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Part of Fortune: Pot of Gold -- or Not?

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Part of Fortune (Pars Fortunae)

IS your natal horoscope's 'Part of Fortune' your "pot of gold"? Does it clearly indicate one special house to show you where and how to realize great good fortune? W-e-l-l, not exactly -- unless you put a great deal of confidence in 'mysticism' and ancient (could they possibly be called) 'superstitions' -- more or less?

It is rather widely thought that generally the location of the 'Part of Fortune' in a natal horoscope can be very positive as related to matters associated with that specific house; that it could possibly be regarded as being something related a 'super' North Node in any natal chart. However many astrologers, including Elbert Wade, believe the main value of the 'Part of Fortune' in a natal horoscope is to remind that astrologer where the Moon belongs in the 'Solar Chart' by house position, thereby giving consultant astrologers an idea of the nature of the fortune (either "good" or "bad") as indicated by the natal chart's Sun-Moon (easy or stressful) relationship.

Where did 'Part of Fortune' come from; how is it derived? The 'Part of Fortune' originated with long-ago Arabian astrologers who used it astrologically, along with many other "parts' or 'points'. "Part of Fortune" (Pars Fortunae) is not a planet in the actual correct-time natal chart, but instead a longitudinal mark (symbol) derived from a separate Solar Chart calculated for the month, date, year and place of birth -- without even using a specific birth time.

A Solar Chart is calculated so that the Sun (in the degree and minute of the sign which it happened to be on the person's birth -- year, month and date) is placed on the cusp of the first house. Its degree and minute determines the 'Solar Chart' rising sign, degree and minute. All signs follow in zodiacal order (counterclockwise) with the same degree and minute (as the Sun) on their respective house cusps. [Note: This is not a 'Sunrise Chart' which is calculated based on the hour of sunrise. A 'Solar Chart' is not concerned with hours or minutes.] The 'Solar Chart' houses are divided into twelve equal 30-degree segments, then the Moon and all planets are copied (using an ephemeris for that person's birth year) into their proper signs/houses. This 'Solar Chart' indicates how the planets will work inside the natal chart, but does not indicate through which houses their influences will be expressed.

After noting the Moon sign, degree and minute in the 'Solar Chart,' a natal horoscope (with the correct birth time) is calculated and the 'Part of Fortune' symbol (a circle around a cross -- see above) is placed in the natal chart in the corresponding sign, degree and minute the Moon occupied in the first ('Solar Chart') -- which will determine its house placement in the natal chart. [Fortunately, most modern-day computer chart-calculation programs will place and show the 'Part of Fortune' automatically.]

There are Arabian Parts (Points) for all the heavenly bodies except the Sun. They all are derived from the 'Solar Chart' -- same as the Moon stands for the 'Part of Fortune.' Here is the entire list:

Most Western astrologers disregard all the Arabian Parts (Points) except perhaps the 'Part of Fortune.' It might be understandable they are not used widely when Saturn (Fatality), Uranus (Catastrophe) and Neptune (Treachery) are designated as such total "downers." Most consultant astrologers don't really enjoy scaring the hell out of their clients.

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