How Your Personal Information Is Protected

1) Elbert Wade respects and guards your privacy; consequently, I will keep safe all your "secrets." I will never share what you reveal on order forms, or anything which you or I say during any real-time telephone conference. Doing so would violate both my professional and personal ethics; in addition, it would be a completely foolish act on my part. Everything is between you, me and the recorded and/or printed information which is mailed/emailed to you. Mailing(s) include only your name -- clearly marked as Personal -- and your address, plus my return address. Nothing about Astrology or horoscopes is visible externally.

2) I never make duplicate copies of any client's tape(s) or CD(s). [Note: A hard (paper) copy of your horoscope is kept in my locked files for use when/if you place future service orders.] If any of your private, confidential, or "secret" information is ever revealed to a third party it will be the result of your allowing tape(s)/CD(s)/mail/email to get into the hands of that party.

3) Further, it is important to know it's not my nature or purpose to judge or criticize anyone regarding their lifestyle, or anything else. Such matters are none of my business. My mission is to offer useful information and guidance based only on what your horoscope indicates.

4) Your form-submitted birth data, address, telephone number -- in short, everything you include in an order form is NEVER revealed to or shared with anyone. I RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY. AlLL your personal data is deleted from my computer immediately after your order is completed. NO list regarding any horoscope client's data is maintained on my computer(s) -- not in the past, present or future. However a paper copy of your horoscope is filed in my office in case you personally request another copy. You will be asked questions for which you alone can give correct answers before a copy will be realeased by any means -- email or regular mail.

5) A direct telephone land-line connection is considered secure -- unless someone is listening on an extention at your location; a cell phone call is not secure. Cell calls, since they are transmitted over the airwaves the same as radio/tv stations, can be intercepted even though it's illegal to do so without a court order.

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