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Earth Signs Descriptions: Taurus - Virgo - Capricorn

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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Sun-Sign -- TAURUS
                             Ruling Planet -- VENUS

TAURUS [Element: Earth | Mode: Fixed | Feminine (Passive) | Ruler: Venus | 2nd-House related (Money/Tastes)]: Harmonious, friendly, affectionate, sympathetic, refined, fond of pleasure, social, artistic, sensuous and/or lazy, vain, vulgar are words/terms which describe people born in the Sun-Sign Taurus. The powerful influences of this fixed sign give you so much stability and staying power that you are willing to persist to accomplish whatever you set out to do. You must exercise care so that one of your greatest strengths does not become your greatest weakness. You'll probably want to control your determined nature so that you don't get to the point that others, quite fairly, accuse you of being outright stubborn or bullheaded in your behavior.

Internally you are very practical and levelheaded. You tend to identify with your environment through the five senses; if you can't see, hear, smell, touch or taste something, it may be difficult for you to understand or cope with it. You have a strong money-awareness and you like to be rewarded for your accomplishments. You also tend to reward others in the same manner when they please you.

Normally, there is distinctly something sensual about you; however, both sexes are rather conservative in style tastes and tend to buy only the very best quality, and take care to make garments last. You are fond of expensive, ornate jewelry and just about anything made of gold -- and anything else which is top-quality and expensive.

There are at least two perhaps unconscious mannerisms which betray the Taurean's bovine ("bull-like") rulership. When irritated or angry, females may tap the feet nervously; males tend to move the head slowly and noticeably from side to side. These are signals that the "bull" is about to charge -- too often blindly. Additionally, the nostrils may become noticeably enlarged.

Your basic character may be described as materialistic and can be considered as essentially pragmatic (relate to practical matters). There is much caution, tenacity, and an abundance of patience. You tend to be a somewhat a moderato-to-slow thinker and may be in some way limited in certain mental activities and interests. Once an opinion or notion is formed, it seldom is changed. There is a robust sense of humor which may even border on grossness at times. You may be artistically inclined, especially in the fields of music and design.

The emotions are both very deep and very stable; however, you are not normally emotionally exuberant. Where the affections are involved, the tendency is to be very generous. The sex urge is pronounced; and even though you like to flirt, you are basically loyal to the one you love.

You should be quite strong healthwise and blessed with a stable nervous system; however, being upset can affect your health negatively. Fortunately, illness is rare. You may dislike physical exercise but may need a lot of it because of a tendency to put on extra weight -- especially as the years advance. While your progress is normally slow, it's a steady process working ever upward. The 24th and 42nd years are usually especially important.

The main characteristics of a desirable nature to cultivate are endurance, steadfastness, trustworthiness, persistence, composure, kindness, generosity, humor, sympathy, practicality, carefulness, and fearlessness. Some less-than-desirable characteristics suitable for correction are stubbornness, conceit, covetousness, laziness, exactness to a fault, dogmatism, greed, and self-centeredness.

[Note: If your Sun-Sign is Taurus, of course the information following DOES NOT apply to you, but it does describe many other not-so-evolved Taurus-born individuals.] ... 'Greed' and 'gratification' should be your middle if not first names. If it appeals to insatiable appetites and addresses prurient interests, you will do whatever is necessary to possess it -- animal, vegetable or mineral. Constantly you seek to reward your five senses. Money and possessions dominate thoughts and rule lifestyle. If there is a profit in it, you'd evict your penniless and widowed grandmother! Work? You don't know the meaning of the word; you prefer others toil to provide for you. Move faster? Not you; you're too lazy ever to get in a hurry. Sloppy, messy, untidy -- you are these, and worse. Pity those who must clean up after you. Stubborn, bullheaded, unyielding. Wrong or right, once you've made up your mind nobody changes it. Others should beware triggering your explosive temper. (For a description of what's 'wrong' with ALL 12 Sun-Sign individuals -- on ONE page -- click here.)

