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Astrological Ways to Get Over Losing a Lover

by Elbert Wade, PMAFA - Professional Certified Consultant Astrologer
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(Original full-length feature Astrology article by astrologer Elbert Wade, published here first)

THE odds are a majority of individuals involved in a meaningful love/sex relationship will at some point in time find their lover, for whatever reason(s) out of the picture permanently, and with no options remaining for anyone to change this reality. Consequently it will be necessary for one (or both) of the former partners to accept the new situation and begin adjusting to a markedly-changed lifestyle and revised outlook for the future -- both short-and long-term. Seldom is this an easy process; however if one believes that life must go on regardless, it's a situation that has to be faced and pursued to a satisfactory level of success. If you now must or should one day have to face this dilemma, the information and guidance following could prove most helpful.

ARIES: You're lucky to have the ever-present energy of your ruling planet Mars to assist and provide the courage and power necessary to get on with your life. Be prompt and aggressive in acting to make a new niche for yourself as time moves you into the future. Don't waste this valuable time looking back or wondering 'why' or 'what if.' Your natural independence and ability to stand on your own two feet must be allowed full sway in order to assure that recovery and progress are not hindered. If you need someone's help, ask for it; don't let pride stand in the way. If a new relationship is desired, get out to places where you can meet new prospects; be in touch with others you feel might be potential companions but might not know you are 'available' or 'interested.' Don't, however, be too quick to commit to a new relationship, or to settle for less than you deserve because of impatience or an unfounded fear you'll not have another chance.

TAURUS: Being born under a 'fixed' sign, it's not at all easy for you to change or adjust to anything which might interrupt the status quo. Knowing this, you will have to put forth some extra effort to force yourself to realize that situations are changed and that, for your own good, you must experiment with making necessary adjustments as soon as possible. Actively seek to be with new people, those not a part of the ended relationship. If possible (and practical) consider moving to a different location and start building your brand new status quo. Do not patronize businesses or places which remind you of what used to be. If necessary, get a job (or a new one) or otherwise act to assure your immediate and near-future financial security. Work to get all monetary and credit matters up-to-date and in a manageable state. If necessary, negotiate with all creditors for more satisfactory payment arrangements. Remember that when you are able to change your mind, the way you think, you can more easily improve your situation and change your future for the better. Practice "going with the flow."

GEMINI: You'll need to get your scattered thoughts together so you can settle on one positive plan of action in order to get your life back on track quickly. Scattering energies will only delay -- even prevent -- any real progress. Seek advice and guidance only from a very few whom you trust; too many advisors will surely tend to confuse. Consider getting guidance from a brother, sister, or other level-headed family member. Staying busy will help keep your mind off negatives and worries. Keep in regular touch with friends and associates; lines of communication must remain open. Don't let up on staying active socially; go out to see and be seen. Favor the company of young persons with optimistic outlooks, and those who are still 'young at heart.' You were never intended to 'rust out' or to remain for long assigned to a 'quiet corner' somewhere. It is a normal facet of your 'birthright' to have, in time two (or more) marriage partners and/or lovers if you don't wish to be alone.

CANCER: Being so family-oriented it's not easy for you to feel really secure if left without a partner. Controlling your own emotions and feelings will be a somewhat difficult -- but absolutely essential -- part of your full recovery process. Crying at the slightest reminder of your loss and otherwise wallowing in self-pity will do little if any good; further, doing so may tend to drive away others who would like to be helpful constructively with helping you to get your life back to something more tolerable and normal. Family members can be most supportive and helpful but don't expect any of them to take the 'place' of a lost lover. Moving in with your parents or other close relatives (or friends) could easily prove to be a serious mistake; doing so likely would only prolong your reliance on others to resolve problems and issues you should handle personally so that you can get on with your real future sooner. Just as soon as possible you should start to seek the company of select 'outsiders' with needs similar to your own. Let go of the past; look to the future.

LEO: Affairs of the heart certainly are important to you. A personal life sans loving and being loved by someone special leaves much to be desired. Resist allowing a "broken heart" to long spoil your enjoyment of a full and satisfying life. Since it is your nature generally to be 'lucky' when looking for and selecting a love-partner, you'll not need to be without a companion much if any longer than you elect. If you have mature offspring, they can be a great source of comfort and support but should not be used as an excuse for not getting on with your own personal life. If younger children fall under your care, concentrating on their welfare can assist with keeping your mind off your personal loss. However, you must not use these responsibilities too long as an excuse for not facing the reality of your own needs, or not getting involved with taking sensible steps to do something positive for yourself and your love-life. Try to go out more for recreation and entertainment.

VIRGO: Being a highly-practical individual and probably not overly-emotional, you'll have an advantage when it comes to putting your loss into something of a reasonable perspective. Going over the 'edge' emotionally is not probable. Getting all the practical matters in order should be the primary focus of your attention and activities. Stabilize all financial matters; initiate whatever legal processes that may be indicated. If necessary, do seek out reliable legal advice and/or assistance. Your work can absorb a lot of any frustration, disappointment and tension; dedicate yourself to accomplishing even more at the workplace or at home. Co-workers and/or employees can be a good source of support and strength, may even provide promising introductions as soon as you are ready to meet someone new. When at your residence, spend added time putting everything in perfect order; catch up on some of those put-off chores. You might consider having a yard or garage sale to dispose of certain 'reminders' and those no longer needed items, and to generate some extra money.

