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Learn to Read a Natal Horoscope -- A Step-by-Step Tutorial

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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NATAL HOROSCOPE for a male born in xxxxxxxxxxxx, China November 28, 1988 at 9:43 PM
Time Zone: -08.00 (AWST) Longitude: 115 E 57 - Latitude:22 N 57. [Age: 28 in 2016]

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Aspects: Mainly Positive (Blue); Mainly Negative (Red)
Vital Signs: Sun, Ascendant, Moon -- all fire (act/react)
Top Half (2) Extroversion; Bottom Half (8) Introversion
Desire to lead/control strong: 6 planets in masculine signs
Potential to lead/control weak: 2 planets left half of natal
Occupied (action) Houses: 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th

HINT for CHART READERS: Rather than stressing over or wondering how to start any horoscope reading try using this script every time. Start (whether recording -- recommended -- or not) by saying:
"This is a natal [or other] horoscope reading for __________, born [month/date/year] at _____ [AM/PM] in [city/state and/or country] -- which is at Longitude _____ degrees _____ minutes _____ seconds [East or West], and Latitude _____ degrees _____ minutes _____ seconds [North or South]. Today's date is: [Month/Date/Year]. Beginning time is [Hour/Minute]. The (or your) astrologer is ________." [You've stated the basic facts and overcome inertia -- go!]
[IMPORTANT: If (stated above) birth data is wrong the client likely will complain -- saving you further wasted time with going forward. Depending on the type of error, it could require a total re-do -- or possibly a decision to issue a refund. This is the reason you absolutely must get all birth data in writing and then confirm it with the client before beginning all the pre-appointment hard work required to give the best possible horoscope reading.]
COMMENT: As a serious consultant astrologer using a natal horoscope as the basis for a consultation, you must realize you are not a know-it-all and can offer only information based on the unique chart you are reading by using the wisdom you have gained from your studies and experiences while living your own life. Your purpose is not to judge, pump up (or put down) the ego of that client, or attempt to impose your beliefs. You must remain neutral while offering valid information which you feel will help the client to help her/himself.

COMMENT: Reading a birth horoscope is somewhat like building a brick house where one brick should be fitted firmly before the next is put into place. Therefore a really meaningful and worthwhile reading requires real-time feedback from the owner of that natal horoscope. For this reason "cold" readings (and computer readings) are limited in their effectiveness and should not be done unless there is no other choice. Astrology is not a science and no rote description of, for example, an aspect, can be "rubber-stamped" to every horoscope -- but some "astrologers" and all computer chart-reading programs do so because they have no "brain," are incapable of accepting feedback, don't ask any questions -- except birth data -- and lack any reasoning ability whatsoever. Everything is pre cut and dried.

COMMENT: It is important to realize that a meaningful natal horoscope delineation (reading) must include only TWO people: (1) the astrologer and (2) the client (who likely is paying for guidance and useful information). (NEVER allow another person to be present because the client will be self-restricted or guardful with giving feedback that might be helpful to delivering a better end result.) The astrologer -- upfront -- should encourage the client to give feedback when asked or otherwise motivated. (Of course the astrologer must maintain control and politely discourage excessive or pointless chit-chat.) It is very important the astrologer listens carefully to anything the client might say -- particularly when asked for a response. Avoid arguing or telling the client he/she is "wrong" about anything. Try a different tact of explaining the matter in question. A "battle of wits" will no doubt prove non-productive and lessen the value of the reading.

[Included in this tutorial are detailed and very important techniques, considerations, guides, suggestions, hints for reading any natal horoscope -- from a psychological perspective. Note: This is an example "cold" reading -- done without client feedback. The intended purpose here is to aid those (beginners to professionals) interested in learning a tested-by-experience means for giving a productive and successful reading of natal horoscopes -- step-by-step. It in no way pretends to be 100% accurate or complete (tutorial goes through 6th House only because of time limitations and a belief that if chart readers (new or experienced) can't capture the process/technique after it is about half completed there is no reason to go through the remaining 6 houses). But this is a more "put-together" example for reading natal horoscopes than you are likely to find elsewhere. [And it is FREE for your personal or professional use -- but not to publish in whole or part anywhere. It is copyrighted.]

