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HOROSCOPE-- a "scope" (drawing, 'picture,' representation) of the "hour (horo)" of birth. A planetary 'presentation' (geocentric -- [earth centered] -- astronomical "map") of the hour and minute a person is born. (There is no such thing as a 'daily horoscope,' 'monthly horoscope' or 'whole year horoscope.' The word "horoscope" has been so long abused commercially that in the mind of the general public it has virtually come to mean Astrology itself -- which it is not.)  Factually, the horoscope figure (wheel, chart) is astronomy -- the scientific part of the science-art Astrology. [Note: Astrologically, time of birth is defined as the moment a living being makes the transition from a liquid to a gaseous environment -- i.e. inhales air (oxygen) for the first time.]

Horoscope Wheel (Circle) Parts
Houses: Twelve pie-shaped sectors numbered counterclockwise (Earth rotates counterclockwise)
Cusps: Twelve straight lines separating houses
Center: Earth's placement

Major Horoscope House Systems
Placidus (most used); Regiomonontanus; Campanus; Koch, Horizontal; Porphyry; Morinus; Zenith; Equal House (same as Zenith)

Horoscope House "Rulerships" (Associations and/or What They Basically Relate To)
First House: Outer self, personality, front, facade, physical appearance, mannerisms; 'filter' through which everything is sent from and received by the 'inner self' -- one's Sun-Sign; 'manner/mode' of contact/dealing with others and the external environment; also somewhat health-related
Second House: Wealth (money, possessions), income potential, spending 'nature'; one's priorities; tastes, wardrobe; appetites related to eating, self-satisfaction, pleasure, sex
Third House: Lower (worldly) 'everyday' mind; potential thinking ability, mental (brain) activity, "IQ"; central "nerve system'; communication skills (speaking, writing, reading, gesturing, expressions); mechanical/technical skills, routines; 'local' travel; brothers/sisters
Fourth House: Upbringing, family, 'roots,' parents generally -- either mother (usually) or father; potential for self-confidence, security feelings, residence preferences, the surrounding home area, parenting; memories, the past
Fifth House: Offspring of the mind (potentials for creativity) and body (children); lovers, love affairs; pursuits of pleasure, often relates to sense of humor, fun and games; gambling, taking chances, potential for risk-taking
Sixth House: Health potential, and body areas that may need extra care/attention; work choices and conditions, potential work-related efficiency, discipline; employees, co-workers; dedication to serve and the concept of service; one's servants
Seventh House: Close associates/associations which minimally includes marriage partner(s), contracts, binding agreements; legal matters, affiliations, memberships
Eighth House: Desire motivations and their intensity (as opposed to 'hopes and wishes' -- as indicated by the Eleventh House); sex drive, sexuality; endings/changes -- especially related to matters of long standing/existence; benefits/responsibilites associated with Seventh House of marriage, partnerships, agreements
Ninth House: 'Higher' (as opposed to Third House) mind; intuition potential; 'spiritual' beliefs, philosophies, 'spirituality'; long-distance travel, voyages; advanced education; foreigners; communications/dealings/interactions with persons, matters and things at or from greater distances, or disparate backgrounds, experiences, beliefs
Tenth House: Career choice(s) and potentials; public respect and recognition, 'fame'; community standing; professionalism; potential ability to get notice, attention; most influential parent -- either father (most likely) or mother
Eleventh House: Social life potential; income related to Tenth House (professional career, fame); friends as they might influence one's greater success, or eventual problems/downfall
Twelfth House: 'Hidden' limitations, also potential unused/misused talents/abilities; reveals what's hindering greater success and happiness; symbolically the 'cave' where one 'licks wounds'; contemplates better measures to overcome frustrations, re-groups for advancement; often called the "dustbin" of the horoscope

Horoscope Circle/Wheel as 24-Hour Clock
Ascendant : 6 AM - Mid Left (Rising Sign) (the 'rising degree') (First-House ruler) - [Sunrise point]
Nadir: 12 Midnight - Bottom (Imum Colei, I.C.) (Fouth-House ruler)
Descendant: 6 PM - Mid Right (opposite Ascendant) (Seventh-House ruler) - [Sunset point]
Midheaven: 12 Noon - Top (Medium Colei, M.C.) (Tenth-House ruler)

Dividing the Horoscope Wheel
Planets in Left Half of Circle are "rising" (Due to the counterclockwise rotation of Earth)
Planets in Right Half of Circle are "setting" (Due to the counterclockwise rotation of Earth)
Planets in Top Half of Circle were potentially visible from birth place (Objective)
Planets in Bottom Half of Circle were not visible from birth place (Subjective)

Each Sign = 30 degrees, times 12 Signs = 360 degrees (a full circle of the heavens around Earth) Note: While each sign is 30 degrees wide, the constellations may vary -- especially when viewed from areas closer to the Earth's north and south poles; therefore, many charts will have two (or more) houses with "intercepted" signs, meaning there are three (or more) different signs (wholly or partially) within these houses. This is the case if you see indicated near the outer circle - \ Whatever Sign Symbol(s) / - within any house. If so, note the same indicator in the opposite house, but with the opposite \Whatever Sign Symbol(s)/. [Special Note: Planets, Moon's Nodes and Part of Fortune are NEVER intercepted. While some may appear within intercepted signs, their importance and meanings are not changed or modified.]