Sun-Sign -- VIRGO
                             Ruling Planet -- MERCURY

VIRGO [Element: Earth | Mode: Mutable | Feminine (Passive) | Ruler: Mercury | 6th-House related (Work /Health)]: Quick-acting, youthful, versatile -- and communicative Mercury rules the basic inherent nature of natives of this sixth-house earth sign. Therefore, you are seemingly blessed with "eternal youthfulness," an ability to communicate well (sometimes too much!), and a rather natural curiosity about practically everything. You love to organize things; it's very difficult for you to function well in any disordered environment, whether on the job, at home or elsewhere.

You normally are not afraid of work because staying constructively busy provides you with perhaps your greatest joy in livIng. You prefer to work mainly with tangibles insofar as you can; theories, concepts, feelings and emotions are not as easy for you to deal with successfully as are things you can see, hear, smell, touch or taste. Perhaps you'd enjoy life to a greater extent if you learned to relax more often, if you understood that nothing and no one (including yourself!) is perfect, and if you realized that there is more to life than just hard work. There should be some time set aside for recreational activities and fun.

Overall, it is the general neatness and cleanliness typical to Virgo natives which really catches the eye of those who are perhaps not that 'tidy' themselves.

There is something of the fussy bachelor or prim old maid present. You probably look your best when in very simple attire. Your mannerisms often cause you to fidget with objects at times with an apparent lack of attention that you are doing so. There may be a tendency to count steps, windowpanes, tiles, bricks, etc. You try to read all signs, including roadside billboards. You tend to be highly practical by nature, and there always seems to be something essentially reliable about you as you have a very strong sense of duty, even though you go about most matters with reserve and some degree of timidity.

You can do well at many types of executive work if you don't have to be too much of a "boss." You are predominantly intellectual and a completely rational type in your thinking. You are reflective, highly analytical, introspective -- a mental perfectionist who is frequently all but totally obsessed with details. There may be some lack of originality because of such preoccupation with all the bits and pieces.

Seemingly you are born to be the critic. There may be a caustic wit which not everyone understands -- or appreciates. Generally, the emotions are subordinated to the mind. Your emotional attitude is cool but kind, seldom very ardent. Most personal relationships are tempered by a sense of duty rather than by strong magnetism. Most weaknesses are keyed to a lack of self-confidence and an inborn anxiety complex. There may be a tendency to split hairs, to fuss endlessly, and often to nag. You can possess a too-submissive attitude and an overly-serious and pessimistic outlook on life.

Of all the signs, Virgo likely is the most preoccupied with health and hygiene. Though many of you do not appear especially robust, you are actually wiry and often live to a very ripe old age. While you often discuss matters of health, you must avoid allowing "ill health" to become an escape mechanism when you experience other non-related difficulties. You may have the best-stocked medicine cabinet in the neighborhood. Your life-pattern is rather prosaic but exemplary. Normally, progress in the career starts around the 25th to 30th year and is positively maintained thereafter. You may never actually retire.

Characteristics to cultivate are expressed by these words: intelligence, thoughfulness, activity, perfection, consciousness, discretion, intuition, efficiency, economy, prudence, organization and perception. Some possible undesirable characteristics which might stand correction are denoted by these words: anxiety, worry, fussiness, irritability, discontent, apprehension, secrecy, criticism, aloofness, coldness, timidity, indecisiveness, and skepticism.

[Note: If your Sun-Sign is Virgo, of course the information following DOES NOT apply to you, but it does describe many other not-so-evolved Virgo-born individuals.] ... Boring, trying, tiresome. Your nitpicking and putting everyone in their 'place' sometimes causes others to wish you'd just go away and never ever return. Folklore implies that elephants never forget; well, neither do you -- especially if it's something unpleasant from the past that you can dredge up and throw in someone's face. It's a given you had absolutely nothing to do with writing any books about winning friends or influencing others positively. 'Perfection' in the world is your goal, but you'd be well-advised to do a lot of work on yourself first! 'Genuine phony' is a term that aptly describes you when you chastise others for doing the unclean and sinful things you enjoy (and may indulge) as much as they. You actually relish sex but would never admit it -- certainly not to yourself. Your level of 'purity' probably is no greater than that of those you would 'shape up.' (For a description of what's 'wrong' with ALL 12 Sun-Sign individuals -- on ONE page -- click here.)