IMPORTANT HINT: All who read horoscopes -- students of Astrology and professional astrologers -- are wise to use a ruler/straightedge to draw in-color 'code' lines between aspected heavenly bodies, etc. This enables you to see at a glance all important aspects. Makes reading much easier, faster and more accurate. Suggested 'code' colors: Conjunction (gold or yellow); Opposition (red); Trine (green); Square (brown); Sextile (blue); Semisquare (black), Semisextile (light blue), etc. (Try it; you'll like it!)

Note: All necessary charts were drawn for this client but were not read due to his failure to keep three pre-scheduled long-distance telephone appointments. Ultimately a full refund was issued.

1) Which "areas" (houses) are most emphasized (planetary stations/"parts") for the entire lifetime in approximate order of importance? 5th House (fun, creativity, chance-taking, love affairs, speculation) = 4; 4th house (home, parents. security) = 2; 1st House (external self, personality) = 1 (Moon); 10th House (career, reputation) = 1 (Jupiter -- Sun-Sign ruler); 6th House (work, health) = 1; 9th House (extended travel, education, outlook, beliefs) = 1 (also Part of Fortune -- not included in the graphic) indicating "luck" in foreign locales, travel and advanced studies); 2nd House South Node is negative to personal money and determining priorities; 8th House North Node may indicate rewards/benefits related to some partnerships, and can enhance desires -- sexual and otherwise. See: House Rulerships -- and -- Nodes -- and -- Part of Fortune

2) Extrovert or Introvert? He is decidedly 80% introverted: only (2) planets (above-objective) top half -- (8) (below-subjective) in the bottom half. See: Extrovert/Introvert. This is very important for any astrologer to understand when reading for an introvert because they will be relucant to agree, disagree, give any helpful feedback until you gain their confidence perhaps by assuring them (and meaning it!) more than once that everything is just between you and them and it's not your job to judge but try to help. However, an extrovert (majority of planets in the horoscope's top half) normally will "open up" readily.
See: Sample dialog for: 'Introvert/Extrovert'.

3) Leadership Potential (taking "charge") very limited. Only (2) planets left half (Active East); (8) planets right half (Passive West)
See: Leader/Follower
See: Sample dialog for:'Desire versus Ability to Lead'

4) Vital Signs: SUN (Sagittarius -- fire ); ASCENDANT (Leo -- fire); MOON (Leo -- fire ); add Mars, Mercury and Uranus also in fire signs -- (Acts on impulse; quick to "heat up" then "cool down" often as quicky)
See: Vital Signs

[See details about the four elements in the 12 signs: 3 Fire Signs 3 Earth Signs 3 Air Signs 3 Water Signs]

[QUESTION: Are you not already starting to get an inkling of this unknown person's basic nature and how most matters in his life will "play out" more or less as "destiny" unless he avails himself early on of information and guidance (such as that which a valid in-depth natal horoscope reading can offer) to better understand, work with and help to guide and control his born-with "programming."? (Somewhat like understanding a computer program before launching so it does what the purchaser wants instead of perhaps only the "default" function.]

5) Inner desire to "take charge/control" is high -- (6) planets in "Masc" (masculine) signs which in this chart can too often result in frustration since only (2) planets are on the left side (Active East) of the circle (horoscope) -- one of which is Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius -- his Sun-Sign) as well as ruler of the highly-active 5th House. Jupiter is retrograde (meaning its "help" may not always be counted upon); in addition it is opposed by both the Sun (basic inner self) and Mercury (ruler of 2nd house of priorities and money) and the 3rd House of communications -- as well as the 11th House (plans, hopes, wishes, and friends). Friends may not always be counted upon to assist, and what is hoped for may seldom -- if ever -- materialize.

6) The placement of planets in the four basic elements is interesting and supports what has been mentioned above but reveals much more. There are (5) planets in fire signs (Mars, Moon, Mercury, Sun, Uranus); (2) planets in earth signs (Saturn, Neptune); (1) in air signs (Jupiter); (2) in water signs (Venus, Pluto). 50% of the chart's "energy" is fire (action/reaction) -- add to this the fire Leo ascendant (rising sign); 20% is earth (practicality, measurable results, reality, five senses: see, hear, touch, taste, smell; 10% is air (thinking, communicating, "brain power"); 20% is emotion (feeling, love, hate, sensing, fear, etc.)

