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The Insidious Hyphen: Will It Destroy Astrology?

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Use Caution Choosing Your Astrologer

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Some communities actually have ordinances outlawing all the above (and other) activities, practices and/or practitioners which is their right since some of these "arts" too often are practiced mainly as "cons" to get easy money from unsuspecting individuals whose common sense may not protect them -- perhaps due to a disturbing crisis in their life.

Why is Astrology on too many of these lists -- often first? One could easily claim it's because those who write and enforce such ordinances may not know that honestly-practiced Astrology is not dependent or based upon a "woo-woo" psychic function, or a need to communicate with spirits, or explain "former lives." Of all the above plus countless others, Astrology stands alone as having a scientific basis, that in its pure and intended proper use it is in no way fortune-telling. Neither does it tend to threaten the moral/religious fiber of any person or community! Few, if any, properly trained and experienced astrologers are con-artists who purport to remove curses, reunite lovers, heal the sick or to communicate with the "beyond."

Astrology can be studied, learned and used to benefit others by almost any sincere and intelligent person who is willing to put forth the demanding effort, time, research, and serious study to learn what it is -- and is not.

It would be easy to place blame on the writers of such restrictive ordinances saying they are just uninformed, but it is unlikely this is the case. Who then should bear the considerable blame? Let's consider just two actualities to understand why Astrology too often is thought to be in the same "basket" with all the other absolutely unrelated so-called "divining arts."

(1) Today there are far too many so-represented, so-advertised "astrologer-psychics" (or "psychic-astrologers"), "astrologer-palmists," "astrologer-metaphysicians," nauseam. Why do so many tend to put astrologer on the front side of the HYPHEN? (2) There are too many both trained/experienced and "self-ordained" so-called astrologers who participate in various side-show functions which are touted as "astrology-psychic" or "psychic" fairs/carnivals/parties, giving absolutely worthless "mini-readings." These cheap "readings" are enough to turn interested persons away from Astrology by the droves!

Astrology is not "entertainment" or a parlor game.

Come on, all you HYPHENATED "astrologers," let's be realistic!!! If you really are a psychic (or whatever) why would you want also to claim to be an astrologer? Real psychics certainly do not need to prepare or study birth charts (horoscopes) -- or even need to know anyone's birthday!

Qualified astrologers, while they might (and likely do) benefit from their intuitive/"psychic" abilities, don't need to -- and should not -- advertise this. Why confuse the public? Further, being a psychic, tarot reader or whatever does not automatically make you an astrologer as well -- nor vice versa.

It's long past time for a lot of "practitioners" to clean up their acts!

Friends, this certified professional consultant astrologer would like to write much more about this subject but a quick check of the appointment calendar for the rest of the week shows a very busy schedule. Tomorrow, there is that annual checkup with the physician-plumber; the next day, it's the dentist-locksmith (cleaning and a duplicate key). Then, the Town Car goes to the mechanic-chiropractor for a tuneup and adjustment. Friday, there is the appointment with my astrologer-bookie-publicist-sorceress for a horoscope "update" -- and arranging for a minor curse to get even with my unreliable paperboy-electrician! (Check out an 'astrologers code of ethics' -- to which Elbert Wade, PMAFA, subscribes.)

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