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What You Need to Know
About Your Horoscope Reading Choices

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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What do you expect from a horoscope reading? After all, you have a right to know since in-depth professional readings are not cheap, especially when compared to those computer-read so-called "bargain" printouts seen for sale just about everywhere -- especially on the internet. Why are they relatively but only apparently inexpensive? Simply because those operators who sell them likely will not have to spend more than a maximum of 10 minutes on each one -- start to finish. Their computer, loaded with a "horoscope reading" program which is an electronic machine with no thought processes necessary or even possible, rapidly selects from stored pre-written words, sentences, paragraphs, blocks of text (often advertised as written by "famous" astrologers), organizes them all into pages and then spits out a "horoscope reading."

Most likely these so-called "indidualized," "personalized" horoscopes/reports then are emailed or printed and mailed to the customer (that's correct customer not client) by the computer owner/operator who more likely than not knows very little if anything about Astrology or horoscopes, and probably cares little about you except for the payment you sent with the order. That's it.

What do you actually get? Normally about 20 to 25 pages of large-print text -- plus a few astrological symbols. Reality check: On average you are paying about $1.00 or in some cases much more per page -- especially a rip-off if the pages are emailed and you then have to bear the cost for paper, ink and your time to see what you bought. (At this unrealistic cost-per-page, any 200 page book would cost some $200.00 per copy!). Then what's the "bargain" with these quickie so-called horoscopes? And when you take into account that the "canned" information you receive is so generalized, convoluted, contradictory -- and certainly not synthesized -- it's all but totally useless -- but most likely you will get it fast. (After finishing this page you may wish to scroll back here for the following links: Astrology and the Computer -- Blessing or Curse?, and Keyboard Astrologers: Horoscopes for Sale (Assembly Required!).)

Why do consultant astrologers charge more than a few dollars? Because they offer a useful and valuable, but time-consuming, completely personal (one-on-one), service. They are not selling a product(s) like the internet "keyboard astrologers" offer. What they are selling is their time for which they normally charge what they deem their experience and expertise is worth. Compare the some 10 minutes necessary to prepare a computer "reading" with the time (see example details below) a consultant (live reading) astrologer must invest for each client in order to give a meaningful, synthesized (all things "put together"), worthwhile natal horoscope reading (delineation).

While I (Elbert Wade) certainly can't speak for other consultant/professional astrologers, I have listed below an estimate of the typical time I spend in preparation for and the reading of a live in-depth natal horoscope.

This is some 5+ hours of intense, tedious and challenging hands-on and mind-on work. Plus, I pay for all mailing costs of high-quality Sony cassette tape(s) -- or CD(s), the entire long-distance phone call charges, printing and paper (see explanation of only exception). You could look at it this way -- if you paid the approximately $1.00 per-page/per-minute charged for most computer-read "horoscope" reports, their fee would be some $255.00. Somehow I don't feel I overcharge clients when I ask $120.00 for everything (in-depth unique natal horoscope reading) -- start to finish. Hmmm, after putting all I offer in writing it makes me wonder how soon should I double my fees -- and I would if I were as money-hungry as many other "astrologers" (self-proclaimed astrologers, counterfeit astrologers, astrologer-psychics -- or whatever, keyboard astrologer, etc.) apparently are. [See the Elbert Wade professional horoscope services available and current prices HERE --- Go to SECURE Order Form (prices also listed on this page) by clicking HERE]

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