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by Elbert Wade, PMAFA

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August 20, 2006] QUESTION: Is the second marriage shown in the 7th house or the 11th? (Alias: DR)

ANSWER: The second marriage is associated with the 9th House, not the 11th. However it is important to note the prospect(s) for marriage in general is/are based on the 7th House. If one has a less-than-promising natal 7th House, all the 9th House can do is possibly improve (or not) on what the 7th House indicates. Then, in 'modern' times, what constitutes marriage? Often couples live together, even have children and never formalize the relationship. (By astrological tradition, the third marriage is related to the 11th house, the fourth to the 1st House, the fifth to the 3rd House, the sixth to the 5th House, the seventh again to the 7th House, and so on around the chart wheel -- skipping one house to get to the next marriage or "meaningful relationship.")

August 1, 2006] QUESTION: How do retrograde planets affect the natal chart? Different books give different versions: delayed action; opposite action; doubly effective; erratic, etc. What is your opinion? Thanks.(Alias: lavish_jam)

ANSWER: Planetary retrograde motion is in actuality an illusion and not a fact; all planets maintain regular forward motion as they rountinely circle the Sun. My opinion and experience is that natal chart "retrograde" planets have the same influence as direct planets. (Of course their aspect influences are delayed in the progressed and transits charts.) Is not your automobile the same size, weight, model and color when it is passed by a faster moving vehicle? Passengers in the faster car might get the illusion that your vehicle seems to be slowing, or even be in retrograde motion. Unfortunately too many astrologers seem to enjoy attempting to impress clients and others with their "knowledge" and cleverness when they can find anything to add which will make Astrology more confusing than it already is, including the silly much-ado about the "influence" of asteriods, retrograde planets and countless other examples of made-up foolishness.

June 2, 2006] QUESTION: I have 5 degrees Aries ascending. Does this mean my ascendant is on a cusp like a 5 degrees Aries sun would be influenced by the Pisces sun because it's so close? (Alias: Heidi)

ANSWER: Your question is far from crystal clear; however, I will attempt to answer what I think you mean. The response definitely is NO.

May 25, 2006] QUESTION: How are 5 or 6 planet conjunctions happening in different signs interpreted e.g. Pisces-Aries, Scorpio-Libra etc.? (Alias: adi4)

ANSWER: A conjuction is a conjunction [not your question, but a fact], which means two or more planets' energies are combined (for better or worse), whether it's within the same sign, between planets in different signs and/or adjoining houses. First consideration: Are the conjoined planets "compatible" or "supportive" or not? Are they both rulers of signs of the same element -- fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), or water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)? If so, a big plus; if not, a minus. Are both planets rulers of signs of the same mode -- cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), or mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)? If so, a plus; if not, a minus. Are they both rulers of masculine (active) signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius)? If so, a plus; if not, a minus. Are they both rulers of feminine (passive) signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces)? If so, a plus; If not, a minus. Then consider the other aspect(s) to the conjoined planets -- if any. If these are positive or negative this would, of course, accent the conjoined-from-different-signs planets' meanings related to the matters associated with the houses involved with these additional aspects. [Confusing? Sorry. Nobody in their right mind ever said Astrology is easy!]

May 2, 2006] QUESTION: Mr. Wade, how would you define a real astrologer? (Alias: need 2 know)

ANSWER: A real astrologer is one who has vast knowledge of the science-art Astrology gained through a long and dedicated study and extensive experience actually reading -- one-on-one -- in-depth horoscopes for actual clients -- non-paying and later those who pay. The real astrologer needs a background and a natural and/or learned skill in psychology, counseling, guidance and problem-solving. The real astrologer never includes anything in the reading of a horoscope which is not actually supported there astrologically. There is never any fortune-telling or gibberish about 'past lives.' Further, no other "divining arts" -- tarot, numerology, palmistry, channeling, aura-reading, phrenology, etc., are ever 'mixed in' with the horoscope reading. Attempting any "mix" clearly indicates the so-called astrologer's lack of astrological competence.

