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Love/Sex Matings Not in the Stars -- A Moon Thing (3 of 4)

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IN his excellent astrology book, Astrology for the Millions, Grant Lewi says of the Moon, in part: "[It] tells the desire of your heart which may or may not be expressed or realized in your life...Whatever you feel is most deeply the product of your Moon..."

Astrologians generally are inclined to suggest that an individual's first six or seven years are strongly under the 'influence' of the 'emotional' Moon, which in Astrology is associated with or related to the mother, home, family, security, nourishment, protection, 'coddling,' and possessions -- even possessiveness. This early 'lunar period' usually witnesses the infant being served completely, totally provided for, taken care of, overly protected and pampered. The emotions dominate and the major concerns of the child could be described as totally selfish--oriented 'within' as opposed to 'without.'

Psychologists know the first six or seven years of one's life are very important because what is experienced and learned (or not) tends to set the emotional-response theme for the rest of the life!

Your birth Moon-Sign represents rather graphically the feeling or emotional 'child' within -- all of your life. At times it may be sweet and charming; at other times it is the spoiled brat that demands to have its way no matter how much trouble it may cause the objective or 'real' you in the purely cause-and-effect world.

If you don't understand and thereby know how to manage and control this 'child' within yourself, you and your emotional 'child' may never have a very good or fully-rewarding union with your man in the Moon and HIS 'child'! You are wise to learn as much as possible about his 'child' as well as yours because you need to know -- in advance, if possible -- how your and his 'children' will get along when they must 'play' together day in and day out.

Elbert Wade's book, Your Man in the Moon: Love And Sex: The Lunar Connection, was written to offer help with such matters!

Your Man in the Moon
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