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For your time/day suggestions regarding appointment times/days, please note Elbert Wade's current (live) local time/day (above), then compare to your current local day/time to determine the number of hours of difference -- if any. Note: If the hour/date is more than Elbert's hour, your time is X number of hours later-than (ahead-of); if less, your time is X number of hours earlier-than (behind) Elbert's. [Hours of difference between Elbert Wade's current local time and your location's current time can range from 0 (zero) hours to 12 (twelve) or more -- plus or minus hours.]

[Special Fractional-Hour Time Zone Limited Area Exceptions (+ or - also based on Greenwich Mean Time - GMT): Afghanistan +4 1/2, Antarctic Aus Territory +4 1/2, Canada -3 1/2, Cocos Island +6 1/2, Cook Islands +10 1/2, India +5 1/2, Iran +3 1/2, Myanmar (Burma) +6 1/2, Nepal +5 3/4, Pitcairn Island -8 1/2, Russia +2 1/2, Sri Lanka +5 1/2]

More Help? Script (linked below) Enables Finding Time Differences Worldwide -- (Javascript necessary)

Activate/Deactivate 'World-Times' display -- on this page -- by clicking 'preview' or 'close': [Preview]
In 'The Americas,' select 'Dallas' (Elbert Wade's Time Zone)    Then compare to your 'Local Time/Date'
[You can select and see current time/date in up to 5 cities worldwide as well as your time/date simultaneously]

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