April 28, 2006] QUESTION: 2 years ago my partner and I saw a rainbow around the big moon (don't know if it was actually full-moon or not, but it looked big) and I was told that not many people get to see it and that we had been blessed. Do you know the meaning of a rainbow around the moon? Thank you? (Alias: curious)

ANSWER: Not really an astrological question but I am happy to answer it anyway. What you saw was a moonbow. Not unlike a rainbow, a moonbow is seen when moonlight is refracted (bent when it passes obliquely -- in a slanting manner -- from one medium to another through air to water droplets, or ice crystals) in the Earth's atmosphere. Not an uncommon occurrence. It would have been visible to anyone over a broad area of Australia should they have looked. I am not in a position to know if you both were blessed. Far be it for me to attempt to dispel long-standing folklore, old sayings or "old wives' tales."

April 27, 2006] QUESTION: I recently spoke with an astrologer and he said something that really caught my attention...he said that I was born on a "star" and that I had a very good "star." I was born on March 17, 1986, at 4:41 AM - premature. What does the whole "star" thing mean? (Alias: JPKIN163)

ANSWER: I suggest you ask the astrologer who "said something that really caught [your] attention." I assume he uses 'Fixed Stars' with/or for his readings. I and probably 99 out a every one hundred astrologers do not even bother with them. "What does the whole 'star' thing mean?" Again, ask him. This is not a reasonable question to ask me since there are some 290 to 768 fixed stars (depending on who you ask) which lie outside the Zodiac, and literally volumes of often very conflicting and convoluted information have been written about them. I have no astrological interest in the fixed stars because I don't care to bring elements of superstition into the reading of my clients' horoscopes.

April 24, 2006] QUESTION: I was born January 8th but I was supposed to be born April 8th; can this affect my horoscope? (Alias: killcaution)

ANSWER: My knee-jerk question: "Is this a legitimate submission?" Of course it would affect your horoscope -- big time! If April 8, you would have been born in the sign Aries; if born on January 8, your Sun-Sign is Capricorn, with many of the planets in different signs.

April 23, 2006] QUESTION: I recently had my chart done: 9 plants in my 1st house, 7 of them in Saggitarius. The woman acted shocked or amazed; I couldn't really tell. What does it mean if one has 7 planets in Sag in the 1st house? (Alias: saggie)

ANSWER: First, it means you were born in late 1987, probably between December 18 - 21 when a satellitium (also known as stellium) of planets were gathered in Sagittarius. However, and I could be wrong, but did you mean 6 instead of 7 planets in Sagittarius? A similar stellium occurred in Aquarius February 4 and 5 of 1962. Why was the lady shocked/amazed? You'd have to ask her because I don't know. Perhaps your very accented ego (9 planets in 1st house) was a bit overwhelming to her; further she may have been concerned with her anticipation of your lack of paying much attention to what she said (7 planets in 'just-give-me-the-facts' Sagittarius), and your likely impatience with wanting her to get to the 'bottom line' posthaste. :) (Or perhaps she doesn't know these satellitiums occurred.)

April 12, 2006] QUESTION: Why is Libra the only inanimate sign? (Alias: pondering)


ANSWER: 'Inaminate' is defined as 'lacking the special qualities of living things.' Yes, of all the twelve signs, Libra alone is sybolized by a non-animal. Romans 'invented' Libra and gave it importance as a constellation of the Zodiac. Libra was regarded as the "scales of justice" held by Julius Caesar. The Romans were first to choose 'scales' when the Zodiac was still in its infancy some four thousand years ago, when the Sun passed through this starry constellation at the autumnal equinox on September 21 -- when day and night were of equal length. The Egyptians also saw the constellation as a 'scales.' Some others did not. The constellations were named according to their star patterns, or what important individuals could perceive by 'connecting the dots.' In Libra, no known animal could be "seen" so they settled for a non-animated image familiar to them: the 'balancing' scales used in commerce. Admittedly, perhaps this and certainly some of the other accepted constellation star-pattern 'images' choices are a bit of a stretch for the imagination, but nonetheless are all but universally accepted and used.

February 22, 2006] QUESTION: If you have a Scorpio Rising what does that mean and what are the traits and characteristics of such a placement? (Alias: Murphy Smith)

ANSWER: May I direct you to: Keys to Your External Self: SCORPIO Rising and Decans. I think you'll find answers here. Incidentally, this site contains in-depth articles for all twelve signs rising. Click on your rising sign: Ari Tau Gem Can Leo Vir Lib Sco Sag Cap Aqu Pis.

