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Moon's (Lunar) Nodes: North Node and South Node

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First, the Moon, in addition to all the planets (including Earth), has 'nodes.' But in Astrology, when nodes are mentioned, it is mainly the Moon's north and south nodes that are considered to be of real astrological importance.

The nodal points are the places the Moon (or any planet) crosses the Ecliptic -- the via solis, or the Sun's Path. This, of course, is an apparent motion since the Sun does not move along a 'path'; it is Earth that actually travels one complete circular path around the Sun annually. This path is called the Ecliptic because it's along this path ('line') that eclipses occur. [An eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon involving the Sun, Moon and Earth. A solar eclipse results when the Moon stands between the Sun and Earth which reduces or cuts off light from the Sun. A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth stands between the Sun and the Moon. Earth casts its shadow in the Moon, partially or totally. Also an eclipse can occur between Sun, Earth and another planet.]

Moon's (Lunar) North Node
                             Moon's (Lunar) South Node

The North Node (Dragon's Head) is the zodiacal point the Moon crosses the Ecliptic on its way upward [ascending] (to north); the South Node (Dragon's Tail) is the downward [descending] (to south) cross-point of the Ecliptic. The nodal points are always retrograde, apparently moving backward along the Ecliptic, meaning they move in reverse order to the zodiac signs, i.e (North Node) from Aries back to Pisces, rather from Aries forward to Taurus; (South Node) from Libra back to Virgo, rather than forward to Scorpio, and are very, very slow-moving [about 3 seconds a day, taking 20 days to move 1 minute of longitude]. And the north and south nodes are always precisely (same degree/minutes/seconds) of the directly-opposite sign (in opposition) to one another.

The NORTH NODE (Caput Draconis) is said to be fortunate or helpful regarding matters of its house and sign placement. For example, if it's in the natal Tenth House it could assist in the areas of career, reputation, advancement and fame -- if not aspected, or favorably aspected (certain conjunctions, trines, sextiles, semisextiles); if negatively aspected (oppositions, squares, semisquares, quinqunxes, sesquiquadrates) it could indicate problems in the same areas and perhaps suggest infamy, the negative side of fame. If in the Tenth House and in the sign Taurus it could indicate a great financial success because of or through career, business, fame; if negatively aspected (oppositions, squares, semisquares, quinqunxes, sesquiquadrates) it could suggest a rise to exciting heights financially followed by a great monetary and/or reputation fall. (Note: The total horoscope must be evaluated; these 'examples' are only what they are -- examples.)

The SOUTH NODE (Cuada Draconis) being opposite the "good" North Node, a reverse or "bad" meaning is expected. For example, a Fifth House placement could signal a weakness or problems related to gambling, risk-taking, out-of-control seeking after pleasure -- especially if the South Node is negatively aspected (oppositions, squares, semisquares, quinqunxes, sesquiquadrates). However, if it is well aspected (certain conjunctions, trines, sextiles, semisextiles), these negatives might not be so problematic and be more easily controlled. (Again, the total horoscope must be evaluated; these 'examples' are only what they are -- examples.)

So what do the Moon's north and south nodes mean in your horoscope? Basically consider the north node as a 'plus' related to its house/sign; for the south node, consider it a 'minus' for its house/sign.

First consider the general meaning (associated 'keywords') for the house in which each is located. (For a description of these for all the horoscope's twelve houses, see: Horoscope Facts, Figures and Symbols. Scroll down to 'Horoscope House Rulerships (Associations and/or What They Basically Relate To).

Secondly, consider the zodiac sign in which each node is located. This site ( has added four new pages dealing with Sun-Sign descriptions by the four elements : fire, earth, air and water. Get information by clicking on the element group in which your north, and then your south node is positioned in your natal horoscope. Sun-Sign Descriptions: Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius | Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn | Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius | Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Finally, consider aspects to the Moon's north node/south node suggested/illustrated in the examples given in the paragraphs (above) about the Moon's north node and south node.

There seems to be relatively less astrological consideration for aspects to the South Node; however, much attention is paid traditionally to aspects involving the North Node.

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