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Air Signs Descriptions: Gemini - Libra - Aquarius

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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Sun-Sign -- GEMINI
                             Ruling Planet -- MERCURY

[Element: Air | Mode: Mutuable | Masculine (Active) | Ruler: Mercury | 3rd-House related (Mind/Communications)]: Quick, mental, imaginative, studious, logical, talkative, communicative, forgetful, fretful, nervous, flighty, worrisome, conceited, tale-bearing, and sarcastic are words in tune with you because Mercury rules your facade, externalized ego, appearance, and personality (your external self). Your general approach to everyday life is keyed to words, information, ideas, and communication. At your best, you are a perfect model of the efficient handler of information; at your worst, you are merely an ineffective paper shuffler.

No doubt you are well-read, educated, and informed. The only question is: Are you prepared in the areas which will be most useful and productive? Many of you go about accumulating bits and pieces of infomation which may not have any real value in aiding you to achieve personal success. You like to talk, sometimes too much. Make sure that what you have to say is of importance and interest to others. You want to guard against getting a reputation as a gossip or one who only talks and never listens to anything others have to say.

Mannerisms may include a tendency to fidget with objects, having periods of apparent inattention -- and a tendency to count window panes, bricks, cracks in the pavement, etc. The hands need to be busy at all times. Since Gemini is a dualistic (double-bodied) sign, it's only natural that you would possess a "two-sided" or "flip-flop" nature. Versatility, adaptability, and a fondness for novelty are three outstanding traits. There is an unstoppable desire to communicate. The character often lacks real strength or stamina; for example, you may go to pieces in a real (or imagined) emergency.

It is intellect which governs you, but the intelligence is usually more superficial than profound. There is a rapid learning ability, but it is easily diverted from one thing to another. There are good powers of self-expression and a very quick sense of humor. The emotious are very evident on the surface but seldom can be touched deeply.

The sex urge may not be too strong, and some of the numerous relationships may indeed be platonic. Weaknesses can include diffusiveness, inaccuracy, a tendency to gossip too much, nosiness, a knack of prevaricating (lying) quite easily if it's necessary in order to avoid embarrassment, and a tendency to become too preoccupied with trivial matters and details. If not careful, you can become a "jack-of-all-trades" -- and not be especially good at any one thing.

There is a wiry constitution; but since you live mainly on your nerves, they likely would be at the seat or any illness that you might experience. Take special care of your lungs, hands, arms, and shoulders. It's important that you have plenty of fresh air and maintain a regular schedule. The life pattern is changeable; the years between 20 and 30 may bring the best opportunities.

Characteristics good for cultivation are intelligence, expression, idealism, ambition, dexterity, tolerance, and temperance. Traits for correction include restlessness, verboseness, trickery, shiftiness, waywardness, shallowness, and nervousness. These less-desirable traits can be minimized or even corrected by the application of your outstanding positive, mostly mental, qualities.

[Note: If your Sun-Sign is Gemini, of course the information following DOES NOT apply to you, but it does describe many other not-so-evolved Gemini-born individuals.] ... The zodiacal 'Twins' do not depict you sufficiently; however the butterfly -- as it flits first to one flower and then another -- better demonstrates much of your basic nature. Attracted to almost everything, very little of consequence is ever realized because you only 'skim the surfaces.' Split-personality, two-faced, double-dealing; these terms fit you well indeed. Others never know which of your many 'selves' they're dealing with. You awake in a different world daily, and march to the beat of the loudest drummer. By your account there's very little you don't know; however under fire, your mental dilettanteism fails to impress many. Communicative? You certainly are! 'Chatterbox' or 'motor-mouth' are ideal terms to describe you and that incessant babble that bores others to tears. Youthful? Yes, but when will you ever grow up and act like an adult? (For a description of what's 'wrong' with ALL 12 Sun-Sign individuals -- on ONE page -- click here.)