February 11, 2006] QUESTION: Many planets in 8th house (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), that means Lords of many houses are in the 8th. Does it call for panic? (Alias: rpsoni)

ANSWER: Panic? Lord no! -- unless perchance you forget you are a Lady and go to bed with these Lords -- especially not all five at the same time. (Ladies and Lords must be ever guardful of their reputations!) Seriously, a 'loaded' eighth house (in this case, five of the ten heavenly bodies) intensifies the desires. Basically, one is 'destined' for great success if that strong desire potential is recognized, controlled and directed toward constructive goals -- or a dismal and tragic failure if this powerful energy isn't harnessed and channeled to positive and worthwhile accomplishments.

February 7, 2006] QUESTION: How do you rate the accuracy of the Vedic system? As far as houses go, some planets slip into different houses, likely due to the 23 degree or so difference? Sometimes these things frustrate me to no end, until I fall asleep. (Alias: triple-virgo)

ANSWER: Elbert Wade admits he has done little serious investigation of "Vedic" Astrology since early on, finding it's ancient Sidereal (unequal constellations -- and Sun-based) Astrology with a somewhat "newer" name. Generally, siderealists "gave up the ghost" a very long time ago as Tropical (Earth's solar system based) Astrology came to be the most researched, widely accepted, most used -- and most accurate for residents of Earth. For example, Elbert Wade's natal sun (Tropical) is in mid-Virgo -- which fits the more-typical Virgo "Sun-Sign" characteristics; it is not in Leo (Sidereal/Vedic). Further, it's difficult to imagine anyone was "born" or "resides" on the Sun! A question: Is it possible these "Vedic" astrologers are mainly interested in setting themselves apart, and adding even more confusion to the minds of the general public about an already overly-complex science-art -- Astrology? Also I gather from visiting their web sites that many are very arrogant about their "accuracy." Some boast they can rectify (determine) anyone's birth time to the exact second. This certainly is suspect -- especially since no one is likely to have any way to confirm or question whatever time they say is the correct birth time.

Response to Astrology Question-Answer Above (Alias: Janya) Regarding the question-answer above, I would like to clarify this: In my understanding regarding Vedic Astrology.. vedic astrology is earth based. It takes the human as he lives on earth as the starting point. Sidereal concepts are used differently than you are suggesting. Vedic Astrology is Geocentric not Heliocentric. And yes, Vedic Astrology is very accurate though limited in psychological depth and can be frightening to the unlearned unless and until they understand its esoteric and spiritual roots.

February 6, 2006] QUESTION: Hi, i was wondering about my north node in Aries and in the 7th house...what does this all mean? (Alias: catherine)

ANSWER: Against my better judgement (and to help keep this page restricted to questions/answers of general astrological interest, as opposed to an exceedingly boring "do my horoscope" free or "tell my 'fortune'" free total disappointment), I am going to give a semi-answer to this impossible-to-answer-here question.

Whichever house the Moon's North Node occupies in a natal chart (and others) is thought to indicate "good fortune" related to whatever matters are typically "ruled"-by/"associated"-with that house. (See: Horoscope Facts, Figures and Symbols.) In this seventh-house case, marriage, partnerships, contracts, agreements, etc. Does this placement alone mean a pleasing and fortunate marriage is indicated? Probably "yes" if North Node is highly/only positively aspected; probably "no" if it's only/mostly negatively aspected. To give a valid answer an astrologer must have an accurate total horoscope chart. (This does not mean if you send your birth data you will get an answer on this page.)

[February 1, 2006] QUESTION: How is the discovery of a tenth planet going to affect your studies? Also, does this discovery in any way invalidate your prior astrological predictions? (Alias: Buscador)

ANSWER: Sorry, I was out of town a couple of days. Absolutely nobody informed me that a new planet had been discovered. Thank you for this information. I always appreciate exciting notifications from those who apparently are on the planetary "cutting edge." Well, I guess I will just have no choice other than to contact all my clients, recall their horoscopes, and re-do all their readings. (This task may require several years of non-paid time.)

However, I lucked out on the "predictions" part of your question because I have never and do not now make predictions. Thanks for the update.

