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Lady With the Lucky Horoscope Squares

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA -- Copyright © 1999 - 2016 - All Rights Reserved

"I'm in love with my Aries doctor! After being married to a Pisces for 31 years, I'm thinking of divorce."

These were the comments from a sweet Scorpio lady when she came to my office to order her natal horoscope/trends readings. Most professional astrologers, after time, become conditioned to be all but shockproof but I will admit that this matronly 48-year-old did, at the least, surprise me briefly, especially after she also told me she had three grown children from her marriage of about a third of a century.

"Does your Aries doctor love you?" I inquired.

"I'm not sure but I've had a crush on him for years even though he also is married."

Later, after preparing her natal chart I could see some clear indicators which would clue why she might be entertaining these thoughts -- no doubt more accurately a dream or fantancy.

Sun in Scorpio (determination, persistence), four planets in the eighth house (desires, especially sexual), Pisces ascending (dreamer, difficulty or unwillingness to see reality), Moon in Cancer (need for emotional security), two planets in the fifth house (lovers, love affairs), Uranus in the first house (unexpected "quirks") in a grand trine to planets in the fifth house (lovers) and also to the eight house (desire/sex). In addition, six of the ten heavenly bodies were in water signs (emotion -- very strong).

But I also noted some powerful squares (aspects that can resist, block, delay or even stop/prevent). There were two squares from the fifth house Moon to Saturn and Mercury in the eighth house, and the sixth house Neptune squares to Venus in the eighth and Jupiter in the ninth house ("right" versus "wrong"). I doubted she would ever actually act on her "fantacies."

Further, her nativity (horoscope) indicated very limited emphasis on earth (practicality), three planets in air (plans), but only one in fire (action).

It was not difficult to see that rapport with her Pisces husband might not always have been the best since Neptune, his Sun-Sign's ruler, was square her Venus (planet of love/attraction) in her eighth house of desire, as well as square her midheaven (tenth house) of honor(ing)/respect(ing), but since she had borne the situation for 31 years I wondered why the desire/decision to change now.

After completing the progressions (Trends) chart the "now" reason was much more obvious. Her progressed Mercury, ruler of her seventh house of marriage, was in opposition to natal Pluto, associated with endings, termination of longer-standing matters. The same opposition also was activating a natal square from Pluto in her fifth house (lovers -- also displeasure) to Mars in the seventh house (marriage). In addition, the progressed Moon was that month forming an opposition to the natal Sun in her eight house. After seeing this evidence it was much easier to understand her strong negative feelings toward her mate and her marriage -- at least presently.

When she came later for the appointment I found her attitude was not changed -- she wanted out of her marriage!

After explaining the "stressful" aspects she had been and was still experiencing, she admitted that lately she had been very "mean" to him (husband) and just couldn't bear the site of him. (Though not stated in so many words, there seemed to exist within her a wish that he would go away -- or just disappear forever.)

This highly-stressed lady was not acting in a rational manner. I decide to assume the role of "protagonist" at that point to try determining what part of what she was saying was reality and what part was purely emotion.

"I just don't see how you could have put up with such a terrible husband for all these many years. I'll bet he is has been a poor provider and that he probably has abused you often."

She replied, "Well, no. He's always been a very good provider and has never threatened or abused me or the children in any way."

"Then is it true he has repeatedly been unfaithful to you?"

"I am certain the has never been unfaithful."

"Then he must have indicated he wants to divorce you."

"No. actually we have never discussed or even mentioned a divorce."

"Sorry, but I must ask has your relationship with your Aries doctor gone past just being friends?"

"Oh, no! I would never even consider a physical relationship with another man so long as I am married."

"Shall I be frankly honest with you, Mrs. "Smith"? She nodded and I continued.

"You are an extremely lucky person to have these squares in your horoscope."

"I thought squares were bad!" she responded.

"True, square aspects are mostly negative or stressful but sometimes they can be helpful, believe it or not. In your case they have kept your character impeccable by preventing you, thusfar, from actually pursuing your -- let's call them fantacies or exciting dreams. I'll not tell you to stay married or to seek a divorce, but in my humble but objective opinion I believe you are better off where you are and have been for some one-third of a century. Here are some questions for your honest consideration: (1) What assurance do you have that your doctor would marry you? (2) What proof do you have that he is ready and willing to divorce his wife and break up his family as you seem willing to do? (3) Has the doctor ever said he loves or wants to marry you?"

After a very extended pause, there was absolutely no response from Mrs. "Smith."

"Might I be so bold as to suggest that you seriously consider what you can do to improve the relationship with your mate since the situation seems to be troubling you and not him at all. Compatibility is a two-way street and it seems you may have lost your direction somewhere along the way. Go ahead and enjoy your fondest dreams but remember it's reality with which everyone has to live. Your progressed chart certainly indicates you are at a relationship-related crisis point but please consider waiting at least until these trying aspects finish within the next few months before you make one of the most important decisions of your life."

After I completed her in-depth horoscope and 12-month Trends readings she then left my office without saying much of anything except "thank you."

[Addendum: Several years have ensued. My most-recent contact with Mrs. "Smith" indicated she is still with her original husband and apparently is at least adequately contented.]

Another copyrighted real Astrology article by professional certified consultant astrologer Elbert Wade PMAFA

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