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This notice is displayed on the Astrology-related questions submission page form:

 All questions requiring 'FORTUNE-TELLING' will be ignored and deleted upon receipt.  
  Totally personal (no general interest to others) questions will be ignored and deleted.  
 Elbert Wade is NOT a VEDIC astrologer. Ask and pay your Eastern vedic fortune-tellers.

Six possible reasons why some 99 percent (of too many each month) so-called Astrology-related questions sent to Elbert Wade PMAFA at ElbertWade.Com go unanswered. Those who waste my time and theirs send impossible-to-answer and/or questions in blatant violation of clearly-stated guidelines. Why?

Because they:
1. Have a problem with English (most common) -- and/or --
2. Don't know much or anything about Astrology -- and/or --
3. Want their fortunes told -- and/or --
4. Want something for nothing -- and/or --
5. Have too much free time

A few examples are printed below for your reading "enjoyment."

QUESTION: "My date of birth is dec.6th 1958,9:22 am in Toronto My boyfriends is Feb 28th 4 pm in XXXXXXXX Quebec Canada. On some site's it says we have a 73 percent chance of getting along,on others it says..piscies and sag. are not a good match at all. My boyfriend and I fight alot about control etc."

SEMI-ANSWER: Let me try to understand your PERSONAL question and what your are asking me to do as a special free favor.

1) Calculate and study your horoscope
2) Calculate and study your boyfriend's horoscope -- impossible without year of birth
3) Do a compatibility study
4) Explain why Pisces and Sagittarius are or are not a good match.

Then send all the information to you -- which would take many pages of text and countless hours of time.

Further, try to justify my reasons for wasting several hours time on an issue of absolutely no interest to anyone but you, a 54 year old woman who is still looking for the "right" mate -- and wondering why you and your boyfriend fight about control.

QUESTION: i am loving my cousin sincerely. he too. but he has moola natchathiram with sevvai and naga dhosam. then we both are first baby to the family.. wil it create prob to a family or for a family members..... love him at the same time my parents and his parents also important.....give me a good answer for this queries.... sto

QUESTION: I was born at home and mother only knows it happend between 08.00 an 13.00 hours while she was standing and i fall out on my head. Can you calculate my birt time? I am 47years old and still do not know who I am and what I want? Thanks! - Marina

QUESTION: How will this uranus visit in aries will affect me? I am Sagittarius (mercury, neptune and jupiter also in sagittarius), Scorpio rising. 5th house cusp in aries (about 3 degrees) but no planets in 5th house. uranus around 17 degrees Libra in 11th house and pluto around 1 degree Libra in 10th house. Asc node around 7 degrees acquarius (3rd house). Moon in Leo, venus in capricorn. PLEASE ANSWER ME

QUESTION: my star sign is libra. my question is that will one of my family members win the 40,000,000 lottery this week

QUESTION: when i will meet my love. and when i will going to marry?

QUESTION: We were in love for past two years. we had sex too. suddenly now she is avoiding me. where my marriage will be love or arranged. Her name is xxxxxxxxxxxx. I will marry her or somebody else?

QUESTION: my name is Dxxxxxh.. I am wondering if possible do you offer astrological explanations for unprecidented attractions between 2 people?? As you know from Sag signs my birth date is 12-14-65. need for truth & understanding!

QUESTION: Im always give interviews and selected at the end any problem came and im rejected?

QUESTION: my d.o.b is 07/11/1982 i do not have children can you please tell me when i am going to have a kid?

QUESTION: When I will get married? Whether it will be arranged or love marriage? How will be my married life? My birthdate is 28th July 1982. birth time 4pm., place is Chinsurah, West Bengal.

QUESTION: i love a boy whose name is a man and he is an scorpion. i want to ask whether i'll get marry to him or not?

QUESTION: Hi, I don't know my exact birth time, I think it's sometime early in the morning. Are there any special things to look for so that I can adjust the birth time to fit?

