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Psychics May Outnumber Non-Psychics

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UNTIL relatively recent times, the total number of known psychics worldwide could be counted on one hand. What happened? Today, one might have to look carefully and long to find someone who does not claim to be some kind of psychic! There just has to be something weird here! Could it be possible there are those who might claim to be something other than what they are? Could it be that among some of the so-called psychics are a certain number that are counterfeits, or clever natural "psychologists" who like to make a few extra bucks without actually having to get a regular job? Elbert Wade does not really know. What do you think?


Elbert Wade, PMAFA, has some doubts about how anyone who is a trained, experienced, qualified and certified astrologer would find it necessary to claim to be a psychic as well. Seemingly, a good astrologer would be able to succeed as an astrologer only, while practicing his craft in a professional manner. Is being a good astrologer dependent on being a psychic as well? After over thirty successful years practicing as an astrologer only, Elbert Wade has never and does not now find it necessary to also claim to be a "psychic." His honest opinion is that any "legitimate" astrologer who finds it necessary to claim he is a psychic as well is in dire need of a bunch more study, training and practice in the field of Astrology. In fact, Elbert Wade would tend to suggest strongly that a large majority of "psychic-astrologers" and/or "astrologer-psychics" are total counterfeits -- in both disciplines.


If you are a real astrologer, you have studied, learned, practiced and mastered your craft. If you are a psychic you have a special gift, the same kind of gift that gives some individuals artistic talents, good minds, beautiful physical features, etc. It is a gift or blessing from God; it is not something that is learned in a classroom, or from some nut 'guru.' However, Astrology can be learned in a classroom or elsewhere by anyone possessing good intellect and a strong desire to learn, and the discipline to keep practicing until they are proficient with the science-art. If you are a gifted psychic, you don't need to know anyone's sign to work for them. If you are an astrologer, you cannot tell anyone any more than what the natal (and other accurate) charts show, based on your understanding of what you have learned about what Astrology can and cannot "reveal." Question: How can these vastly different disciplines possibly be equally compared -- or commingled and marketed honestly? This borders on a totally nutty concept!

If you feel you could use some 'different' type of outside guidance or advice, making a decision about whom you should contact can present a problem not easy to resolve.


If you feel you want psychic guidance, select only someone highly recommended to you by others whose judgment you trust. "Psychics" are everywhere, and too many of them are close-to-total frauds. They range from 'parlor psychics" (with their welcoming neon window signs), to those notorious $200.00+ (per hour) by-telephone so-called psychics, to those thousands who pose as psychics (psychic-astrologers, astrologer-psychics, psychic readers, and psychic-whatever or whatever-psychic) on the internet. It's possible a few of these internet 'fortune-tellers' are legitimate. You take your chances with any and all of these totally self-ordained psychics. Possibly a few actually are gifted psychics, but you never know -- and don't bet the one you might choose is one of the rare few. Approach and investigate with extreme caution. As far as Elbert Wade, PMAFA, can ascertain there is absolutely no legitimate organization which licenses or certifies these individuals. You are totally on your own, and you have no recourse. You take whatever you get.


Select an astrologer just as carefully as you choose a psychic since there are probably as many (or possibly more) counterfeit astrologers as counterfeit psychics -- and often they are the same individuals posing as both. However, there are some ways to check out astrologers, which will be discussed shortly. But first, consider these suggestions and 'guidelines.'

  1. 'Word-of-mouth' recommendations are best. If a trusted and level-headed friend who has had satisfactory dealings with an astrologer refers you to them, you likely will be pleased with that astrologer.
  2. Avoid all hyphenated astrologers, meaning anyone who advertises or claims they, in addition to being astrologers, are also psychics, tarot readers, channelers, past-life readers, etc. It's safe to assume they are not really proficient in any field. If they were, they would not need so many 'shots' at getting clients! (You wouldn't want to hire these "multi-talented" people any more than you would be wise to employ a paint-spattered 'shirt-tail contractor' driving a 25-year-old beat-up truck who claims he personally can build and repair everything -- carpentry, electrical, plumbing, sheetrock, painting, wallpaper, tile, carpet, foundations, roofing, siding, landscaping, tree removal, lawn mowing, etc.)
  3. Find out if the person actually does the work or if they only sell computer printouts of someone else's work. If they only sell printouts, they may not be astrologers at all, but only business people who likely also sell other computer-generated information which might include numerology, tarot, even "psychic readings" -- and anything else to make a buck fast and easy. (Elbert Wade, PMAFA, has dubbed these 'dubious' individuals "keyboard astrologers.")
  4. Shy away from those who won't give you adequate information about their astrological study/training, years in practice, and certifications (with information for checking these out yourself). (Also ask if they can give you a few references.)


Unlike psychics who have no legitimate organizations which might verify their authenticity, there are a few ways to check out those posing as astrologers. These organizations and additional sources will be listed in links later on this page. However, it is important to understand that being members of an organization or just being listed as an astrolger is no guarantee that you will be dealing with a real, legitimate astrologer. But at least these are good starting points for selecting an astrologer who knows at least something about what astrologers are supposed to be and do.

And you can complain to these organizations/listers if you question why certain individuals are included on their lists, and give reasons why you feel they should be removed. If verifiable complaints are received, you can expect these individuals will be removed because the integrity of the organization or lister will be in question if no action is taken. Feel free to notify them if you are 'ripped off' because they really want (and need) to know.

  1. The American Federation of Astrologers (AFA) is a long-active astrological organization. They test and certify astrologers at various levels of competence, as well as offering comprehensive courses to train potential astrologers. By accessing their web site, you can check out lists and the contact information by country and state. Reach them on the internet at: American Federation of Astrologers
  2. The National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) offers instruction and testing at various locations worldwide.
  3. Metalog (located in England) offers an extensive list of astrologers (some qualified, some not), organizations and resources worldwide. You can search by country, city, state, keywords, etc. Metalog can be contacted at: Metalog.

There are other sources, but these are the primary and most complete ones. Visit their sites. You will be able to check out your present (or potential) astrologer. Become better informed so you can make the best choice. Best of luck with your quest for a good astrologer!

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