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Fire Signs Descriptions: Aries - Leo - Sagittarius

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Sun-Sign -- ARIES
                             Ruling Planet -- MARS

ARIES [Element: Fire | Mode: Cardinal | Masculine (Active) | Ruler: Mars | 1st-House related (Ego)]: Forceful, energetic, dynamic, aggressive, explosive, temperamental, constructive, hot-tempered, grasping, lavish, impatient, sensual, coarse, passionate, sometimes even cruel are key words/terms for Aries natives. Above all, you are a doer, an activator. Hopefully, your ongoing flurry of activity will, at least most of the time, be used in pursuit of sound objectives.

The first-house influence tends to enlarge the ego; it inclines you to be an "I-am" person, regardless (For a real-life classic example of Aries' "I-am" -- to the extreme, see: Aries, You Are -- But What? -- Opens new window). In your rush to get somewhere, you would do well to to pay attention all along the way so you will know how to get back there again should your first visit prove unsuccessful.

Your characteristics include a desire to open windows and doors if forced to be in enclosed surroundings. When angry, you are apt to slam doors, throw or break things, tread heavily on floors. Some might describe your look as a stare. Your basic character is straightforward, forceful, egocentric, and combative. You are single-minded, adventurous, and enterprising. You can be willful, reckless, ruthless, even bluntly rude at times.

You have emotions and drives that are very strong; in fact, they are the dominant force in your makeup. You are passionate and can be very loyal while your affection and interest last. There is a powerful sex urge directed at conquest but lacking in lasting affectional qualities. It can be stated that most weaknesses stem from a lack of self-control; they also include a large amount of vanity, selfishness, jealousy, and even lustfulness. By instinct, you're inclined to be very honest; however, in the grip of ambition you can be unscrupulous.

You have a strong constitution, but you may be subject to feverish ailments from which there usually is a speedy recovery. You may be more prone to accidents than illnesses. Exercise care to avoid injury to the head especially. Life will be filled with action from start to finish. The 27th, 36th, and 63rd years are especially important. The main characteristics for cultivation are these: enterprise, action, ambition, courage, industry, generosity, constructiveness, and leadership. Undesirable traits for correction are belligerence, headstrong tendencies, pushiness, and impatience.

[Note: If your Sun-Sign is Aries, of course the information following DOES NOT apply to you, but it does describe many other not-so-evolved Aries-born individuals.] ... Domineering, pushy, bossy. You can't be content unless you are running things. Take directions or orders? Forget it! You'll gleefully run roughshod over anyone who by design or accident dares to stand in your way! Play the game your way or you'll snatch the 'ball' and run home. You must be 'number one' or you're out of it totally. Your photo is the dictionary's illustrated definition for the word 'arrogance.' If you can't find a fight, you'll gladly start one. You initiate numerous projects but seldom finish anything. Wherever you've been resembles a disaster area! You never seem to learn that you can make others nervous, uneasy with your impatience, brusqueness and boisterousness. Indeed, not everyone wants to jump when you bellow. (For a description of what's 'wrong' with ALL 12 Sun-Sign individuals -- on ONE page -- click here.)

Sun-Sign -- LEO
                             Ruling "Planet" -- SUN

LEO [Element: Fire | Mode: Fixed | Masculine (Active) | Ruler: Sun | 5th-House related (Creativity/Humor/Offspring)]: The life-giving, warm, and powerful Sun (the only star in earth's solar system) rules the internal ego (the real self). You tend to radiate, to generate, and give "light" to others and the environment. You are perhaps more effective and much happier if you create and cause things to happen rather than merely imitate or reflect that which is all about.

Ego is accented, especially since the Sun is ruler of the inner self. The traditional fifth-house characteristics of youthfulness, pleasantness, and good humor are brought to bear in your everyday life.

The "showy" nature of Leo causes you to love colorful clothes and all other kinds of adornments. There may be a "natural" taste for the "loud," and it's entirely likely that at times you may slightly overdo good taste in your dress. Regardless, everything you wear must (or should) be the best quality you can afford.

Your "unconscious" mannerisms might be described as catlike. You may be inclined to knead cushions and pillows, to stroke materials such as velvet or corduroy sensuously, and to lick your lips with satisfaction. You might even rub or scratch your neck and head when upset or nervous.

Very deep pride is at the root of the Leo character. There's ambition, self-assurance, complacancy, organizational ability, tenacity, reasonable conservatism, and a natural instinct for leadership. Your loyalty normally is quite pronounced.

The mentality may appear to be greater than it actually is because you possess an ability to express yourself in such a way that you impress others favorably. On occasion there may be an inspired flair; but your greatest mental asset is the ability to put ideas and thoughts together and express them effectively.

Internally you may possess a good amount of artistic talent and ability. You do not appreciate a joke about yourself. Your ambitions are very powerful and often sustained. Leos possibly have the most pronounced warmhearted and sincere feelings for others.

Your well-being depends on the opportunity to give and receive affection, to have others' companionship, and to be admired. Any disillusionment over affectional ties can be very upsetting. This is so because you are deeply idealistic -- as well as romantic.

Most weaknesses tend to stem from vanity, gullibility, laziness, extravagance, excessive pride, arrogance, and a too-dominating attitude. Strangely, excessive conservatism may, at times, be a handicap. Normally, there's a very strong constitution; you usually look as healthy as you feel. Your stamina seems almost inexhaustible. The nervous system should be quite stable. "Robust" might describe your overall health profile.