QUESTION: which planet affects the persons choosing a career mostly and what type of combination there will be if a person changes a subject later?

QUESTION: At present I am bankrupt any chance winnig lotto soon?

QUESTION: I want to know result of Certified Financial Planner exam written on 15 November, 2008. Did I pass the exam? The result will declare week 15 december 08.

QUESTION: will i be transfered to hyderabad by january 2009 on a project?

QUESTION: What was the day of 24th maagh of bengoli year 1390?

QUESTION: will i get in iit ? when i will loose my weigh?

QUESTION: Is it true that we marry the same person in all our births? I mean to say the same peron in all birth?

QUESTION: Can i win lottery, if yes when?

QUESTION: When i will married?

QUESTION: 1/5/70 3am phila,pa (me) 6/4/64(her) other sites said "love at 1st site. Help me understand cus she confusing me a lot when I see her. Question: how will be my future?

QUESTION: I have decided to switch over in another company. Will this suit to me and will I be stable in that company?

QUESTION: About my marriage?

QUESTION: My D.O.B is 3-10-1980. When will i get married?

QUESTION: Considering the last 4 Months (9,10,11 & 12/1871) of the year 1871 which astrological times would be most propitious for conducting a magical ceremony or creating a magical amulet?

QUESTION: Do you see me travel to europe on the coming two or three weeks?

QUESTION: time of birth 05:25 am place ambala city when is mine maariage date?

QUESTION: when i will get job and marraige?

QUESTION: will i ever pass my nclex rn exam and when?

QUESTION: May i become a I.A.S. Officer?

QUESTION: Dear my DOB is 18-7-78 time 04.35 am Palace is Kota (Raj.) Plz tell me about me my future, my job also and Financial status. my life will be cool or with something Special.

QUESTION: I am enterviewd by a Glass Manufacturing Company, namely Hindustan for the post of Manager HR, Allahabad. I want to know about the result of interview. Either I will be selected or not. Date of Birth is 23.01.1982. Location - Allahabad

QUESTION: Its for my friend. Date of Birth 8/9/1956.he wasliving happily with wife and kids. Suddenly everything went wrong. Divorced. lost srisis. with 2 daughters. What went wrong. I want to help him. Can you tell me what went wrong and what to do?

QUESTION: My Name is xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx(Female), My Date Of Birth is 13th July 1986, Birth place is Delhi, and the time of birth is 9:55 pm. Actually my marriage has been fixed but i dont want to marry now so could you tell me when is the chance of gettin my marriage?

QUESTION: will i have a boy or girl now?

QUESTION: What are good ways a Virgo male gets a Taurus female to fall in love with him?

QUESTION: should you believe in astrological predictions regarding your future?

QUESTION: She came or not?

QUESTION: Will my wife come back?

QUESTION: my name is xxxxxxxxx my D.O.B IS 1-6-1978 TIME OF BIRTH is 6.30 A.M. when i will get marry. what about my marital life. whether i am going abroad or i am staying in india?

QUESTION: stocks trading business suits me? i need to earn money for my family.

QUESTION: My bith date: 19th October 1968, My birth time: 7.25 am, My birth place: Mumbai, India. What is the future of my professional life & will I get my lost love back. Is there any remedy for problems?

QUESTION: my DOB :05 Oct 1985, Hyderabad her DOB :09 Sep 1985, Calcutta I want to know if we will get married to each other and love each other truly all our life. Please her me out with a correct answer.

QUESTION: i am doing a M.B.A and also have a job in educational N.G.O.Is there any chances me to progress in this both sector? Can i start any business?

QUESTION: How damaging is 3 degree into virgo having ketu or may the earlier sign leo have some beneficial effect on the acsendent & give relief from 1-7 axis rahu-ketu?

QUESTION: When will i get married and with whom? which country will he belong? How will be my marraige life?

QUESTION: I have been diagnosed with and suffer from a number of anxiety disorders, an i have a great intrest in astrology. My question is can my moon in the 12th house opposing mercury and pluto in the 6th house be causing this extreme anxiety i often feel?