Sun-Sign -- LIBRA
                             Ruling Planet -- VENUS

LIBRA [Element: Air | Mode: Cardinal | Masculine (Active) | Ruler: Venus | 7th-House related (Marriage/ Partnerships)]: Lovely, sweet, soft Venus -- goddess of physical beauty -- rules the internal egos of all with this Sun-Sign. Libra is the sign which rules the seventh house in the natural zodiac -- the "other-persons" sector. You are very conscious of your everyday contacts with those in your environment, and want to see fairness become a reality in the world.

You basically feel that everyone should get a fair share of what he/she deserves, based upon your personal belief that positive rewards should be forthcoming to all who deserve them, and that equal punishment is due these who violate the rules of justice and cause harm to others.

The words balance, form, order, color, and symmetry have a special meaning and importance to you whether in your personal relationships, career, business, hobbies or recreation. No doubt you have some artistic ability that you do (or at least should) express on a regular basis. If you haven't yet discovered your particular best talent, you should continue to look and experiment until you find it.

Some mannerisms are rather interesting. For example, when weighing any even slightly-puzzling statement, proposition, or decision, you may carefully balance a small object--such as a pencil, ruler, or stick on the tip of a finger, or if standing, balance your weight on your toes. With the best specimens of Libra rising, there is a most equable disposition, a natural love of justice, and an idealistic outlook.

Unfortunately, a few very confused, discontented, quarrelsome, and far-from-content individuals are born under this influence. Since this ascendant desires to balance opposites, this makes for much discrimination; but this also means these natives are in a frequent state of mental and emotional flux, making it very difficult to form a firm foundation.

Libra makes you highly imaginative and intellectual, but your memory may be somewhat below par. You are most skillful in discussion or debate and are quite the master of evasion. The emotions tend to be somewhat superfical rather than very deep. While you generally have a give-and-take attitude about emotional matters, you nearly always get the better of any such exchange. (The seventh-house influence will bring many interpersonal exchanges on various levels throughout the lifetime.)

As far as most potential weaknesses are concerned, it can be said that the majority of them stem from the very energies which are usually considered most desirable -- the peace-loving, adaptable instincts. These, when misapplied, can make for too great an inclination toward compromise, vacillation, and evasion of decisions and responsibilities. The overall constitution is basically sound but the central nervous system may be rather sensitive. Your general health, attitude, and sense of well-being are very much affected by others and the environment generally. Fortunately, since there is a natural inclination to moderation in all things, little serious or long-term illness is normally experienced. The life-pattern, though seldom stable, is usually rather fortunate overall. The 24th, 36th, and 48th years tend to be especially significant.

The main characteristics of an desirable nature and good for cultivation are indicated by such words and terms as: justice, sympathy, thoughtfulness, foresight, graciousness, modesty, refinement, artistic ability and interest, adaptability, cheerfulness, love and affection. Less-than-desirable characteristics for correction are denoted by these words: uncertainty, indecision, impulsiveness, recklessness, procrastination, pushiness, vanity, aloofness, shallowness, carelessness and vacillation. Most or perhaps all of these undesirable traits already have been or can be improved or corrected by the sensible application of your many outstandingly-positive talents and abilities.

[Note: If your Sun-Sign is Libra, of course the information following DOES NOT apply to you, but it does describe many other not-so-evolved Libra-born individuals.] ... Equality, fairness and 'balance' are your primary watchwords, but to you they mean you want everything apportioned to others but only after you take what you want! In summary, you want to satisfy absolutely all your desires/needs first and then insist others share equally whatever may remain. Others dislike your tendency to 'sit on the fence' about so many important decisions. Making up your mind about just anything is next to impossible. Nobody knows which way you will lean eventually. Being other-persons-oriented too often means that you meddle shamefully and attempt to make other individual's private (and public) business your own. You may have certain 'artistic' tastes but some of the type others may not appreciate -- or even understand. Too often you will overstep authority and good taste with attempts to 'enforce' the rules/laws as viewed only by you. (For a description of what's 'wrong' with ALL 12 Sun-Sign individuals -- on ONE page -- click here.)

