from that horoscope -- which definitely is not science but one person's opinion resulting from the amount of knowledge he/she has gained from whatever number of years experience with actually reading horoscopes.

Many so-called astrologers (Vedic especially) are NOT astrologers but likely fortune-tellers bent on getting money from those with problems/concerns -- who have not studied Astrology.

[August 3, 2009] QUESTION: Hi. Grant Lewis says those without any natal sun aspects will have a lack of direction and ambition. That explains a lot. Can you give us some simple steps to correct this? Or is it different for each sign? - Char

ANSWER: No I cannot. Broad/all-encompassing statements such as this have very questionable merit. Such evaluations must be made natal horoscope by natal horoscope.

[July 25, 2009] QUESTION: I have Cancer Sun,Moon,&Venus in the 10th squaring a 1st house Libra Pluto. The dance asteroid Terpsichore is right on my Venus. My progressed moon is trine Eros now. What does this sqaure mean in my pursuit of dance as a career? Can I really make it? - Ms. Lorraine

ANSWER: Hello Ms. Lorraine ~ What you seem not to have considered is the sign/degree/minute placement of Earth's Space Station on your horoscope -- both natally and by progression. I also see no mention of which planets (if any) are in the sign Spotlight. Further where is the North Star and the Part of Rhythm?

Alas, with the absence of these important factors I cannot give a valid answer to your entirely fascinating question. And this truly is sad since there are so many millions of others on this planet with horoscopes like yours interested in the pursuit of a career in dance. I feel so inadequate! Best wishes for great success, Ms. Twinkletoes!

[July 19, 2009] QUESTION: What will be name of my life partner and when will I get marry? - rajdeep.

ANSWER: [How could I not answer this sweet and hopeful young lover's question?] Your marriage partner has a very, very interesting name: Achrodolpyminihaha J. Runningbear, Jr. It looks very promising for marriage within 2 months of your 77th birthday.

[July 9, 2009] QUESTION: I was born on 10/4/52 at 2:58 AM, in Los Angeles, CA. I've always been told I was very lucky because my Jupiter is 10 degrees from my midheaven. I have not seen the 92% luck factor I was told I have. Could a natal retrograde Jupiter be the reason? - Barbara T.

ANSWER: Perhaps the "astrologer(s)" did not take into account that Jupiter squares both Pluto and the south node of the Moon in the 12-th house of limitations -- which would tend to negate any "magical" good luck. Such "profound" good-luck statements normally are "folklore" or ignorance.

Jupiter's retrograde motion would have no influnence since retrograde motion is not a reality but just an "illusion" caused by an Earth view of our solar system. FYI your Jupiter will not turn "direct" until you reach the age of 94 -- give or take a year or so. :)

[June 21, 2009] QUESTION: What are the good and bad things that will happen to me within this year? - Dyo-way17

[ANSWER: I suggest you contact a fake fortune-teller who no doubt will "answer" your question, and get as much of your money as possible. You don't have the foggiest concept of what Astrology is -- and is NOT.

[June 20, 2009] QUESTION: When a planet is in a house but is only one degree away from being in the next house do you interpret it in the house it's in or in the next house? I've heard both sides of the issue but I don't know which is right. Thank you. - - Anthony

[ANSWER: If a planet is in one house it should be considered astrologically as being only in that house -- not in the next. If you are in the kitchen you are not in the bedroom until you actually enter the bedroom.

[June 6, 2009] QUESTION: Will my life lead me to Bremen, Lisbon or Oporto? - Rumiko

[ANSWER: [He's looking to have his fortune told. Far be it for me not to oblige.] No! Your life will lead you to the planet Mars where you will become the Supreme Ruler who will war with the whole universe and win. You will become a power which is feared by every living creature everywhere!

[May 14. 2009] QUESTION: Can you tell me what it means when a T- square has not one but two planets in conjunction at the apex? I can't find info on this anywhere, so I am sure others are wondering too. Many thanks! - Abi

[ANSWER]: I assume by "apex" you mean "foot" of the T-square. There is not -- and can never be -- a cut-and-dried answer. The two (or more) planets in opposition tend to indicate there is a need for "balance" regarding the two (or more) houses (and their individual astrological meanings) -- as well as the meanings of the two (or more) planets in opposition -- and the houses these planets rule individually. The "foot" of the T-square (whether one or more planets) and the house placement(s) tends to offer "clues" as to what is needed to bring about a "balance/"agreement" regarding the two (or more) houses affected by the opposition, as well as the two (or more) planets in opposition.