QUESTION: Should I start my own business this year?

QUESTION: tell me about my future, my professional life, my personmal life relation with my parents? my reputation in society no. of kids and my married & love life

QUESTION: My sun sign is Scorpio and my jupiter sign is Pisces, but I find when jupiter is in Aquarius I have most luck. I wonder why this is?

QUESTION: when i'll get married? my dob is 14/02/79 time of birth is 02:45am, and place is mumbai, india.

QUESTION: My sister and I both have same moon sign and degree ( capricorn 21) like to know more about siblings, children etc with tehse type of similarites like this.

QUESTION: Will i get married to my love?

[Two below same person -- Different email addresses]

QUESTION: Hi,I have the moon in first house, the moon is in the third decan of aries, I heard about that the moon 'rules' the face, so, if my moon is in the third decan of aries (reading about on your site it practically described me) will I have those charac?

QUESTION: I'm pisces rising third decan. About appearance, will it had characterist of scorpio too? like the eyes? in my natal chart, scorpio is in 8th house, a lot of aspects(good aspects) and it's dom. exalt. Is it possible i have a lot of scorpio apearance?

QUESTION: i have lost esi cards, Will i find them? if so when?

QUESTION: is Eli attracted to me physically and emotionally? does he like me and what does he want from me?

QUESTION: dob-o5-04-1982,time-05:00pm,place-Bokaro(Bihar). 1) when i get job and success in life?

QUESTION: is i will marry again?

QUESTION: when will i get married can that be shishir gupta?

QUESTION: I m an indian. my n my partners rashi is same, different nakshatra, diff charan but 1 nadi is comming so wil you tel us is it ok if we go ahed for marriage?

QUESTION: Will bilal ever say he loves me? Will i have a love marriage?

QUESTION: when will i get a job and should i sit for the interview tomorrow?

QUESTION: I want to know what is the forecast of my future and my stability in life. I feel as though I have been struck with a lot of bad luck lately and need to know that there is a brighter picture. I am in the mist of fighting (2) lawsuit and loosing faith.

QUESTION: can i get money through lottery playing and presently i am jobless what are the chances of getting a job in near future?

QUESTION: should i marry the man i am currently with?

QUESTION: Will i or someone else find me a replacement for all day or half day on saturday?

QUESTION: my zodiac sign is cancer.i hav given my 12th standard exams this year. can you please tell if i will pass or not???

QUESTION: My sister name is kxxxx xxxxx -earlier xxxxx xxxxxx,DOB 14-8-1978 .Time-1.34 PM Place-Seoni(M.P).She is sick due to some serious disease.I want to know when will she be cured.How is her life line .Long Any solution for her sickness.

QUESTION: Is it ok to go ahead and start a training center in a commerical place at this point of time?

QUESTION: i live in joint family but m really fed up of adjustments when will we get seperate?

QUESTION: Hey I am Sun Sag with Rising Capricorn I was wondering how compatible my sun and rising are? Because both Sag and Cap have stark differences and also which is more important in a chart sun or a rising since both my sun and rising have 3 planets each?

QUESTION: my name is xxxxxxx. i live in ahmedabad. my age is 32 yrs old,my birthdate is 19/09/1976sunday 6.00am. i m unmarried,last 2 yrs i m try to marriage but i can"t success? so pls tell me on which time i m marriage? how is my marriage life? Thank you.

QUESTION: i just want to know that when i will concieve i am very much worried about it

QUESTION: When i am going to abrod for job?

QUESTION: i am going to marrage i want to the match of my wife

QUESTION: is this guy i like james going to ask me out any time soon?

QUESTION: is scorpon a good partern with gemmi??

QUESTION: Will i get pregnant in the next 3 months?

QUESTION: I am indian n my wife is srilankan. My son is born in srilanka on 9th Aug 2008 n at present leaving in Srilanka. Please guide me whether Srilanka is good for him or i should bring him to India n make him indian citizen?

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