LIBRA: Being so partner-oriented, the sudden or unexpected loss of a lover could prove quite upsetting, even leave you 'adrift' for a time. Therefore, you'll need to begin thinking about acting to form another partnership as soon as it's practically and 'socially' acceptable. Waiting for an extended period of time to pass may prove quite frustrating. If a loss occurs, it's probable there will be one or more matters of legal importance which will require prompt attention and direct action. Rely for a brief time on your extensive 'collection' of associates -- close and not-so-close -- for support, advice and guidance until you regain full balance and get back on a positive course. Peace and harmony are essential to your sense of well-being; avoid those who might be overly-emotional or much too 'sympathetic.' Getting away briefly for some quiet time in private to get your thoughts together and to relax will serve you well. Restoring the sense of harmony within assures your life will more quickly return to positiveness and true progress.

SCORPIO: Any change, especially if deep emotion is involved, does not come easy for you who're born under this 'fixed' (resistant to change) water (emotion) sign. No matter how much you may hurt as a result of the loss, you do possess the inner strength, willpower and tenacity to endure the letdown, and to work out all the negatives -- in due time. Patience is necessary. You fully realize how important and necessary an intimate relationship figures in your sense of well-being; therefore, starting a new one should not be postponed unduly. A special someone you have known for some time may be able to help you through this transition period; do be in touch. In making your choice regarding the selection of another mate, be careful not to give your hormones a disproportionate say-so; consider also all the other factors which are equally as important as a wonderful and exciting sexual compatibility. And once a potential partner is selected, go slow with any sort of irreversible commitment until you are certain of your choice as related to your real desires and needs.

SAGITTARIUS: If a close partnership ends, you can make an adjustment much easier by allowing your inherent ability to be 'aloof' and 'detached' from the reality of the moment to work its 'magic' until you are better prepared to cope with what is the total truth. However, this practice should not be employed except briefly or abused since, sooner or later, you will have to grapple with the actual facts and begin to face and prepare for your future. A long trip or extended vacation including time spent in the great out-of-doors could be just what you need to recover from your loss. It's entirely possible you could meet someone while traveling who will figure importantly in a future love-partnership. If long-distance or extended travel is out of the question, at least get away on weekends and holidays. Consider furthering your education/training by enrolling in study courses which will benefit your 'new' future. A certain classmate may find you most appealing!

CAPRICORN: Of all the sign-natives, you may be the best equipped to cope with the loss of a love/sex partner. This is not to imply you do not care but that philisophically you can accept any reality, and cope -- no matter how unpleasant or inconvenient. You've experienced more than your fair share of negatives and survived; you will know this loss is another situation with which you must deal and manage your way through. Your first realizations will concern the practical aspects of the new situation and what you absolutely must do in order to keep yourself 'afloat' financially. If monetary or material matters require attention, you'll be there actively pursuing the steps that seem to be prudent and practical. Limit prolonged contact with those who are overly-emotional, or inclined to offer 'pity' -- something you do not feel comfortable dealing with at any time, and especially not after such a loss. You'll appreciate a bit of extra time alone in order to get your thought organized, and for planning the practical aspects of keeping on keeping on. Put extra time and energy into work/career/business.

AQUARIUS: It's improbable anyone, including yourself, could accurately predict your reaction to the loss of a lover. It could range from very little to much more than is 'normal' for such a situation. You well might equate the loss more with the ending of a special friendship than the termination of an emotional and intimate liaison. The key to a satisfactory recovery lies in your highly-honed ability to think things through logically. If you will allow your intellect rather than emotion to rule, acceptance and recovery -- as well as your future success are all but assured. Good friends can provide the emotional support and any guidance you may require, both initally and in the future; do call on them for help with your needs and problems. It's most important that you remain as actively involved in clubs, groups and organizations as possible. Consider affiliating yourself with new ones as well. When and if you're ready, it's highly probable you'll find a love-mate from among the members of these social organizations.

PISCES: The loss of anyone or anything to which you are emotionally-connected can be exceedingly traumatic. Your first action must be to gain some type of reasonable control of yourself; any failure to do so will only prove nonproductive, even extremely exhausting. Any confrontation with reality is never easy for you but in this case things must be dealt with as practically and as soon as possible. Rely on your more practical and levelheaded friends and trusted family members to give good and valid advice which will be helpful toward saving you from additional and unnecessary problems and preventable crises. Be aware that a satisfactory emotional alliance is most important to your sense of well-being; therefore, you should not tarry too long in seeking a new partner who is more or less capable of replacing the one you lost. Be agreeable to accepting the concept that you may, in time, find someone who will be equally as fulfilling to your emotional and other needs as your former partner. Be patient while allowing -- and helping -- your life to get back to normal.

Another copyrighted real Astrology article by professional certified consultant astrologer Elbert Wade PMAFA

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