One has to go to the basic astrological "meanings" of houses and planets to attempt an explanation. In all honesty, without a specific chart example, there is no 'valid' answer to your question.

[April 10, 2009] QUESTION: Hi, I'm a Scorpio.. And I have read that there are 3 animals associated with Scorpio.. scorpion, eagle, and phoenix.. now I am also reading that the serpent is too? Is this true? - Daniel

[ANSWER]: There a three "levels" for this Sun-Sign. "Eagle" relates to the most highly-evolved types; the "Scorpion" depicts the "typical" (and largest number) of Scorpio types; the "Snake" (serpent) "symbolizes" the lesser-evolved of all those born with this Sun-Sign. There are not four "levels." Incidentally, this is the only one of the twelve Sun-Signs "sub-represented" by more than one animal. However, the "Scorpion" is the primary (all-inclusive) symbol used to represent all born under this Sun-Sign. [BTW - Libra is the only Sun-Sign with a non-animal representation -- the "Scales."]

[February 28, 2009] QUESTION: What is the speed of Earth's rotation? - Clancey

[ANSWER]: Hold onto your hat! The Earth spins constantly at 1,000 miles per hour. Thanks to gravity we are not launched into outer space. Additionally, the Earth circles the Sun at 67,000 miles per hour!

[January 15, 2009] QUESTION: I just did my chart along with my best friend's chart. We were born 100 miles and almost 7 years apart and yet our ascendant signs/houses are ALL identical. How often does this occur and what could it mean? - Tess

[ANSWER]: What does it mean? It could contribute to the fact you are best friends mainly because your ascendants (personalities) are the same sign, and additionally you are "built" essentially on the same "chassis/frame" as is the case with many automobiles -- for example top-line Fords and Mercurys (even Lincolns) whose parts for a large part are interchangeable. As to the birth place and year differences, this is not at all unusual since the rotation of Earth (which determines the ascendant and other house cusps/signs) is on a predictable and routine schedule; in this case the cusps turned out to be the same. (You did not mention the degree/minutes differences which most likely are not the same on every -- or ANY -- house cusp.)

[January 8, 2009] QUESTION: Quick question,alot of times i feel more of my scorpio rising traits more than my libra traits,i read somewhere that the rising sign is more powerful if the sun is weak and unaspect and the sun worse position is in libra so is that why? - Bryceton

[ANSWER]: It's probably this: Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don't.

[December 12, 2008] QUESTION: I was sunbathing this morning and i noticed that the sun was moving from east to west in a different direction (from behind me) from that when i previously sun-bathed approx 6 weeks ago (in front of me). plse explain.thks - Neil

[ANSWER]: The Sun "moves" south (from an Earth perspective) as winter approaches. It (the Sun) really does not move north or south at all. However, as Earth circles the Sun once each year it (Earth) is more elevated (higher) on the circular path during winter when the northern hemisphere receives less direct light/heat from the Sun, and is lower on the circular path in the summer when light/heat from the Sun is more direct. Consequently, when it is winter in the US/Canada, etc., it is summer in the southern hemisphere (Australia, for example). [Perhaps interesting TRIVIA: In the northern hemisphere when water drains or flushes -- i.e. in commodes -- it rotates clockwise (left-to-right); in the southern hemisphere, it drains/flushes counterclockwise (right-to-left).]

November 30, 2008] QUESTION: How long before the configuration of "stars" and planets is exactly the same as when a person was born? Thank you for your time. - M. R-C

ANSWER: I believe the answer to your question is 25,800 years. That is 25 thousand and eight hundred years!

