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John McCain's Natal Horoscope --
with Astrologically-Based Comments

This page posted online July 13, 2008 -- nearly 4 months before the first general election.

Without any astrological doubt this John McCain birth chart is the horoscope of a potential "leader" rather than a "follower." With an accented left half versus a relatively less-accented right half configuration the individual is astrologically more inclined/empowered, when necessary, to make decisions and take actions without the support, backing and/or steering from "outsiders." In simple terms the individual is normally more suited as being the "boss" rather than being the "employee," the "puppeteer" rather than the "puppet." As a Commander-in-Chief this would seem essential. Clearly the inner desire/motivation to "control" and/or "co-operate" is out-of-balance with 4 planets (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon) in masculine (active, action) signs and 6 planets (Uranus, Pluto, Sun, Neptune, Venus, Saturn) in feminine ("adjusting") signs.

This marked imbalance (7 planets rising versus 4 planets in masculine signs) normally results in a need to assume more personal responsibility for all decisions made and actions taken -- or not taken. In essence the individual may be inclined to "bend over backward" to appease opponents or the "other side" even when doing so may not agree with what is desired or desirable. If not realized and dealt with this can incline the individual to join the opposition in order to receive their "acceptance" and, in Mr. McCain's case based on his previous political history, to get favorable liberal news media coverage.

Senator McCain's Sun-Sign (basic inner self) is Virgo -- the 'Virgin,' 'stickler for detail.' This is the "dress right, cover down" sign which is concerned with getting everything in order no matter the time or cost. There can be a tendency sometimes to become so lost in details that the 'big picture' or desired objective is either forgotten and/or lost. The most recent Virgo president was Lyndon B. Johnson. The only other: William Harold Taft.

The rising sign (ascendant -- outer self, personality) is Libra -- associated with the planet Venus. Libra is the sign of balance (or imbalance), form (or lack thereof), order (or disorder). Venus also rules the sign Taurus -- associated with money and materialism. Libra can suggest the individual sometimes "sits on the fence" weighing the pros and cons too long before making decisions and/or acting.

The Moon-Sign is Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn. The Moon is associated with the emotions; since "cold" Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, an earth sign, is in control, this can indicate "tough love" and/or a tendency to withhold feelings and evaluate most "feeling-related" matters based on the five senses. Translated this can mean if it can't be seen, heard, touched, tasted or smelled it may not exist -- or at the very best be less than important.

Seven of the twelve houses are occupied by one or more planets (heavenly bodies). Positively this tends to give a broad interest/aptitude base; negatively this can denote a tendency to scatter energies to the point not much of a positive consequence is actually accomplished.

North Node of the Moon in the 3rd house of mind/communicating is a plus for learning and intelligence; however, the square ("hard" aspect) to Mercury (the communicator) in the 12th house of limitations restricts oratorical abilities; also a square ("hard" aspect) to the 12th-house Venus, ruler of the ascendant (outer personality) further limits the ability to deliver really effective, "selling" or inspiring messages.

Further comments could be made but the chart basically is neither that outstanding nor that interesting to me. Additionally (and importantly), it is more than somewhat risky to make too many comments for any birth horoscope with an "around 9 AM" birth time.

There could, of course, be more but since Senator John McCain did not order or request my professional astrological services, that is all I will attempt to explore at this time.

This page posted online July 13, 2008 -- nearly 4 months before the general election.

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