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Water Signs Descriptions: Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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Sun-Sign -- CANCER
                             Ruling "Planet" -- MOON

CANCER [Element: Water | Mode: Cardinal | Feminine (Passive) | Ruler: Moon | 4th-House related (Home/Family)]: The ever-changing Moon rules the real self. Restlessness, changes, and emotional sensitivity are commonplace. You are inclined to reflect your environment -- whether positive or negative -- in much the same manner that the Moon reflects the light of the Sun. You are perhaps better suited to "imitate" than to create.

Having a nature which is more or less "spongelike," you have to be especially careful in choosing your environment and associates, for very soon you start to identify with and reflect whatever is close at hand. Pick, insofar as possible, only places and companions which are positive and conducive to real progress for you.

When moving about you "unconsiously," either roll along nautically or sidle along like your namesake, the crab. Generally your mannerisms are very crablike. You may instinctively clasp the stomach area when in repose or if perplexed. When idle, the fingers tend to curl inward; the thumbs may be tucked tightly into the palms. The Cancer-born are traditionally the introverted type. Timidity, self-consciousness can cause you to be quite temperamental at times. You are basically cautious, prudent, and untiringly persistent in going after whatever you desire most.

Keen insight and acute intuition are common since your mind operates mainly through your emotions. This also tends to give a vivid imagination but not very much instinct to be consistently logical or very practical. The sense of humor is gentle; the memory is remarkably good, especially of the early years of your life. The general emotional nature is sentimental, protective, and very romantic. Since you are exceptionally receptive to external sensations, tears and laughter come readily and quickly. In fact, tears may come more easily since you do have a melancholy side to your nature.

Any inherent weaknesses stem from the following: lack of initiative, vacillation, a tendency to put things off, sulkiness, a strong propensity to hoard "worthless" items/feelings/memories and negative experiences, and a tendency to a lack of originality. Even though your system is rather sensitive, you are usually healthy. After experiencing numerous childhood complaints, you may grow healthier with age.

You may be very sensitive to changes in the weather and to changes of the Moon, ruler of your "inner" self. Cancer typically is one of the longest-living of the zodiacal types, perhaps aided by your extra attention to health and diet. Travel nearly always figures importantly at some time or other; but sooner or later, you long to and likely will return to your homeland.

There is a very pronounced seven-year-cycle or pattern to your life as the Moon (your sign's ruler) progresses to form either squares, oppositions or conjunctions with its natal position every seven years. The 28th and 49th years may be outstandingly significant. Your main characteristics of a desirable nature and good for cultivation are expressed by such words as: conscientiousness, economy, patience, versatility, adaptability, sympathy, devotion, caring, and patriotism. Less-than-desirable characteristics that might need correction or improvement are denoted by these words: vanity, timorousness, possessiveness, sentimentality, touchiness and restlessness.

A fourth-house influence makes the concept of family an important part of your life. Wherever you are, you need to belong to some sort of "family," even if they're not related to you. More than those of other sun-signs, you are likely to resemble your parents, especially as years pass. Sooner or later, you'll need to own your own home.

[Note: If your Sun-Sign is Cancer, of course the information following DOES NOT apply to you, but it does describe many other not-so-evolved Cancer-born individuals.] ... Super, super sensitive. You can get your feelings hurt with or even without a good reason. Around you others are ill-at-ease because they never know what will set you off. People tire of those 'cry-baby' tactics often used to get your way. Family-oriented? Yes, but you expect to rule relatives through clever emotionally-twisted manipulations. Long-suffering, self-sacrificing, giving your all for the family? You bet, but you expect in return 'only' everyone's total dedication, complete love and ongoing admiration. One of your greatest joys is making yourself visibly miserable in order to cause others to feel indebted and obligated to you. Your love is the type which too often 'smothers' rather than uplifts. (For a description of what's 'wrong' with ALL 12 Sun-Sign individuals -- on ONE page -- click here.)

Sun-Sign -- SCORPIO
                             Ruling Planet -- PLUTO

SCORPIO [Element: Water | Mode: Fixed | Feminine (Passive) | Ruler: Pluto | 8th-House related (Desires/Changes)]: Mysterious, slow-moving, evolutionary, obscure, and determined Pluto rules the internal egos of you with this Sun-Sign. Above all else, you are strongwilled, consistent and persistent as you go about handling all matters of consequence and importance to you. You probably don't even know the meaning of the word "can't" because once you set your mind to do something, you will no matter how much time and energy may be required. You accomplish it -- or you want to know why it can't possibly be done.

There are many things about yourself and your life which you do not and will not reveal to others. You are inclined to be secretive generally as you don't tend to trust others too easily or quickly. You seldom forget a wrong or slight from others and are not averse to "getting even" when you can find any opportunity to do so.

Your general character is quite complex as intellect and emotion, will and the desires fight a perpetual battle for control. The overall mentality may be extremely introspective, analytical, and intuitive. The dominant urge is to get to the root of everything that intrigues you. The memory typically is especially keen.

The emotions are quite intense and, in the final analysis, the most powerful force in the total makeup. However, they are often kept bottled up since you dislike, even fear, openly showing emotions that might smack of any personal weaknesses. Your emotions are your greatest strength but potentially also a most dangerous force when not kept in check.

Limitations and weaknesses are mainly those which result from lack of capacity for compromise. There can be extreme jealousy, innate suspicions, a pronounced tendency to harbor grievances and sometimes to be bitter and vindictive. While very critical of others, you never spare yourself from criticism either.