November 12, 2008] QUESTION: Elbert, I just have a simple question for you regarding the decan(s) placement for the ascendant, Sun-Sign and Moon-Sign. Does this also apply to the other planetary placements? For instance, my Mercury is in Pisces at 22 degrees, 13 degrees and 04 seconds -- 3rd decan of Pisces. - Sandy

ANSWER: Yes, decan "meanings" apply to the planets the same as Sun, Moon, Ascendant, other house cusps, Moon nodes, Part of Fortune, etc. (See table below) However, too much emphasis on these minute areas can tend to cloud other perhaps more important indicators in the horoscope. If an astrologer goes into every single minor indicator the reading could require an unreasonable amount of time. I recall once many years ago spending some 6 hours reading the natal horoscope of a client who insisted I "reveal" more and more. At the end, both client and this astrologer were completely exhausted! And the final result was not actually that much more revealing than a typical "normal" reading.

July 29, 2008] QUESTION: If I am Pisces and my partner is Sagittarius, then our Sun- Signs are considered square. But our birthdates, (3/19 and 11/24) makes our suns trine in terms of degree separation. Confused. Can you explain? - Kathy

ANSWER: Indeed, it can be somewhat confusing. Each sign is 30 degrees wide; an exact square between planets (heavenly bodies), nodes, house cusps, other points/parts is 90 degrees (plus or minus 10 degrees, meaning a range of from 80 to 100 degrees); an exact trine is 120 degrees (plus or minus 10 degrees, meaning a range of from 110 to 130 degrees). Stressful, negative ("hard") aspects typically but certainly not always occur between planets in non-compatible elements. Fire (Sagittarius) and water (Pisces) are not compatible -- water can put out fire; fire can change water to a vapor (steam).

However, in the final analysis, the longitudinal distance (number of degrees between planets) determines whether there is an aspect or not, regardless of the elemental placement of the two planets and/or parts. In your case, partner's Sun is at about 3 degrees Sagittarius. Therefore there are 27 degrees remaining in Sagittarius + 30 degree of Capricorn + 30 degrees of Aquarius + 29 degrees of Pisces (your Sun) = about 116 degrees, which, by traditional astrological definition, clearly is a trine. But because the elements are not compatible, such a trine would not be considered as strongly positive.

July 23, 2008] QUESTION: My partner and I share the same birthday, January 9th. Is this a good thing astrologically? - Lisa

ANSWER: No doubt the degree/minute of your and his Sun are very close to the same, but since you did not state the year of birth for both, there is no way to say whether this is a "good thing astrologically." You and many others should learn that while the mutual Suns might be close to the same degree of longitude, the other planets (heavenly bodies) may be strikingly different. Consequently, there is no valid answer for your question.

April 22, 2008] QUESTION: Can health issues be seen in a natal chart? A progressed chart? What elements should one look for with regard to serious illness? (megalibran)

ANSWER: It's important to remember that very, very few astrologers are also medical doctors. Therefore, responsible astrologers do not purport to diagnose or "predict" illnesses or diseases, nor to prescribe any type of "treatment." There could be serious legal consequences for the astrologer who is foolish enough to do so. About all an astrologer can do safely is to mention areas of the body which may need special attention as indicated mainly by the sign which is on the cusp (beginning) of the Sixth House of health (plus any others signs which may make up any portion of the Sixth House), aspects to the planet which rules that Sun-Sign, and planets which may be in the Sixth House. Additionally, further clues might be found in the same manner for the First House of "self." The progressed chart will indicate aspects to the planets (mentioned above). If they are "hard" (negative, stressfull -- i.e. squares, oppositions, etc.) they might indicate an "onset/activation/change" and/or the need to be especially aware of the possibility of a need to seek qualified medical attention before or during that aspect or aspects time-frame. The non-medical astrologer can only detail these aspects and their time-frame(s). The client decides how to use (or not use) this or any other information resulting from a professional astrologer's reading of a natal, progressed or any other horoscope.

February 13, 2008] QUESTION: I was wondering why astrologers don't use the thirteenth sign of the zodiac Ophiuchus, which is located between Saggitarius and Scorpio. (Art)

ANSWER: Thanks for asking such an IMPORTANT question!!! For many years I too have wondered why astrologers are so stupid they don't use 'Ophiuchus' which everybody knows is located between Sagittarius and Scorpio. While I also am guilty of this UNFORGIVABLE astrological sin, I try to make up for it by using in all my charts the sign 'Outhouse' which I have proven by extensive research clearly is located between the signs 'Henhouse' and 'Smokehouse.' I think you should write a book and enlighten us all by detailing all your research on 'Ophiuchus.' No doubt it would be a best-seller. Best wishes, Elbert