                             Ruling Planet -- SATURN

CAPRICORN [Element: Earth | Mode: Cardinal | Feminine (Passive) | Ruler: Saturn | 10th-House related (Career/Fame)]: Business-like, success-oriented, practical, serious, stern, and status-aware Saturn, the teacher and Taskmaster, rules the internal 'drives' of all those born in earthy Capricorn. In everyday activities, you are inclined to be reserved, conservative, practical, and very down-to-earth. Your determination to keep trying even after failures and setbacks is likely one of your most valuable and outstanding traits.

While it's true that you keep trying, you need to guard against developing or keeping what could become a rather consistent state of negativism, which can do you no good, and can have a less-than-desirable effect on those around you. Try learning to consider reasons something is good or will work rather than delineating all the reasons why it won't work. Realize that negative thinking and always expecting the worst could be the major reasons you experience so many disappointments and failures. Instead, set a course based upon positive thinking.

Generally, you are quite ambitious; this is the result of your almost never being satisfied with the business/career/social position you occupy at any given time; you always want to move up to the next higher level. You are willing to work long and hard to achieve almost any promotion or advancement.

Typically, there is not any accented concern for the current fashions in wearing apparel, but quality is demanded always. In fact you may return for refund or another selection just about any wearing apparel you purchase.

The basic character is very pronounced in its strength and its most realistic approach to life and everyday matters. Yours is a rather unique "single-mindedness." The urge for security is strong. Capricorn is studious, serious, reflective, introspective, and cautious. A sense of humor may be all but lacking, or it will be a very dry wit. There may be a love for music as listening offers some "escape" from pressing realities. The mental reflexes may be somewhat slow, but the memory is excellent.

Even though you may appear to be a very cold person, this is not necessarily the case. Capricornians are actually capable of very deep fidelity to those respected and loved. Your sex drive may be quite strong also. However, this drive can function somewhat unpredictably, mainly because vital energies may be focused on other areas -- business/career. There is little sentimentality or actual romanticism in your amorous approach.

You may possess a strong attachment and dedication to family members. Unfortunately, you may neglect much family closeness because you spend so much time and energy in pursuit of career/business. Lack of a willingness to accept or try new and better ways of accomplishing success with solving the problems may be lacking. An additional negative can be an urge to "keep up with the Joneses."

Remember that a very important key term for this Capricorn influence is: "I use." Guard against using others with no attempt to disguise the fact that you are doing so. The years seem to toughen you after what may have been a less-than-robust youth healthwise. Many, however, live to an advanced age.

A trail of struggle against adversity of one type or another may mark the path to what is often a very successful climax. The Capricorn-born often gives their best near retirement time. The 60th year is almost always a fortunate turning point in life. Words describing charateristics to cultivate are prudence, service, thoughfulness, and organization. Words indicating characteristics for correction are nervousness, jealousy, selfishness, discontent, suspicion, gloominess, depression, melancholia, and impatience.

[Note: If your Sun-Sign is Capricorn, of course the information following DOES NOT apply to you, but it does describe many other not-so-evolved Capricorn-born individuals.] ... Worry, worry, genuine 'worrywart.' If there is nothing to worry about you worry why there is not! Unfortunately your worrying is contageous and tends to 'infect' those around you. Your negativism causes many to avoid you however and whenever possible. 'Slave-driver' (among other less-than-positive terms) is what those who provide you services call you when you're not around. Question: If you did smile would that 'hard-as-your-heart' face shatter into a million tiny pieces? 'Workaholic' describes you accurately. However, no matter what level of success you reach, it's never enough to satisfy or celebrate. Love, tenderness, understanding and compassion are words not defined or even in your 'dictionary.' Few people mean anything to you unless you can use them to further your success. Once they've served their purpose, you can discard them without a second thought. (For a description of what's 'wrong' with ALL 12 Sun-Sign individuals -- on ONE page -- click here.)

Another copyrighted Astrology article by professional certified consultant astrologer Elbert Wade, PMAFA

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