It is important to know how this "elemental profile" works in this male's life. (5) planets in fire signs (plus a fire ascendant) inclines him to "rush in where angels fear to tread," to act often without thinking -- especially with only (1) planet in air (thinking, planning), and only (2) planets in earth (practicality, tangible results). Fortunately for him there is a balance between the (2) earth planets and the (2) water planets which would incline not to allow acting/reacting solely motivated by emotion. Whatever action is taken would be done mainly because of the challenge (fire) itself or to "prove" he is not "afraid" to act/react to show he has courage and to demonstrate his power to "stand his ground."

When he chooses (or is forced) to act or react what would be the "pattern"? There are 3 planets in "cardinal" (starting) signs (Mars, Saturn, Neptune); three planets in "fixed" (staying-with) signs (Moon, Venus, Pluto); 4 in "mutable" (changing, yielding, stopping) signs (Mercury, Sun, Uranus, Jupiter). Typically, out a total of 10, he would start at 3, maintain that level for a time, then use a level 4 to bring the situation to an end probably using a "wriggle out" or "run-away" or a dramatic ploy while denying any responsibility or fault (Leo-ascending pride).
See: Elemental Profile

7) Note the added emphasis (sign interceptions) in the 3rd House (communications, local travel, "worldy" mind) which contains one whole sign (Libra) and parts of two other signs -- Virgo and Scorpio; and the 9th House (extended travel, "higher mind" and beliefs), accenting energies of three signs -- Pisces. Aries and Taurus. This can create conflicts related to the "worldy" versus the "spiritual/higher" mind. Which to follow -- and when or how much?

[Read more about all 12 Houses here: Expanded House Descriptions] [All Rising Signs and Decans: Ari Tau Gem Can Leo Vir Lib Sco Sag Cap Aqu Pis ]

8) 1st House (outer self/personality) rising sign (ascendant) is Leo, first decan. See: Leo Rising and Decans -- and -- All 12 Signs Rising. Leo's ruler (Sun) in the 5th House (creativity, pleasure, fun, love affairs, being a "playboy") is trine Mars (co-ruler of the 9th House (persons, matters and things at or from a distance) -- which adds love for travel; sextile Neptune (6th House of work) indicating an interest in jobs related to travel; a trine to the Moon in 1st House indicates positiveness related to personality and the ability to adjust to a changed environment. Sun's opposition to Jupiter (his Sun-Sign's ruler) is very important. Sagittarius (the inner self) opposition its ruling planet will produce stress and difficulty in being what he "should be." This can also all but "kill" a sense of humor, and make it difficult to understand the real self. Also, it might tend to limit height as well. Sun's semisquare to Pluto in the 4th House -- as well as being ruler of that house -- could mean the loss of a parent prematurely or more likely difficulties relating to one or both parents.

COMMENT: Any "either/or's" "might-be's" "probably's" "could be's" likely will be confirmed or adjusted by feedback from the client during an actual live reading leading to more accuracy as the reading progresses. Neither Astrology nor psychology is a science -- and they never will be.

9) 2nd House (money/priorities) sign is Virgo, first decan ruled by Mercury which is in the 5th House. Virgo usually is conservative with spending but in this case there is an indication of wasteful or risky spending for "fun" (5th House) on self (add the square to the 1st House Moon) -- and possibly females, especially "secretly" -- Moon rules 12th House (related to "darkness" and hidden acts). Mercury also rules the 11th House which could suggest being overly generous with spending related to friends (parties?). and/or possible spending which could produce unwanted damage to reputation is suggested by Mercury's opposition to Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) -- in the 10th House of reputation and career. The Moon's South Node placement in the 2nd House (in Virgo -- ruled by Mercury) is not favorable for personal finances as may be demonstrated by unwise priorities and poor judgement -- likely related to "fun" and chance-taking (Mercury in the 5th House and its opposition to Jupiter -- excess). However his family (Mercury semisextile Venus in the 4th House of parents) would likely "bail him out."

