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President Barack Obama Natal Horoscope
-- with Astrologically-Based Comments

This article posted online July 13, 2008 -- nearly 4 months before the first general election.
Born NOT to Lead but to Enforce His Will

First, and of utmost importance, note that there are only 2 planets on the left half (rising side) of the circle (horoscope) and 8 planets on the right half (setting side). Additionally the 2 planets (Jupiter and Saturn) on the left are in the 12th-house, the house of "limitations," meaning their "power" is reduced. Without any astrological doubt whatsoever this (President) Barack Obama birth chart is the horoscope of a "follower," not a "leader." With such a weak-left versus a strong-right configuration the individual is limited when it comes to making decisions and acting unless they have support, backing and/or steering from "outsiders." In simple terms these individuals normally are best suited as "employee" rather than "boss," the "puppet" rather than "puppeteer." As Commander-in-Chief this could present severe problems.

Clearly the inner desire/motivation to "control" and/or "co-operate" is equally balanced -- 5 heavenly bodies (Moon, Mercury, Sun, Uranus, Saturn) in masculine (active, action) signs and 5 planets (Venus, Pluto, Mars, Neptune, Jupiter) in feminine (passive, "adjusting") signs. However, the marked imbalance: only 2 "weakened" planets rising -- on the left side -- versus 5 planets in masculine signs normally results in inner frustration and the liklihood of making unwise or wrong decisions regarding critical matters mainly as the result of attempts to prove they actually are "super-smart," in total control, and are immune from making errors.

(President) Obama's Sun-Sign (basic inner self) is Leo -- the Lion, 'king of beasts.' This is the "star" sign which loves to be in the spotlight, to show off, to be the center of attention. Typically there is a clearly-evident huge and overblown ego. The most recent Leo president was Bill Clinton ("stealth" socialist). Other Leo presidents: Herbert Hoover (socialist) and Benjamin Harrison (? socialist-leaning).

The rising sign (ascendant -- outer self, personality) is Aquarius -- associated with the planet Uranus. Uranus is regarded astrologically as indicating the "flip-flop," the "unexpected," the "unusual," the "original," the "reformer" and possibly even the "weird." Often Uranus' rulership of the ascendant makes for some type of perhaps unusual and somewhat striking physical appearance feature(s) and/or mannerisms.

The Moon-Sign is Gemini. The Moon is associated with the emotions. Since Gemini is an air (mental) sign this can suggest shallow, ever-changing and superficial emotions/feelings. Translated this can mean "talk the talk" rather than "walk the walk."

Further, the 4th-house Moon -- indicating many changes of residence -- with its three squares ("hard" aspects) to Uranus (ruler of his ascendant/personality) and Pluto (ruler of his 10th-house of career and profession), and to the Moon's North Node all in the 7th-house of partners/associates can indicate difficulties working constructively with others. The two trines ("easy" aspects) to Jupiter and Saturn in the "secret" and "behind-the-scenes" 12th-house can add to an inclination to make non-disclosed or totally-concealed "deals."

With the 'Part of Fortune' in the 10th-house of recognition, fame and "stardom," it is not at all surprising that (President) Barack Obama has gained such unbelievable "rock-star" renown by doing little other than just running for president.

The 7th-house of partnerships and close associates/associations, containing three planets (Uranus, Pluto, Mars) as well as the North Node of the Moon, is a very interesting focal point. The North Node here would indicate he is lucky in forming beneficial-to-himself alliances, contracts, agreements, contacts. Uranus also here would suggest some associates/associations are "unusual" or "secret," "unexpected" or "suprising." Pluto here could indicate some associates/associations might even prove to be "shady." Mars in the 7th-house (co-ruler of his 2nd-house of money) tends to indicate financial support (money) by/through "partnerships" -- and since Mars trines ("easy" aspects) both Jupiter and Saturn in the 12th-house of "hidden-from-view" matters, this might indicate massive amounts of "concealed" or "under-the-table" funds or other types of generally unknown, not publically disclosed monetary and/or other types of support.