[January 22, 2006] QUESTION: [Question edited for space] Why can't astrologers agree on the significance of the Rising Sign/Ascendant? Some believe it represents 'real self,' 'inner you'; [others] believe it's 'persona,' 'mask, 'outward appearance,' as opposed to Sun, which represents 'real you.' Derek and Julia Parker hold former view; it was their book I bought; they are reputed as famous astrologers. This is the fourth email I have sent pertaining to this matter; have had no reply. What does the Rising Sign represent? (Alias: Maxiboy)

ANSWER: A better question: Why can't astrologers agree on ANYTHING? Too many are like toads who sit on and actively defend their very personal "nesting rock" -- a major reason that Astrology lacks a broader acceptance. If fifty "astrologers" were in a room with one clock most would disagree vigorously about whatever time it showed. It seems many are intent on stuffing down the throats of the public their personal "take" on the science-art. It's often obvious they choose to ignore completely the proven astrological basics, while adding useless "trivia" to suit their own interests (and to sell their books) -- such things as pointless aspects, asteroids, new "planets" -- and on and on. If Derek and Julia Parker (I have not read this book) actually claim the ascendant/rising sign represents the 'real self,' 'inner you,' they are wrong. And, "famous astrologers" are a matter of one's personal perception, as influenced importantly by their publicity agents and greedy book publishers.

If you sent four emails and received no reply, the first three were not sent to me. For comments about ascendants, please see: Keys to Your External Self: ARIES Rising and Decans. (One of a series of 12 articles), and All 12 Signs Rising -- Which Is Your Ascendant?

[January 18, 2006] QUESTION: Is astrology fortune-telling? Please give me an honest answer. (Alias: curious1)

ANSWER: No, Astrology is not fortune-telling; however, a very large percentage of those claiming to be astrologers are in fact fortune-tellers. Why? Because they know very little about the science-art Astrology. And they can make easy money from those who don't know the difference between Astrology and fortune-telling either -- while bypassing all the hard work necessary to prepare and actually read an accurate horoscope. It's a win-win situation for the self-proclaimed astrologer fortune-teller and more likely than not a total waste of money for those they dupe with their misrepresentations and dishonesty.

[January 18, 2006] QUESTION: Which house is the house of marriage and what does it mean if it is empty? (Alias: snezana)

ANSWER: The seventh house is the house of marriage, close associates and associations, as well as contracts (marriage, for example) and other mutually-agreed-to and binding agreements which typically would be subject to action in a court of law.

If the house is empty (has no planets) it usually means that marriage (and other matters mentioned in the first paragraph) is/are not likely to be as important or as "active" if the seventh house had one or more planets. This does not mean the person would never marry one or more times but it does tend to indicate that being married would not be the most important thing in the life -- and that whether married or not, life would likely go forward as usual.

To evaluate the prospects for marriage it's necessary to note the house placement of the planet which rules the sign on the cusp (beginning) of the seventh house, and the number and type of aspects (positive and negative) to it. There would also be a need to consider as well several other factors not necessarily related to the seventh house in the individual's horoscope.

[December 13, 2005] QUESTION: What signs are most compatible with Aries? (Alias: 1ariez)

ANSWER: The 'cookie-cutter' answer is the other fire signs: Leo and Sagittarius -- and possibly another Arian. Why? Because all are the same element -- fire. Next would be the air signs: Gemini, Libra (doubtful since Libra is in opposition -- directly across from -- the sign Aries), and Aquarius. Why? Because fire is compatible with air; fire requires air to burn, and fire warms air. Continuing with the 'cookie-cutter' explanation, earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) might not be very compatible with Aries or any other fire sign. Why? Because earth can be used to put out fire, and fire applied to earth can melt it and change it into glass. Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) might not match because water can put out fire, and fire applied to water creates a vapor -- steam.

The fact is compatibility based solely on Sun-Signs is totally flawed. Why? Because nobody is pure Aries, or any other sign. The Sun may be in Aries but the ascendant, Moon and the planets are likely to be in signs other than Aries. In effect, we each are somewhat like a tossed salad or vegetable stew or a mixed drink.

QUESTION: Chiron is a healing planet so.....what does it mean and how does it affect you if you have Chiron opposite Mercury, Uranus and MC in your natal chart? (Alias: Babyangel)

ANSWER: (No flippancy intended)
First, Chiron was discovered in November of 1977, and has received little or no respect from astronomers. At best, itís classified as a minor planet similar in size to those in the asteroid belt. Chiron's estimated diameter is 100 to 400 miles, comparable with Ceres, the largest asteroid with a diameter of about 600 miles. Chiron ends up as the 16th largest minor planet -- hardly in the same league as the traditional eight planets -- Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. [Astrologically, Sun, a star, and Moon, a satellite, are included in horoscopes.] Even Chironís minor planet status has been questioned by some astronomers who have observed what they suspect might be a tail attached to Chiron -- thus implying that the so-called planet may be merely a comet.