[Additional comment: For those not born on the Earth's equator (imaginary line drawn around Earth separating it into two equal parts, the northern and southern hemispheres), the further the birthplace is north or south of the equator, the greater the liklihood of some of the horoscope's houses stretching beyond 30 degrees, thus causing other houses to contract to less than thirty degrees. This must be the case since there are only 360° (degrees) in a complete circle. If even one house stretches to say 45° (actually it will be two houses since the opposite house will also be stretched to 45°), then some other houses, of absolute necessity, will be reduced in size (space) in order to allow for the extra degrees used by the oversized (more than 30°) houses. This applies to the house division systems of Placidus (the 'standard'), Campanus and Regiomontanus. (Intercepted signs would not be an issue for those using the not-so-common 'Equal-House' system.)]

Decan (decanate): Three 10-degree divisions or portions of any sign; each zodiac sign has three decans, which together total 30 degrees. First decan: 00° 00' 00" to 9° 59' 59"; second decan: 10° 00' 00" to 19° 59' 59"; third decan: 20° 00' 00" to 29° 59' 59".

Decan Rulerships of all Twelve Signs in the Horoscope
Fire Signs -- Aries, Leo, Sagittarius:
Aries: First Decan: Mars (Aries' 'overall' ruler); Second Decan: Sun (Leo's 'overall' ruler); Third Decan: Jupiter (Sagittarius' 'overall' ruler) -- Leo: First Decan: Sun (Leo's 'overall' ruler); Second Decan: Jupiter (Sagittarius' 'overall' ruler); Third Decan: Mars (Aries' overall' ruler) -- Sagittarius: First Decan: Jupiter (Sagittarius' 'overall' ruler); Second Decan: Mars (Aries' 'overall' ruler); Third Decan: Sun (Leo's 'overall' ruler)
Earth Signs -- Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Taurus: First Decan: Venus (Taurus' 'overall' ruler); Second Decan: Mercury (Virgo's 'overall' ruler); Third Decan: Saturn (Capricorn's 'overall' ruler) -- Virgo: First Decan: Mercury (Virgo's 'overall' ruler); Second Decan: Saturn (Capricorn's 'overall' ruler); Third Decan: Venus (Taurus' 'overall' ruler) -- Capricorn: First Decan: Saturn (Capricorn's 'overall' ruler); Second Decan: Venus (Taurus' 'overall' ruler); Third Decan: Mercury (Virgo's 'overall' ruler)
Air Signs -- Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Gemini: First Decan: Mercury (Gemini's 'overall' ruler); Second Decan: Venus (Libra's 'overall' ruler); Third Decan: Uranus (Aquarius' 'overall' ruler) -- Libra First Decan: Venus (Libra's 'overall' ruler); Second Decan: Uranus (Aquarius' 'overall' ruler); Third Decan: Mercury (Gemini's 'overall' ruler) -- Aquarius: First Decan: Uranus (Aquarius' 'overall' ruler); Second Decan: Mercury (Gemini's 'overall' ruler; Third Decan: Venus (Libra's 'overall' ruler)
Water Signs -- Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Cancer: First Decan: Moon (Cancer's 'overall' ruler); Second Decan: Pluto (Scorpio's 'overall' ruler); Third Decan: Neptune (Pisces' 'overall' ruler) -- Scorpio: First Decan: Pluto (Scorpio's 'overall' ruler); Second Decan: Neptune (Pisces' 'overall' ruler); Third Decan: Moon (Cancer's 'overall' ruler) -- Pisces: First Decan: Neptune (Pisces' 'overall' ruler); Second Dean: Moon (Cancer's 'overall' ruler); Third Decan: Pluto (Scorpio's 'overall' ruler)

Sun-Sign (Zodiac) (Horoscope) Symbols
Aries = Taurus = Gemini = Cancer =
Leo = Virgo = Libra = Scorpio =
Sagittarius = Capricorn = Aquarius = Pisces =