Another interesting factor is Mercury (the mind/nerves) in the 6th-house of health and well-being and its opposition ("hard" aspects) to Saturn (possible depression) and Jupiter (possible euphoria) in the 12th-house of limitations and hidden/private or undisclosed matters. This could suggest the possibilty of extreme mood swings alternating, often rapidly and unexpectedly, between being "on top of the world" to being "totally down in the dumps." (Added June 18, 2010: Is he suffering from a bi-polar disorder?) See: Onion News video HERE.

There is a "T-square" footing on Neptune (ruler of his 2nd-house of money/priorities) in the 9th-house of beliefs, philosophies, religion, dealings with those at or from a distance (foreigners), combined with oppositions ("hard" aspects) from Mercury (ruler of Mr. Obama's 6th-house of health and his work) to both Jupiter and Saturn in the 12th-house of limitations. It is difficult to ascertain -- without client feedback -- what this might mean. Possibilities relative to the duties of President of the United States of America could include at least the following: (1) Problems when dealing with foreign governments, especially related to money/trade matters; (2) Difficulty in working productively on any/all important matters with foreign leaders/countries or courts; and/or (3) A marked difficulty in determining the difference between what is hoped (hoped for) will happen and what is actually desirable.

There is much more but since (President) Barack Obama did not order or request my professional astrological services, that is all I will explore at this time.

Content above posted on this site July 13, 2008 -- nearly 4 months before the first general election.

MORE reading "fun" below. Published on this site (initially tongue-in-cheek) here depicting a negative Leo Sun, Aquarius rising and Gemini Moon combination.

"LEO [Obama's Sun-Sign -- Inner Self]...vanity -- no, you didn't invent it but you do own a very active global franchise! Too bad you're not nearly so important as you think. You demand to be 'center-stage' even when yours is only a 'walk-on' part; you expect applause, especially when it's not merited. All that hand-shaking and back-slapping you do is not motivated by any desire to make others feel important but instead to command their full attention and gain their indebtedness -- so they'll notice and praise you. Your apparent interest in others is a clever gimmick to cover your insatiable pride and self-interest -- and your strong desire always to be the focal point of attention. Generous? Yes, but you expect full 'payment' -- along with a hefty 'interest'!"

"AQUARIUS [Obama's Ascendant -- Outer Self/Personality]...When asked to give a meaningful description, those who know you well may use such expressions as 'weird,' 'strange,' 'peculiar,' unorthodox,' 'unpredictable' and 'one-of-a-kind.' It is so difficult to deal with you because others never know how you will think, act or react. Friends figure importantly but unfortunately you tend to gravitate to associates who are regarded by 'regular folks' as oddballs. Many of your acquaintances/friends may decline invitations simply because they never know which others you'll also include in whatever activities you plan. Friend-oriented? Yes, but seldom are you a totally reliable friend, as too many have learned. Since your [everyday] motivations/objectives change so suddenly and frequently, yesterday's pals may not 'fit' today's requirements and interests."

"GEMINI [Obama's Moon Sign -- Emotional Self]...the zodiacal 'Twins' do not depict you sufficiently [emotionally]; however the butterfly -- as it flits first to one flower and then another -- better demonstrates much of your basic nature. Attracted to almost everything, very little of consequence is ever realized because you only 'skim the surfaces.' Split-personality, two-faced, double-dealing; these terms fit you well indeed. Others never know which of your many [emotional] 'selves' they're dealing with. You awake in a different world daily, and march to the beat of the loudest drummer. By your account there's very little you don't know; however under fire, your mental dilettanteism fails to impress many. Communicative? You certainly are! 'Chatterbox' or 'motor-mouth' are ideal terms to describe you and that incessant [emotionally-charged] babble that bores others to tears. Youthful? Yes, but when will you ever grow up and act like an adult?"

For a more detailed example of reading a natal horoscope, see: Learn to Read a Natal Horoscope -- Step-by-Step.

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