Considering its size and great distance from Earth, and questionable planetary status, and, most importantly, the fact that its discovery is so very recent (only some 18 years ago), I personally and professionally do not believe there is any reliable way to even begin to speculate as to its "influence" [if indeed there is any] in any natal or other horoscope. [Asteroids: Small "planetary" bodies (large rocks) Ceres, Juno, Pallas, Vestra whose orbits usually lie between those of Mars and Jupiter -- except Chiron which orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Important astrologically? Absolutely NOT. Why? Because the TOTAL MASS of all the major asteroids is LESS than that of the MOON! Some 6,000 asteroids have already been discovered; several hundred more are discovered each year. There are hundreds of thousands more that are too small to be seen from Earth.]

However, the International Space Station is much closer (some 250 nautical miles from earth). Does this mean that astrologers should also take into consideration its position by sign, degree and aspects, and then speculate on its 'influence' in birth (or other) charts? :)

QUESTION: Is astrology a science? (Alias: justgemini)

ANSWER: No. Astrology could more accurately be described as a science-art because astrologers use the science of astronomy (star measurement and analysis) for casting (drawing) horoscopes and the art of Astrology to delineate (explain/read) what is indicated by planetary placements in the 12 signs of the zodiac and their relationships (aspects) to other planets/points, as well as their concentrations in houses, elements and modes -- and what all this means to you personally as a unique individual. You might find this short article Is Astrology a Science; Is Astrology an Art; Is Astrology a Language? of interest.

QUESTION: What does it mean if all of the planets are in the bottom half of the my horoscope? (Alias: loner)

ANSWER: Look at the 'alias' you used; that fairly well describes what it means! But seriously, it tends strongly to indicate a very private person who shuns the limelight, lives mainly within the self and generally is very difficult for other to get to know. Usually they are very guarded and tend to distrust others, and may be uncomfortable in careers or situations which require extensive contact with others. You can get more information about planetary concentrations both in the bottom and top half of a natal horoscope here.

QUESTION: Look at my birth details: (not for publication). My question is, over the last couple of weeks I've noticed an extremely positive change in how I look at the past, present and future. It's amazing. I'd like to know if this is due to any particular planetary thing, and if the momentum is to keep up? (Alias: SagCan)

ANSWER: Unfortunately this nice person did not consider the "Question Guidelines: Before submitting, ask yourself: 'Would the answer to my question be of general interest to others -- as well as myself?'." (Sorry but this type of question likely would be of interest only to one person, and would require hours of work to answer.)

QUESTION: The Chinese horoscope states Taurus and Libra match but if you check Astrology reports the say no? (Alias: Mistified)

ANSWER: Good question. However my answer may not be satisfactory. First, I have not studied Chinese Astrology since learning it assigns rulerships to monkeys and dragons. However in Western Astrology, Taurus and Libra are "ruled" by the same planet, Venus, perhaps the reason for the "match." (The word "match" is used by you in your question and is not based on anything resulting from my research, mainly because I have no interest in Chinese Astrology.)

QUESTION: My son was due on January 25, 2005 full term nine lunar months from conception. However, he was born on December 17, 2004. In situations like this, is the sign determined by birth date Sagittarius, due date Aquarius, or some mix of the two? (Alias: leokitten)

ANSWER: This actually is a two-part question. Yes the normal human gestation period is 9 lunar (29.322 day) months, or 263.988 days. First question: Why was your son born apparently several days early? Well, it is very unlikely that he was. Two possibilities: You and/or your doctor miscalculated the date of conception (most likely); or your son was born premature by several days. The second part of the question is easy to answer. The Sun-Sign is determined totally by the date of birth (and time) -- regardless of anything else. His birth occurred on December 17, 2004 -- so he is Sagittarius. (On that date, Sun, Mercury, Venus (depending on birth hour), and Pluto were in Sagittarius; Moon in Pisces; Saturn in Cancer; Jupiter in Libra; Mars in Scorpio; Uranus in Pisces; and, only Neptune was in Aquarius.)