Planetary/Other Horoscope Symbols -- (Note: Sun is a star; Moon is Earth's satellite; + 8 planets)
                    Sun = Moon = Mercury = Venus = Mars =
                Jupiter = Saturn = Uranus = Neptune = Pluto =
Other: Part of Fortune = - (Positive) -- Moon's North Node = - (Positive - Dragon's Head) -- Moon's South Node = - (Negative - Dragon's Tail)

[Note: Each planet/point/part will be (or in) one or another sign, and at a certain degree [°] (0 to 30), and minute ['] (0 to 60). This is written into the horoscope Wheel as: planet | degree(s) | sign | minute(s) -- Sun 29 Gemini 20, e.g. [ 29 20 ]. (If Rx or R is with this line, it means the planet is in apparent retrograde motion.) Only planets can, at times, be 'retrograde' -- apparently moving backward. Sun and Moon are never retrograde since all planets, including Earth, circle the Sun; the Moon circles Earth.]

Major (Important) Horoscope Aspects between Planets/Points/Parts
Conjunction: 1 - 5 degrees apart (Positive or negative ~ depends)
Opposition: 180° [+/- 10] degrees apart (Stress -- Need for "balance")
Quinqunx: (150°) (sometimes called inconjunct or injunct) (unfavorable)
Sesquiquadrate: (135° ) (semisquare counting from the opposite side) (unfavorable)
Trine: 120° [+/- 10] degrees apart (Potentially the most positive)
Square (also called quadrate): 90° [+/- 10] degrees apart (Challenging, stressful - negative)
Sextile: 60° [+/- 5] degrees apart (Half a trine - half as positive)
Semisquare: 45° [+/-3] degrees apart (Half a square - half as negative)
Semisextile: 30° [+/- 3] degrees apart (Half a sextile - half as positive)

Other Horoscope Aspects
Bi-quintile: (144°) (favorable)
Tredecile: (108°) (favorable)
Quintile: (72°) (favorable)
Decile: (36°) (favorable)
Quindecile: (24°) (favorable)
Semi-decile or vigintile: (18°) (favorable)
Combust: Applies only to Sun when very close to -- 10 or fewer degrees -- (conjunct) any planet. Traditional thought: Sun "burns" (weakens but does not destroy) the planet(s)' influence -- except Mars, which increases its power/meaning
Parallel: Considered same as a "conjunction" -- two planets having equal longitudinal distances from the equator (north or south)

Horoscope (Astrological) "Vital" Signs: Sun-Sign | Ascendant Sign | Moon Sign

Active-East: (Number of planets in Left Half of Circle)
Passive-West: (Number of planets in Right Half of Circle)
Masculine: (Planets in "active" signs - Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittatius, Aquarius)
Feminine: (Planets in "passive" signs - Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces)

Four Elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water)
Fire - (energy, action) [Planets in: Aries, Leo or Sagittarius]
Earth - ('head,' practicality, 5 senses) [Planets in: Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn]
Air - (ideas, communication) [Planets in: Gemini, Libra or Aquarius]
Water - ('heart,' emotion, feelings) [Planets in: Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces]

Signs' Three Modes (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable) [Mode - Dictionary definition: The manner of doing something]
Cardinal - (starting, initiating) [Planets in: Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn]
Fixed - (stability, continuity) [Planets in: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius]
Mutable - (adapting, changing, releasing) [Planets in: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces]

Houses' Three Modes (Corresponds with the three groups of the twelve signs of the zodiac which comprise Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable -- see Signs' Three Modes above)
Angular (Cardinal) - First House, Fourth House, Seventh House, Tenth House [Houses on the four 'corners' of the horoscope wheel -- ascendant, nadir, desecendant, midheaven]
Suceedent (Fixed) - Second House, Fifth House, Eighth House, Eleventh House [The four 'in-between' houses]
Cadent (Mutable) - Third House, Sixth House, Ninth House, Twelfth House [The four houses at the 'end' of the four quarters of the wheel's circle]
(NOTE: Applies no matter which signs rule houses, plus whatever signs intercepted within them.)

Asteroids: Small "planetary" bodies (large rocks) Ceres, Juno, Pallas, Vestra whose orbits usually lie between those of Mars and Jupiter -- except Chiron which orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Important astrologically? Absolutely NOT. Why? Because the TOTAL MASS of all the major asteroids is LESS than that of the MOON -- and the Moon is only some 239 thousand mean (average) miles from Earth (30+ times the distance from Earth's north to south poles). These very tiny oddly-shaped (non-global) hunks of matter are between -- roughly -- 54 million to 791 million miles from Earth. Giving them any astrological importance or consideration is total madness!!!! Some 6,000 asteroids have already been discovered; several hundred more are discovered each year. There are hundreds of thousands more that are too small to be seen from Earth.

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