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Your Man In the Moon -- Sign-by-Sign

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FOLLOWING are brief excerpts from certified Astrologer Elbert Wade's book, Your Man in the Moon--Love and Sex: The Lunar Connection, explaining how the birth Moon's placement by sign (not your Sun-Sign) tends to define your emotional inner 'child' -- especially as it relates to what is a real 'turn-on' when it comes to a love-and sex partnership. If you know your Moon's sign-placement at birth, go to that segment. You might learn something! If you don't know your natal Moon's sign, read all segments to see which seems most to apply. Odds are this is your Moon's natal sign -- especially if one excerpted description stands out.

BIRTH Moon In ARIES (The Ram): "...emotions and feelings are accented...passions achieve great heights, but are of relatively short duration. Your feelings are those of the 'hunter' who well may enjoy the pursuit of your 'game' even more than the 'kill.' You are especially turned on by the 'prey' which seems all but unattainable. Nothing turns you off more than an 'easy mark'."

BIRTH Moon In TAURUS (The Bull): "...emotions, feelings, and passions are intense and sustained; and, fulfilling them on a regular, reliable basis is a most important part of the life-experience. You are a very sensuous individual who finds it next to impossible to separate sex from love. may feel that without sex there can be no love between you and another...who is not a relative."

BIRTH Moon In GEMINI (The Twins): "...emotions, feelings, and passions are most varied in nature and intensity...very much keyed to communication with the object of [your] affection. If communications, especially verbal, are good, love and sex tend to flourish; if communications fail, so does the relationship...associations must begin 'playfully'...and more or less continue in the same vein...You like to 'toy' with love [and sex]...others...think [you don't take such matters seriously]...often you don't."

BIRTH Moon In CANCER (The Crab): "...emotions, feelings, and passions are...supersensitive -- and much stronger and deeper than...others might suspect. When you love someone, he becomes a most important part...[of] your very purpose for being. Because you feel could not 'survive' should you lose his affection, you may tightly emotionally that you 'smother'..."

BIRTH Moon In LEO (The Lion): "...emotions, feelings, and passions prefer to manifest themselves on a...grand scale, and with...dramatic flair. to have a good time, and love and sex well may constitute...part of what you consider pleasurable. Numerous love affairs...or marriages are a distinct are fortunate in finding the ideal mate early on."

BIRTH Moon In VIRGO (The Virgin): "...emotions, feelings, and passions are based mainly on..a practical and five-senses foundation. While you can be reasonably romantic and sexual, are not a romanticist...Being one who does not waste time chasing after 'dreams,' you are..a matters of love and sex. It is next to love anyone -- outside the family -- with whom you can't have sex. and sex are practically the same..."

BIRTH Moon In LIBRA (The Scales): "...emotions, feelings, and passions function well only when harmony prevails between you and your lover, as well as the environment. Love in the classical sense...may be more important...than sex itself. You...prefer that your partner be artistically talented or at least appreciative of art and the 'finer' things of life...[with your] ...emotions [under] the sign of'll have...close and intimate partnerships all the years of your adult life....alone emotionally isn't appealing..."

BIRTH Moon In SCORPIO (The Scorpion): "...feelings, emotions, and passions are perhaps the most intense of all other lunar placements. You are very strong willed...; you intend to get anyone you really desire, no matter ...[the] time and order to succeed finally. utilize ways and means...that are more covert than overt....When it comes to your emotions and feelings, it might be said accurately that 'still waters run deep'."

BIRTH Moon In SAGITTARIUS (The Archer): "...emotions, feelings, and passions..may be somewhat ill-defined, detached, and...aloof. You do not easily...give your total love to anyone--and this applies to...closest and most intimate relationships. In...your life, you desire to remain a 'free spirit'...bound to no other person, place, or thing. It's not that you are incapable of being...faithful to your mate, it's just that you cannot tolerate being 'captured,' 'possessed,' or 'fenced in' by anyone at any time."

BIRTH Moon In CAPRICORN (The Seagoat): "...feelings, emotions, and passions are founded mainly on...a...down-to-earth, practical, and five-senses concept. While you can be more than an adequate lover and sex partner, in absolutely no sense are you a romanticist who believes that any idealistic dreams will...come true; you tend to deal with they really are, not as you'd perhaps like them to be. You are so 'married' your career...that you have little time to 'waste' on a lover..."

BIRTH Moon In AQUARIUS (The Water Bearer): "...feelings, emotions, and passions are...importantly keyed to communications and mental rapport with the object of your affection. It is...difficult relationship unless there can be an initial and ongoing 'meeting of the minds.' It is...accurate to state...both individuals must be of 'like minds.' Further, you may never become lovers if you can't first be friends."

BIRTH Moon In PISCES (The Fishes): "...feelings, emotions, and passions are very much keyed to 'sensing' as opposed to anything approaching practicality, reality, or the five senses. It is all but impossible for you to be sexually intimate with anyone unless you, in your own estimation, love him very deeply. If you do love him, it' resist..intercourse ...when you love, you love whether doing so makes a lot of common sense or not."

Your Man in the Moon
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