QUESTION: Saturn, Venus, Chiron and the North Node are in my 11th house. I know what impact Saturn has being there with Venus, but what do Chiron and the NN do there? Thanks! (Alias: Ann)

ANSWER: Moon's North Node (NN), sometimes called 'Dragon's Head' is thought to bring positive energies and "good fortune" to matters associated with its house location in a horoscope; in this case, the eleventh house of friends, hopes, wishes, plans/planning, social life, income related to career/profession and/or benefits resulting from one's "fame" and social position. Perhaps North Node might tend to lessen some negatives of Saturn also being in this house. (In effect they might tend to neutralize one another, but this could only be determined by how each is aspected.) Chiron being there (or anywhere else) is of absolutely no consequence or importance. Neither is all this other minor planet and asteroid madness introduced by some modern-day so-called astrologers who seem to want to impress with how smart they are; however, most of these "scientifc" idiots can't even do a satisfactory real horoscope reading. Apparently they prefer continuing to speculate rather than to delineate (actually read horoscopes -- which is what astrologers by definition and 'job description' are supposed to do).

QUESTION: On 07-26-1974 at 9:41 PM a frontal presentation or breach birth is the circumstance of my birth. It wasn't until 9:58 AM on 07-27-1974 that I was finally delivered by emergency C-section. How would I calculate my exact birth time? I am told by my family that the delivering doctor wrestled me in an attempt to turn me around in the womb for 12 hours. How can a soul incarnate at its own time when C-section births interrupt? (Alias: None given)

ANSWER: Astrologically, birth time is defined as that moment when the infant first inhales oxygen, thereby making the transition from a liquid to a gaseous (air) environment. You would calculate your birth time based on this consideration.

"How can a soul incarnate at its own time when C-section births interrupt?"

To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under the sun.
A time to be born and a time to die; ...

-- Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
(Even birth by whatever "unnatural" means.)

QUESTION: Hi: A while back, my grandmother had my charts done and the woman told her I wasn't going to live past the age of 20. I am 21 now, and was just wondering what else this could have meant other than actual death? Is there room for interpretation on such an extreme level? I had one instance around 19 where I had severe alcohol poisoning, but other than that haven't really had any close calls, and passed the age of 20! Wondering what else could have been going on here? Does it necessarily mean physical death, or perhaps something else. (Alias: Ryan)

ANSWER: Ryan, I am glad you sent this question. First, your grandmother made a very poor choice in selecting an "astrologer." That person was/is not an astrologer -- perhaps a fortune-teller and no doubt a bad one at that. Secondly, your grandmother exercised extremely poor judgement in telling you what she was supposedly told by this idiot "astrologer." (However I have to perhaps consider your grandmother's concern -- real or overblown -- about your drinking and her wish to shock you into quitting. But she could have offered something a bit more constructive than a "death sentence.") NO legitimate astrologer would ever make such a prediction simply because there is absolutely no certain way to glean this type of information from a natal or other horoscope. It is people like this fortune-teller who do great harm to their "clients" and also are guilty of a disservice to the science-art Astrology.

QUESTION: What are intercepted planets ? Thanks. (Alias: Gemini)

ANSWER: Planets are never intercepted. Perhaps you are thinking of intercepted signs. While it is very common for planets to occupy signs that may be intercepted, the planets themselves are never treated as intercepted. Any horoscope (a "scope" of the "hour") has twelve 30-degree houses, equaling 360 degrees -- a complete circle. However, for those not born on the Earth's equator (imaginary line drawn around Earth separating it into two equal parts, the northern and southern hemispheres), the further the birthplace is north or south of the equator, the greater the liklihood some of the horoscopes houses stretching beyond 30 degrees thus causing other houses to contract to less than thirty. When more than 30 degrees are in a house it's possible that an entire sign (one or more) will be submerged within it. This applies to the house systems of Placidus (the 'standard'), Campanus and Regiomontanus. (Intercepted signs would not be an issue for those using the not-so-common 'Equal-House' system.)