Since Scorpio is such a wiry sign, it gives you a strong constitution. However, because of your very accented determination it's entirely possible for you to drive yourself to the very limits of endurance, which could result in some type of collapse under acute emotional strain. Fortunately, your recuperative powers are very good -- and rapid. Your life-pattern is very active, often combative, and usually quite suecessful -- especially in the latter part of life. Important years of change often are the 27th, 36th, and the 63rd.

The main characteristics of a desirable nature and good for cultivation are expressed by such words as these: activity, energy, positiveness, fearlessness, eloquence, devotion, patience, ambition, willpower, and tenacity.

The most probable less-than-desirable characteristics for correction are denoted by these key words and terms: severity, callousness, stubbornness, bitter sarcasm, an overly-suspicious nature, spitefulness, vindictiveness, dogmatism, cruel shrewdness, rude bluntness, obsession with sexual matters, and being overly-passionate about nearly everything.

[Note: If your Sun-Sign is Scorpio, of course the information following DOES NOT apply to you, but it does describe many other not-so-evolved Scorpio-born individuals.] ... Vindictiveness is your everyday way of life. You almost never forget or forgive any wrong (actual or imagined) done you, and live for any opportunity to get even. Some people may even think of you as a 'snake in the grass' and go out of their way to avoid you -- and with good reason. Whether for the positive or negative you're a slave to habit; you're not inclined to make any changes at all -- even when you know that you should. Too often your thought and speech are 'X-rated'; you can 'twist' almost anything to give it a sexual or vulgar spin! Only you know what goes on in that mysterious mind of yours, and perhaps it's a blessing that others don't know or have the slightest inkling. (For a description of what's 'wrong' with ALL 12 Sun-Sign individuals -- on ONE page -- click here.)

Sun-Sign -- PISCES
                             Ruling Planet -- NEPTUNE

PISCES [Element: Water | Mode: Mutable | Feminine (Passive) | Ruler: Neptune | 12th-House related (Weaknesses/Hidden Talents)]: Deeply romantic, mystical, introspective, peace-loving, religious, unselfish, melancholy, dreamy, morbid, fraudulent, psychopathic, and sometimes-unreliable Neptune -- the planet which awakens the "psychic" instincts -- rules internal "dynamo." The potential for creativity is a great asset, but only if it is used properly. Unfortunately, you often just dream and seldom make your visions into the important, exciting realities they could become. Dream to create, not to escape from the true realities which you face daily.

Artistic potential is great, and you may excel in many of the fine arts -- painting, music, sculpting, design, etc. You have a natural sense of rhythm which can aid your progress if you can manage to "get in step" with the more productive "beats" which suit your artistic nature and temperament. Strive to be in an environment which is peaceful and creatively stimulating.

You are something of a chameleon in that you are so impressionable that you tend to imitate those you are near. You have a tendency to absorb and become a part of the environment. The basic nature is introverted, malleable and likely dominated by the emotions. You are basically idealistic, altruistic, and well-meaning. Because of the desire to be all things to all people, you often are your own worst enemy. You are highly intuitive and imaginative. There sometimes is an aptitude for mathematics and highly abstract and involved thinking. However, the main guide in your life seems to be instinct, rather than logic. Memory may, at times, be decidedly poor.

The feelings and emotions are all-encompassing. You are sentimental, affectionate, and romantic. You can fall in love with love too easily and too often. Your moods may alternate between one extreme and another. You are very changeable and may show a completely different emotional facet to every person you know. Escapism may be your greatest shortcoming, resulting partially from an inherent timidity, lack of self-confidence, and a desire not to want to cope with everyday problems and the realities. Sometimes a weakness of character leads to vacillation, procrastination, and even prevarication. Fortunately, you are ever willing to try to mend your ways.

You have a rather absorbent constitution and may be somewhat susceptible to others' ailments. Self-indulgence -- alcohol, drugs, nicotine, caffeine, sex, and unwise diet -- can play havoc with your health. A positive attitude, light and airy surroundings, and cheerful associates are important to maintaining good health. Satisfying the spritual side is also sigificant. Some of life's experiences can be chaotic, even pathetic. Seven-year cycles are very pronounced in your life.

The main characteristics and qualities of a desirable nature are expressed by the following: inspiration, idealism, concentration, hospitality, service, peace, refinement, artistic ability, purity, perception, order, and method. Words and terms indicating characteristics for correction are negativism, diffidence, dreaminess, lethargy, carelessness, indolence, indecision, submissiveness, changeability, feelings of inferiority, timidity, self-pity, escapism, and criticism.

[Note: If your Sun-Sign is Pisces, of course the information following DOES NOT apply to you, but it does describe many other not-so-evolved Pisces-born individuals.] ... Poor confused 'fish'! And like those underwater creatures, you often tend to 'swim' mainly in whatever directions the ever-changing currents favor. Your ability to deal with reality is seriously impaired -- or unused. You tend to see the real world either through rose-colored or darkly-tinted 'glasses'; clear-view 'lenses' are foreign to you. Too often you come across as unreliable because of your 'wishy-washy' nature; this frustrates others who find that seldom can they count on you because you no doubt will change your mind/opinion when any given situation becomes critical. Living a fantasy life may be appealing to you but it exasperates those who would like to depend on (and help) you. 'Backbone' may be in short supply. One day you may learn you can't please everybody and at the same time be true to your own best interests and personal progress. Most of your artistic pursuits/creations may be impractical, and unmarketable. (For a description of what's 'wrong' with ALL 12 Sun-Sign individuals -- on ONE page -- click here.)

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