The life pattern is stable and normally follows ten-year cycles. The years encompassing the forties and the sixties are often the peek periods. The principal characteristics of a desirable nature and traits for cultivation are expressed by such words as: loyalty, inspiration, frankness, kindness, hopefulness, magnetism, tolerance, fearlessness, idealism, creativity, sincerity, industriousness and hospitality.

Some undesirable characteristics for correction are denoted by these words and terms: too much arrogance, an overbearing nature, impetuousness, overdominance, carelessness, gullibility, temper, hotheadedness, too much pride without a real basis, and "acting" to the point that you lose sight of what really is fact and what is fiction.

[Note: If your Sun-Sign is Leo, of course the information following DOES NOT apply to you, but it does describe many other not-so-evolved Leo-born individuals.] ... Vanity -- no, you didn't invent it but you do own a very active global franchise! Too bad you're not nearly so important as you think. You demand to be 'center-stage' even when yours is only a 'walk-on' part; you expect applause, especially when it's not merited. All that hand-shaking and back-slapping you do is not motivated by any desire to make others feel important but instead to command their full attention and gain their indebtedness -- so they'll notice and praise you. Your apparent interest in others is a clever gimmick to cover your insatiable pride and self-interest -- and your strong desire always to be the focal point of attention. Generous? Yes, but you expect full 'repayment' -- along with a hefty interest! (For a description of what's 'wrong' with ALL 12 Sun-Sign individuals -- on ONE page -- click here.)

                             Ruling Planet -- JUPITER

SAGITTARIUS [Element: Fire | Mode: Mutable | Masculine (Active) | Ruler: Jupiter | 9th-House related (Higher Mind/Travel)]: Expansive, jovial, optimistic, noble, kind-hearted; philosophical, extravagant, excessive; "lucky" Jupiter, the Greater Benefic (Venus is the Lesser Benefic), rules the internal 'drive' of all the Sagittarius-born. In your everyday activities you are inclined to be outgoing, open, far-reaching, positive and "grand." Your sense of humor is probably one of your most valuable assets; it's relatively easy for you to see some humor even in the most negative situations.

You may be well known for your quick wit and your uncanny ability to "hit the nail on the head" with what you say, even at times when it might be better if you didn't. You tend to be blatantly frank and honest, finding it next to impossible to be "tactfully" evasive. Diplomacy and tact are attributes you will need to cultivate lest you create unnecessary problems for yourself and alienate yourself from others. You like to travel and likely will do more of it than those born in other signs. Trips to or even residing (temporarily or permanently) in countries other than your native land are probable -- or at least such trips a part of your deeper desires.

Many of your "unconscious" mannerisms are equine (horse-like). Your head may be tossed or moved side to side when you're surprised, "spooked," or annoyed. There will be restless movements of the feet when you are bored (which may be often), or angry. You may tend to scrape your shoes somewhat when you are walking.

Sagittarius usually gives a very pleasant and refreshing type of inner personality. You may be idealistic, quite honest, straitforward and consistently philosophical. You possess heightened desires for complete freedom and continuing progress, combined with a highly-developed sense of and a desire for justice.

There is an adventurous and ambitious streak, including a generous portion of impulsiveness, versatility, and an organizing flair. Mentally, you are inspirational and simultaneously highly intuitive. This fire Sun-Sign gives keen insight. Overall optimism and the instinct both to think and act "big" are inborn traits. There may be a natural inclination toward religion and all philosophical subjects.

Your emotions usualIy are very much on the surface but often exuberant since Sagittarius often inclines its natives to say and do exactly what they think. Emotionally, you seem to "blow hot and cold" alternately, even in close romantic attachments. Your passion is not normally sustained well for extended periods of time.

Weaknesses could include extravagance, impatience, ambivalence, a lack of concentration -- not only mentally, but also in habits and behavior generally. Oftem there is a trace of the gambler. Too frequently the "Archer" will shoot his arrows far wide of the desired mark. Temperamentally, there may be a conflict between respect for convention and your freedom-loving inclinations. This can cause you sometimes to be illogical and even hypercritical. There easily could be something of the snob about you at times.

Since yours is a robust-type influence, good health is the norm. However, the nervous system is highly charged; this can cause you to be somewhat accident prone. Special care should be taken of the liver, the hips (avoid falls in advanced years), the thighs, and the respiratory system generally. Your life-pattern suggests that most of the time your life is adventurous and often colorful. The 50th year may be a most important turning point for you.

The main charateristics desirable for cultivation are expressed by such words as these: sincerity, honesty, frankness, justice, generosity, foresight, persistence, dependability, buoyancy, logic, and charity. Words denoting traits needing correction: overconfidenee, rashness, bluntness, aggressiveness, defiance, uncompromise, and loudness.

[Note: If your Sun-Sign is Sagittarius, of course the information following DOES NOT apply to you, but it does describe many other not-so-evolved Sagittarius-born individuals.] ... 'Bigger-than-life' is a euphemism for such expressions as 'unreal,' 'overblown,' 'unbelievable' and 'too-good-to-be-true' -- terms which tend better to describe you. You can't conceive the fact that 'forests' are made up of numerous individual 'trees' -- that details matter. Being bottom-line focused and end-result oriented is fine but you may need to know how you got there in case so-called good luck runs out. Being so aloof, detached, even unreliable, frustrates others because they never know if they can count on you during emergencies, or otherwise when you really are needed. Some regard your biting sense of humor as too far-out, often even hurtful. Others have difficulty determining when you are joking or being serious. Too often you promise 'miracles' but deliver nothing of the sort. (For a description of what's 'wrong' with ALL 12 Sun-Sign individuals -- on ONE page -- click here.)

Another copyrighted Astrology article by professional certified consultant astrologer Elbert Wade, PMAFA

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