December 16, 2007] Question: I am quite confused about the house cusps. My tenth house has Cancer on the cusp but I have saturn in Leo in the tenth house. How do I determine the ruler of that house? Cancer has a much different energy than Leo and typically this house determines ones career and father. Thank you (Krisdana)

ANSWER: The ruler of any house is the heavenly body which rules (is associated with) the sign on the house cusp -- in this case it's the Moon. This tends to indicate your career (or business) is subject to ongoing changes. It could mean that you will make major career changes frequently, perhaps at least every seven years, or even possibly 3 1/2 years. These changes could suggest total changes of direction, places of employment and/or working in situations in which major changes are the "norm." Dig a bit deeper. In which house is the Moon? First house adds a distinct personal note; second house may suggest money and finance; third house, communications -- secretarial, etc.; fourth house, real estate or working from home -- or in a family business; fifth house, entertainment, speculation, using creative talents; sixth house, public service and health-related; seventh house, legal, design and partherships; eighth house, insurance, antiques, settlements, wills; ninth house, extensive travel, government and courts, tenth house, public office, entertainment; eleventh house, working with or for friends, social employment; twelfth house, working for hospitals, prisions, or working in "secret." Digging deeper as related to career it's also necessary to consider the Moon's placement in the elements (fire, earth, air, water), in which mode (cardinal, fixed, mutable), whether in a masculine or feminine sign, whether it's on the active (rising) or passive (setting) side of the horoscope, and whether it is objective (top half) or subjective (bottom half). And it is very important to note how positively or negatively aspected -- and which planets are in aspect to it. Saturn in the tenth house likely is not so important as the considerations already mentioned except it could suggest delays in achieving what you deem as professional success. Incidentally, while traditionally the father is associated with the tenth house this is not always the case. It usually is the parent who has the major influence -- positive or negative -- in one's life.

November 13, 2007] QUESTION: A friend of mine has 8 empty houses (she has 6 planets in the 6th house and a few others clustered around), and no earth in her natal chart. What is the signifance of these "holes" in her chart? (deva)

ANSWER: Since there are 12 houses and only 10 planets (heavenly bodies -- 8 planets, plus Sun -- a star, and Moon -- Earth's satellite), naturally at least 2 houses will be vacant -- without a planetary presence. When there are several planets close together (in the same or adjacent signs) of course additional houses would, of necessity, be vacant. It is only natural (routine) to find most natal horoscopes with several houses without planets within them. As far as having no "earth" in her chart, she no doubt is sorely lacking in the areas of practicality -- good old common sense. (This comment based solely on your question statement, without seeing her total horoscope.)

November 4, 2007] QUESTION: How can a horoscope reading really help me? (need2know)

ANSWER: Back to the basics -- what then is natal Astrology horoscope reading? In its true and intended use it's an interactive process between a client and an astrologer where the primary purpose is to explore the client's innate (born-with/"birthright") potentials/limitations for "hidden" clues so that the client, using the information, then can work productively to achieve a more fulfilling life. This is accomplished using a unique and accurate horoscope cast for the date, time and place of the client's birth. It does not include any type of "psychic" mumbo-jumbo, numerology or fortune-telling. It is in effect a psychological evaluation, not unlike the Rorschach inkblot and other tests and techniques used by psychologists and psychiatrists to help and counsel their clients/patients -- except Astrology in use by a qualified, experieced and competent astrologer is much faster and considerably less expensive. Of course it is not likely possible to cover in-depth everything about anyone using only a natal chart (horoscope) during a one-time meeting, but nevertheless Astrology can be as revealing as other counseling methods. Often my clients say, with great surprise, "That's what my [psychologist] [psychiatrist] told me are my real problems!" When asked about the time and cost to get this information from them these clients usually say months, even years -- and thousands of dollars.

November 4, 2007] QUESTION: What does it mean to share the same age as your birthdate, such as being born on the 24th and turning 24? Is there any significance? (Rinn)

ANSWER: Not any significance that I have ever heard or experienced. Where do these urban legends come from? What then would a person who is over 31 do because they couldn't use this could they?

