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Junk-Mail Astrologers; Who Needs 'Em?

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You May Be On Their List!

How many offers each year do you get in the mail from some psychic-astrologer or astrologer you never heard of before? Have you ever bothered to read their spin or perhaps actually wasted a few bucks to get their horoscopes, advice, lucky lotto numbers, worthless birthstone, talisman or other trinkets which you can keep even if you are not satisfied with whatever they send you for $15, $20, $25 or more? And have you ever tried getting a refund? (They play the odds that you won't even bother trying because the refund probably wouldn't be worth the trouble to get.)

How did they get your name and address? Probably from mailing lists they purchase from some publishers of psychic or bottom-drawer astrology magazines, other mass junk-mail marketers, or even from certain of your friendly online so-called psychics, phony-baloney astrologers and other fly-by-night "futurists." Or, you may get their offers just because you have a mailing address -- or an email address on the search engines of the internet! If you live in a rural area or a part of a city of lower-medium to low-income families you are much more likely to be a "target." Their market research demographics tell them where recipients are most likely to be unwise enough to send money for an implied "promise" of improving their lot in life by some "guru" who seems to suggest they can make this a reality, but only if the order (and MONEY) is sent promptly.

The Offer Seems So Personal

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