10) 3rd House (communication/"lower mind" sign is Virgo, third decan ruled by Mercury (+ Venus). Mercury is in the 5th House (creativity, fun, lovers). Mercury (mind, thinking, communicating) is opposed Jupiter (his Sun's ruler) in the 10th House of career and reputation. A career related to writing, teaching or communications would be difficult. The IQ may not be impressive. However, Mercury's trine to the 1st House Moon (ruler of the 12 House of limitations) and the semisextile to the 4th House Pluto could be helpful. Also, the entire intercepted sign Libra (9th House) must be considered. Libra's ruler, Venus, in the 4th House sextiles the 6th House Neptune and 5th House Saturn (ruler of the 6th House of work ) are pluses for using the mind positively for work. Its square to natal Moon in the 1st House could limit. The one + 1/3 degrees of Pluto in the 3rd House -- also a plus.

11) 4th House (home/parents/"roots"/security) sign is Scorpio, first decan. Pluto (Scorpio's ruler) posited therein adds significance to home, family and upbringing. Pluto's square to the Moon in the 1st House (personality) suggests one parent -- likely the mother -- played some sort of negative role -- perhaps "spoiling" him. Pluto's semisquare the Sun (most likely the father) suggests the father/son relationshp was not altogether positive. Pluto's sextile to Neptune in the 6th House of work/health indicates learning to work was probably not required or necessary while he grew up. Since Neptune rules his 8th House of "benefits" from "partnerships" -- in this case probabably the parents -- he likely never lacked much that money could buy. Venus in the 4th House also squares the Moon, ruler of the 12th House of limitations combined with the Pluto/Moon square is further indication that the son/father relationship (Venus rules the 10th House -- likely the father) -- was problematic. Add to that Venus (co-ruler of the 3rd House of communication) suggests there was/is a communication issue between them. In summary it is very likely the son was "babied" and got most of his mother's attention while the father disliked this.

12) 5th House (creativity/offspring/lovers) sign is Sagittarius, first decan. This 5th House is the epicenter of this horoscope! (Merely by their sign rulerships presence in the 5th House, 7 of the 12 houses are involved: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 10th and 11th). Just about everything of real importance starts, relates to and/or ends here. The Sun (inner self) and Mercury (ruler of the 2nd House of money/priorities) plus the 3rd House of communications, and the 11th House of hopes, wishes and friends opposes the 10th House Jupiter (ruler of his Sun-Sign). Uranus (ruler of the 7th House of partnerships) conjoins Saturn (ruler of the 6th House of work and health); both square the 9th House Mars (co-ruler of this house) which deals with outlook/beliefs, meaning potential problems involving work-related or health, whether "mental" or physical. Stress, stress, and more stress. Uranus conjunct Saturn may attract older partners. Sun's trine to the Moon (1st House) and Mars (9th House) can offer some relief. Saturn's sextile to Venus (ruler of the 10th House of career and co-ruler of the 3rd House (communication/ "mind power") can furnish a boost to career potentials.

13) 6th House (work/employment/health) sign is Capricorn, first decan. Natal Saturn's placement in the 5th House might suggest a preference to work somehow in the entainment industry, and the sextile to Venus (ruler of the 10th House of career) would perhaps support this but the square to Mars (9th House) would make this difficult suggesting there might not be the energy or drive to make this a reality. If it could possibly work it would require the help of a partner; Saturn (6th House ruler) conjunct Uranus (ruler of the 7th House) -- posited in the 5th House of creativity/entertainment. However this is unlikely since Uranus also squares Mars. Neptune in the 6th House (ruler of the 8th House of desire) also squares Mars. Neptune in the 6th House does sextile both Venus and Pluto (4th House) suggesting his family's influences could help but this is doubtful. . . . . . . . . . . . [End of tutorial]

[NOTE: The entire reading if done live -- with client feedback and answering client's questions -- would normally require some 90 or more minutes.]

Anyone who says reading a natal chart is easy has never given a worthwhile delineation. -- Elbert Wade

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