September 28, 2007] QUESTION: What does it tell me if a chart's ruler is unaspected for the most part? Thanks. (Arline)

ANSWER (back-and-forth): I don't know what "it" tells you but I would be interested in learning if you care to share this information with me. Thank you.

Her Reply: Thanks for the response. I'm afraid I didn't state my question very clearly. I'm just learning astrology and am looking at a female's chart with very little aspects to Venus. Could that mean anything in her overall experience of love and money, etc.?

My Response: So, you are a student of Astrology -- congratulations! Even beginning students should soon learn it's next to impossible to get an answer to an isolated horoscope question without the astrologer being able to view the whole horoscope. It is somewhat akin to asking a blind-from-birth person to describe, on first encounter, an elephant after being allowed to touch *only* its ear, or *only* its trunk, or *only* its tail, etc. The more you learn about Astrology the more you will realize how true this really is.

For example: What sign/house does Venus occupy; what sign rules the second and fifth houses and where and how are they aspected; how many planets are in water and earth signs; what's in the seventh and fifth houses; how are the rulers of the sixth and tenth houses aspected -- and on and on. Bottom line: I can't offer any valid information relative to your inquiry. Best of luck with you study.

Her Reply: I'm getting an education just from this inquiry. Thanks for responding. Blessings.

QUESTION: When we talk about decans whether in a Sun Sign or rising sign do all the 3 decans take the same physical appearance? Thanks. (Dean -- Australia)

ANSWER: I assume you mean rising sign because it is more important relative to appearance than is the Sun-Sign -- if they are not the same sign. It's important to keep in mind that a native's physical appearance (without other influences/modifiers) can be defined in a generally accurate way by the rising sign and its decan (decante). But in each individual case other factors have also to be considered. These horoscopic factors include -- to name a few -- house/sign placement of the planet ruling the ascending sign -- and aspects to it, as well as aspects to the ascendant itself. Further, the house/sign placement of the planetary ruler of the decan of the sign which is on the ascendant -- and on and on. I have written a series of lengthy and very detailed articles which attempt to describe all 12 signs and their decans as the natal horoscope's ascendant (rising sign). Click on the link(s) of interest to you. Rising Signs and Decans - | Aries | Taurus | Gemini | Cancer | Leo | Virgo | Libra | Scorpio | Sagittarius | Capricorn | Aquarius | Pisces |

December 6, 2006] QUESTION: My sun sign is Taurus (with Pisces rising/ascendent). Just as a matter of curiosity, I read the predictions for both Taurus and Pisces on the internet. Nothing matches what I have experienced in 2006. I have visited more than 20 websites and there is not one ounce of truth in what I read. My birthday is 7 May 1979, 3:00 AM, Bangalore, India. Could it be that I made a mistake in calculating my ascendent? (Alias: Su-Oli)

ANSWER: No, Su-Oli, you have not made a mistake about your ascendant. Tropically, it's 23 Pisces 01. Know that all those generic "forecasts" are, at best, possible entertainment. There is no way anyone can write a valid general "forecast" for any Sun-Sign (or ascendant), whether it pertains to a year, month, week, or even one day. Generally speaking, all would supposedly apply to some 1/12th of Earth's population -- which is just not possible; in fact, such verbage is downright laughable. "Forecasts" or trends must be done based on a single individual's unique natal horoscope. Read these generic "forecasts" if you like -- but just for laughs. [However, because they are so popular, I offer on this site a free daily "horoscopes" page, courtesy Dell Horoscope Magazine, here.]

November 27, 2006] QUESTION: My birthday is January 2; I am supposed to be a Capricorn, yet the Sun is in Sagittarius on that date. What am I? (Alias: Cap)

ANSWER: Who said your Sun is in Sagittarius? Anybody born January 2 (any year) would have the Sun in about 12 degrees of Capricorn. Is this a trick question or joke? - Elbert Wade

Email Response: No, it is not a joke. Look in any astronomy book; it has the Sun is Sagittarius on January 2. - Cap

