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Potential Mate/Lover -- Present Mate/Lover -- Former Mate/Lover -- Child -- Parent -- Brother -- Sister -- Other Relative -- Friend -- Boss --Employee -- "Enemy"

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This compatibiliy concept assumes that you already know and understand what you want, need and expect from whatever type of a relationship with another person. This objective and non-biased study is a way to understand what that other parson is potentially inclined/capable of giving to you (or any other person) in whatever type of relationship -- whether it is love, sex, friendship -- or all others. It can help you with deciding whether to start, continue or terminate any type of meaningful relationship. Note, if you don't have a good understanding of your needs and expectations with this type of relationship then this analysis could be a waste of your time and money.

In effect this 'Unique Compatibility Analysis' is an objective, detailed confidential relationalship study -- with a somewhat different approach. Traditonally, the astrological comparison of one person's natal horoscope to another person's natal horoscope (called 'synastry') might be done. This older method normally, because it requires preparation and study of two horoscopes, costs more. [Computer "compatibility" print-outs are a total waste of time and money.]

This confidential service is not a violation of my professional ethics since I will "know" the 'other person' only as "Adam" (male) or "Eve" (female). I work only with in actually publicly-available birth data (submitted by you) while looking out for you (the client) and your best interests. I assume no responsibility for what you decide based on the analysis, or any consequences that might result. You will NOT be told what to do; it's your decision ultimately but this analysis can be of great benefit to help you with making a decision -- either way. (This could prove worthwhile not only for you but the 'other person' as well by aiding/speeding a positive pairing -- or heading off an intolerable-for-both mistake.)

This approach focuses solely on the natal horoscope of the 'other person' in an attempt to reveal if he/she potentially meets your needs/desires -- or not. You no doubt already know what you need/desire/expect. You will be asked on the Order Form to list major "requirements" and any other comments you wish. You are wise indeed to find early on if that 'other person' comes close to meeting the requirements/expectations you envision. Unbiased "outsider" information can markedly assist you with making an important decision related to your future happiness and success -- and, realistically, that of the 'other person' as well.

Each one-of-a-kind 30 to 60 (normally about 45) minute confidential analysis is recorded in-office on either CD or tape (you choose on order form) yields a frank, to-the-point astrological study -- utilizing the hand's-on experience of my 43+ years reading thousands of natal (and other) horoscopes -- and is based solely on the birth data and other information you submit. You will not be required to submit your birth data. No scripted or pre-recorded information is used.
No appointment is required. No phone calls to schedule. Recorded (CD or cassette tape)/printed (horoscope chart) confidential information will be sent First Class to you as soon as possible -- (normally) within 7 or fewer days. You will be notified by email the day the order is sent. The mailing will be marked as "Personal" with no mention of Astrology visible externally. You are fully responsible for the security/privacy of the sent confidential information when and after it arrives -- and what use you make of the information. Utilize as a useful-to-you tool, not to be used as a "weapon." Important Notice: If any of the birth data is inaccurate the reading's value will, unfortunately, be diminished. If birth time is inaccurate/uncertain by more than a few minutes it is recommended that you do not order this service.

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