Sun-Sign -- AQUARIUS
                             Ruling Planet -- URANUS

AQUARIUS [Element: Air | Mode: Fixed | Masculine (Active) | Ruler: Uranus | 11th-House related (Higher Mind/Travel)]: "Topsy-turvy," unusual, unexpected, difficult, intuitive, liberty-loving, original, abrupt, boldly romantic, philosophical, and erratic and chaotic Uranus -- the planet whose energies awaken the individual to new, often sudden opportunities -- rules Aquarius. Your personality might be labeled by others who know you well as unique and one-of-a-kind; or, if they are not friends, strange, unusual, peculiar, and too far-out. Both labeling exercises might be more or less accurate, depending on whether you are responding positively or negatively to the Aquarian/Uranian influences on your personality.

Outsiders who observe your personal actions for a relatively short period of time may wonder what you will do next, or in which direction you might go tomorrow; they may have difficulty with seeing much if any method in your "madness." However, if they would consider your actions over a period of months or years, they would have to agree there is more organization and underlying reason and rationale than might at first be evident. The fixed (stabalizing) influence of Aquarius gives you the tenacity and willpower to get a lot more accomplished than many might suspect.

Some physical movements appear quick, unpredictable, even somewhat disjointed at times. Some eccentricities of mannerisms are present; for example, there's may be a pronounced dislike for being touched other than by those closely associated. Persons with Aquarius are the true "individualists" of the zodiac. You think and act differently and possess a natural flair for turning the dull into the new and exciting. There is organizing ability, enthusiasm, strength of will, mental creativity and inspiration; you are deeply reflective.

Even though there may be a deep-seated good sense of humor, seldom does it inspire you to laugh aloud or openly. The emotions are refined by intelligence and discrimination. Generally, there is a sensitive rather than a sensual emotional bent.

In romance, conventions often may be totally discarded. Inherent weaknesses often may include being openly contrary, harboring the instinct to sound off abruptly and loudly if things become a strain, and being almost complete unpredictability. A strong tendency to say exactly what is thought without much regard as to how it may negatively affect others can cause a sudden loss of friends.

Since there is generally a strong constitution and a rather long life expectancy, there is seldom much serious illness to contend with. The nervous system, while normally well controlled, is very vulnerable however under severe stress or duress. Attention should be given to the circulatory system's arteries, and veins; the calves, and the ankles. The life-pattern is generally episodic and more or less "spectacular." Opportunities and setbacks may occur when and where least expected. Alternate four-and ten-year cycles seem to be the general pattern of experience.

The main characteristics and qualities of a desirable nature good for cultivation are expressed by such words and terms as the following: leadership, truthfulness, scientific interests, sincerity, earnestness, cooperativeness, sociability, service, patience, steadfastness, inventiveness and intuition. Some select words and terms describing characteristics and potential flaws for correction are: a radical nature, disorganization, too much skepticism, overanxiousness, sentimentality, gullibility, occasional irrational acts, and total unpredictability.

[Note: If your Sun-Sign is Aquarius, of course the information following DOES NOT apply to you, but it does describe many other not-so-evolved Aquarius-born individuals.] ... When asked to give a meaningful description, those who know you well may use such expressions as 'weird,' 'strange,' 'peculiar,' unorthodox,' 'unpredictable' and 'one-of-a-kind.' It is so difficult to deal with you because others never know how you will think, act or react. Friends figure importantly but unfortunately you tend to gravitate to associates who are regarded by 'regular folks' as oddballs. Many of your acquaintances/friends may decline invitations simply because they never know which others you'll also include in whatever activities you plan. Friend-oriented? Yes, but seldom are you a totally reliable friend, as too many have learned. Since your motivations/objectives change so suddenly and frequently, yesterday's pals may not 'fit' today's requirements and interests. (For a description of what's 'wrong' with ALL 12 Sun-Sign individuals -- on ONE page -- click here.)

Another copyrighted Astrology article by professional certified consultant astrologer Elbert Wade, PMAFA

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