Second Answer: Any ASTRONOMY book. There are two Zodiacs -- Tropical and Sidereal. Heavenly body placements (including the Sun) can be measured in two ways. VERY simply stated, Sidereal indicates the bodies' actual positions in relation to the constellations (fixed stars); Tropical indicates the bodies' positions relative to the constellations AS VIEWED FROM EARTH. [Note -- (if anyone cares): To convert a planet's Tropical location (sign/degree/minute) to Sidereal, add 13 degrees to the Tropical position, then subtract one whole sign.] Siderealist/Vedic astrologers use the Sidereal positions while Tropical astrologers (by far the overwhelming majority) use planetary positions as viewed from Earth. If you were born on Earth, you are Capricorn; if born on the Sun, you are Sagittarius. :) - Elbert Wade, PMAFA

October 17, 2006] QUESTION: What does 'Neptune-trine-Neptune' mean in a chart? I get a daily horoscope that's broken up into all the different aspects, and my favorite part says: 'You may be entering a golden age', with those symbols [Neptune trine Neptune] next to it. Thank you. (Alias: Pala)

ANSWER: One thing for sure, you are in (or close to) your 55th year of life because it takes 55.7 years for Neptune to move 120 degrees (a trine) from its point at birth. I am not familiar with any "saying" that Neptune-trine-Neptune indicates a "Golden Age." (But I don't pretend to have heard all astrological "sayings." :)) However, let's consider what this might mean. First, is natal Neptune well placed (in a water sign: Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces)? If so that's a plus. [Neptune was in Libra (an air sign) the entire years of 1951, 1952, 1953 -- which should cover your birth. Neptune is currently (2006) in Aquarius (an air sign -- which is trine Libra).] Next, is it favorably aspected natally? If so, another plus. If not aspected at all, a plus -- maybe. If only negatively aspected this might "blow" the whole "Golden Age" concept. Neptune, favorably placed/aspected tends to stimulate creativity and perhaps a feeling akin to euphoria; negatively it can confuse, mislead, "pull the wool over one's eyes." If your "favorite part" makes you feel good, go with it. Many blessings.

October 12, 2006] QUESTION: If my Pisces rising is 26 degrees and my second house is 9 degrees Taurus, will my acsendent be affected by Aries? Thank you for taking time with my question. (Alias: Jeremy)

ANSWER: It's important to remember that whatever sign is rising -- no matter what degree/minute(s) -- is the ascendant (rising sign). In evaluating the ascendant/personality consider first and foremost the major characteristics of that sign. If a water sign, the outer self is basically 'emotional/receptive' in nature. If a fire sign, 'active/dynamic'; if an air sign, 'mental/communicative'; if an earth sign, 'practical/pragmatic.' Consider any additional signs in the first house (in-order) as 'add-on's' to the ascendants' potentials. It/they can either help or hinder the true ascendant.

October 12, 2006] QUESTION: Hi. As I read astrological articles, some places I find that unaspected planets are especially strong and other places that they are said to be weak. Which is it? (Alias: tourist)

ANSWER: A planet's sign and house placement means what each of these things mean -- period. Unaspected, it is free to "express" those meanings at a normal and full level. If it's in a compatible sign/house/element/mode position it is strong no matter if aspected or not; if in less-than-compatible 'surroundings,' it will be weaker -- aspected or not. However, the nature of its aspects (if any) can either boost or reduce its strength no matter what its "surroundings."

September 20, 2006] QUESTION: Does Uranus in the seventh house necessarily means the person will be unfaithful and too independent, or can it mean he just wants someone different or unusual? Thank you. (Alias: ana)

ANSWER: I get so many of these types of questions which cannot be answered accurately without having a complete natal chart for the person about whom such a question is asked. It's a bit like asking a mechanic to diagnose a car's starting problem after bringing only the hood ornament to the garage.

A seventh-house Uranus can mean the person tends to attract and may be attracted to "strange/unique/weird/one-of-a-kind" -- even possibly same-sex casual or intimate associates. Often "associates" are met/encountered unexpectedly at improbable places. These "pairings" may or may not end as suddenly as they began.

A seventh-house Uranus can mean the person tends to attract and may be attracted to "strange/unique/weird/one-of-a-kind" -- even possibly same-sex casual or intimate associates. Often "associates" are met/encountered unexpectedly at improbable places. These "pairings" may or may not end as suddenly as they began.

[Your question could be answered next -- if it is NOT completely personal (of no interest to anyone but you), and does not require "fortune-telling." Send it now. Click here.] [See page 2 here.]

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