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Love/Sex Not in Stars-- A Moon Thing (2 of 4)

Copyright © 2000 - 2017 by Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer Elbert Wade, PMAFA

Your Man in the Moon: Love And Sex: The Lunar Connection, by certified astrologer Elbert Wade, PMAFA, has numerous objectives, and three major purposes -- as follows:

  1. To help you learn and understand the real reasons why any (and all) former ill-fated relationship(s) didn't work.
  2. To help you better understand how you may improve (and perhaps salvage) a current faltering association -- or determine finally if it should be terminated.
  3. To offer you totally new, important, valuable and meaningful information and guidance which you can actually use in selecting (and keeping) a future mate.
Additionally, you'll learn what it is -- deep within your true emotional self -- that you really need, long for -- even require -- from your love-partner, as opposed to what you may now think you need.

You'll also be able to discover what your present partner or potential mate really needs as well. If your emotional needs and desires mesh well, yours is, or will be, a partnership "made in heaven." If they don't mesh (and you will know after studying Your Man in the Moon), nothing is likely ever to make the pairing as fulfilling for you--or for him -- as it should be -- no matter how much you may have in common otherwise.

The title would suggest that Your Man in the Moon is written only with female-to-male relationships in mind. However, since females are not the only persons who might have an interest in a "man in the Moon," it is written to apply equally to male-to-male love-and sex partnerships.

Homosexual males also can benefit from the information in Your Man in the Moon if they will, in their minds, change the title to "Your Woman in the Moon," and read with an open mind, always remembering to substitute "woman" for "man" since the principles are exactly the same!

Your Man in the Moon
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Another copyrighted real Astrology article by professional certified consultant astrologer Elbert Wade PMAFA

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