QUESTION: Can you explain -- a mother having Saturn conjunct Moon, a sister having a Saturn-Moon conjunction; my daughter having a Saturn-Moon conjunction, and myself with a Saturn conjunct Moon, all of course in different signs . Karma? (Alias: joy)

ANSWER: Let's just call it a part of heredity (the quality and potentialities [genes/DNA] derived from one's ancestors) same as inheriting eye and hair color. This is not at all unusual. I frequently find similar "matching" examples when doing horoscopes for several same-family members. Frequently the son's Moon will be the same sign as his mother's Sun and/or his ascendant sign will be the same sign as his father's Moon -- sometimes the same degree. [Personal example: My father was Sagittarius -- my Moon is Sagittarius; my mother was Leo -- my Mercury in Leo is the same degree as my mother's Sun.] Does the content of your question support this as 'karma'? Well, Saturn conjunct Moon tends to indicate difficulty with either giving or receiving love. Perhaps it is 'karma' and/or an indication of three generations of "cold-hearted" women. ;-)

QUESTION: How does the position of the Moon affect your zodiac sign and personality? (Alias: Jackie)

ANSWER: The natal position of the Moon (by sign/house placement) has no particular -- except possibly by aspects -- influence on anyone's Sun-Sign ('inner/basic self'). As to personality ('outer self' -- ascendant/rising sign) it is of little consequence -- unless: (1) It is in the first house and/or; (2) Is ruler of the first house, meaning the sign Cancer is rising. The Moon's sign, house placement, and aspects relate to one's innate emotional nature and how he/she deals with matters that challenge/stimulate/affect individual and unique emotions/feelings -- both outgoing (active) and incoming (passive).

QUESTION: Which is the most psychic Astrological signs? My friend who is a Scorpio claims her sign is; I am a Pisces and think mine is. Are either of us right? (Alias: Angie)

ANSWER: Angie, perhaps I am not the person to ask this question. I think some 99.9% of those who claim to be psychic are total frauds. I have no interest or confidence in psychics and have never known any person claiming to be psychic (which I have actually met or seen on television) I'd recommend to anyone for anything. IF someone is truly psychic it would be a gift and I doubt their birth sign (Sun-Sign) would make any difference whatsoever.

QUESTION: If one of two planets in conjunction is retrograde, how does it affect the other one? I.e. my (natal?) Venus(R) is conjunct Mercury. (Alias: kriause)

ANSWER: In a natal chart, which is a 'snapshot' of planetary positions at a precise date/time, it is of no particular significance as it relates to a conjunction or any other aspect. Example: If you take a still picture of a group of people it matters not whether someone then backs out of the camera's focus. However in a transits chart it might be more important. Retrogradation is an 'illusion' since all planets move forward consistently as they circle the Sun. All the 'planets' (except the Sun -- a star, and the Moon -- Earth's satellite) at times seem to be in reverse motion (retrograde) when viewed from an Earth perspective -- if the Earth, during the periods, is moving foward faster than they are. (Note: Astrologically considered, any planet that is retrograde is considered to be on the wane, or "weak.") The answer to your question is the retrograde Venus does not affect the direct Mercury conjunction because it is apparently retrograde.

QUESTION: What does it signify/mean when your Venus moves out of your sign? (Alias: Axel)

ANSWER: Answering questions such as this (and I get many of this type -- most of which I do not attempt to answer) is about as easy as performing major surgery remotely via the internet. It is assumed you mean by progression (one day for each year following the birth). There are at least two major possibilities: (1) "Love" of and "approval" of one's self is diminished and is likely to be more directed to others; (2) One's physical appearance (beauty) could fade somewhat. Of course the amount of "influence" would depend importantly on the aspects to the natal Venus, and the aspects it may form immediately before, during and shortly after progressing to another sign.

QUESTION: What is the Chinese Sign equivalent of Leo's Sun-Sign? (Alias: Larry)

ANSWER: These are the Chinese Signs with their maybe right, maybe wrong Western Sign equivalents. Dragon = Aries --- Snake = Taurus --- Horse = Gemini --- Goat = Cancer --- Monkey = Leo --- Rooster (Cock or Phoenix) = Virgo --- Dog = Libra --- Pig (or Boar) = Scorpio --- Rat = Sagittarius --- Ox = Capricorn --- Tiger = Aquarius --- Rabbit (or Cat) = Pisces. OR: Aries = Rat --- Taurus = Ox --- Gemini = Tiger --- Cancer = Cat --- Leo = Dragon --- Virgo = Snake --- Libra = Horse --- Scorpio = Sheep --- Sagittarius = Monkey --- Capricorn = Rooster --- Aquarius = Dog --- Pisces = Boar (Take your pick.) By the way, this site is banned in China. Determine your possible Chinese Sign and actual Western Sun-Sign here

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